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Arturo Fuente Cigars – A Brief History

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Arturo Fuente is a premium cigar brand that was founded early in the 1900s. Arturo Fuente established the cigar brand in West Tampa, Florida.

In 1924. After a catastrophic fire, the brand stopped cigar production for about 22 years, and in 1946, the cigar brand reemerged with limited production. In 1958, the ownership of the Arturo brand was transferred to Carlos Fuente, Arturo’s younger son.

After the 1960 U. S. embargo on Cuba, the cigar brand started to grow more popular, making it one of the most sought-after brands for hand-rolled exquisite cigars outside Cuba.

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Arturo Fuente Cigars

Where Are Made Now?

By 2020, the company had a production rate of 30 million cigars per annum from its Dominican Republic factory.

Their Most Popular Cigar Produced

Arturo Fuente 8-5-8

box of Arturo Fuente 8-5-8edition of cigars

The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 is one of the most popular cigars from the Arturo brand. The cigar is neither bitter nor harsh, and it features a great combination of flavors and aromas.

The cigar has excellent finishing, and the rating is superb. It is a medium-strength cigar, with binder and filler from the Dominican Republic and Cameroon-grown rich wrapper. The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 is perfectly constructed with the right ingredients and is packed in attractive cedar boxes from Spain.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos is a highly rated premium cigar handcrafted with the best tobacco in the Dominican Republic. The family patriarch Carlos Fuente Sr. blended this particular cigar, creating a premium standard, using an aged binder and filler Dominican tobacco and Cameroon wrapper.

The cigar is medium-bodied and complex, with notes of cedar and earth. When smoked it gives slight hints of aroma from espresso beans, chestnuts, oak, and a sweet finish that complements its smooth flavor.

Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale Natural

The Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale Natural is also one of the most popular cigars from the Arturo brand. The cigar is medium-bodied, and incorporated in it is a delicate spice and nutty flavor. The Brevas Royal is one of the signature cigars from the master cigar maker Carlos Fuente.

The cigar is made from creamy Connecticut wrapper and Dominican filler and binder. The Arturo Fuente Brevas Royale Natural is perfect for both occasional and experienced cigar smokers, considering that it has the ideal balance of smoothness, sweetness, and spice.

Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba

The Arturo Fuente Casa Cuba is a tribute to the early cigar-making period. It is the final blend of the famous cigar maker, late Carlos Fuente Sr. He brandished the cigar using age-old traditions passed down from his father, Arturo Fuente, about the depth of flavor of Cuban cigars.

The Casa Cuba features Dominican filler and binder and an Ecuadorian Havana wrapper, blended into a fine and satisfying cigar, loved by all.

Chateau De La Fuente

box of Chateau De La Fuente cigars

The combination of natural and mineral resources in the Dominican valleys has made the soil condition perfect for cultivating the best tobacco on the planet.

The Fuente brand birthed The Chateau De La Fuente in this valley. Each cigar in this line is masterfully created from the family’s private storage of aged tobacco and perfectly hand-rolled to shape. The result is the beautiful variation of royal cigars.

Queen B: The Queen B cigar from the Chateau De La Fuente line features an Ecuadorian wrapper and Dominican-grown filler and binder. The cigar represents the history of the family’s tradition, pride, and sacrifice. Like every other Fuente cigar, the Queen B cigar is entirely handcrafted, just like Arturo Fuente did for decades.

King T: Popularly known for their tube packaging that gorgeously portrays the Chateau de la Fuente, King T cigar is the Fuente’s signature cigar that makes the brand stand out. From planting tobacco seeds to the sealing and delivery of each box, Carlos Fuente Jr. steers each step involved in the process.

The cigar is rich with exotic flavors ranging from nutty to chocolate and spice. It is laced with a slight hint of sweetness, and the finishing is smooth and overall exciting. The tobacco used for this cigar is Dominican-grown and the wrapper from Connecticut.

Pyramid: The Pyramid is the first among the shaped cigars that the Fuente brand created. It is rolled with a specially picked Connecticut shade wrapper and the family’s aged blend of Dominican filler. The cigar is a unique combination of flavors and notes of leather, spice, and caramel.

Bottom Line

Cigar lovers have consistently recognized the Fuente brand as one of the most intriguing and invariant brands. Arturo Fuente makes the best cigars, using quality tobacco for filling, binding, and wrapping.

For several decades, the Fuente cigar brand has continued to create smooth and flavorful cigars, and even now, they are one of the fastest-selling brands on the internet.

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Dan Stevenson

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