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The Top 6 Cigar Apps In 2023

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Given that almost everyone has a smartphone or access to a tablet, we thought we would share the best cigar apps available! There seem to be countless apps out there so read on for the top 6 cigar apps that you should download now.

Covering everything from cigar rights, cigars humidors, cigar ratings, and more!

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Best Cigar Apps Ready to Download

1. Box Pressd

box pressd cigar appThe latest and greatest all-in-one cigar app on the market. Use it to keep track of your cigars in a virtual humidor and rate cigars after you’ve smoked them in terms of flavor, burn, draw and appearance. Upload a picture of your cigar and give it a rating out of 100.

You can also find cigar bars near you (great while traveling!) and check out any upcoming cigar events. The social side of this app lets you connect with fellow cigar aficionados, check in on other people’s smoking experiences and read the latest ratings. It’s the social media account you never knew you needed until now! Available as an app and also on web browser – check out boxpressd!

2. Cigar Scanner

Cigar ScannerCigar Scanner is a really cool app, all you need to do is take a picture of your cigar and the app will tell you all about it.

This includes information such as origin, strength, wrapper color, blend, ratings, and price.

Another cool feature is that it saves your scanned cigars in the app’s history which makes it easy to keep track of favorites and to buy more!

Cigar Boss3. Cigar Boss

A great app to have on hand for researching over 7,000 cigars.

It also allows users to read through professional reviews, rate cigars as well as locate cigar stores near you.

This app covers pretty much everything you could need or want to know about cigars.

4. CRA- Cigar Rights of America

Cigar Rights of America appCigar Rights of America is a consumer-based, public advocacy group that is fighting to protect your right to enjoy premium cigars.

This is a necessity given the rise in the anti-tobacco movement over the past 20 years. The app is all-encompassing and provides the latest news, updates, and more that is going on within the group. We believe we all have the right to enjoy premium cigars where and when we want to.

Supporting these guys is supporting the future of our cigar-smoking experiences.

5. Cigar Aficionado

Cigar Aficionado appThe team at Cigar Aficionado had a pretty neat app that highlighted  ‘Where to Smoke’.  Unfortunately, Apple recently shut down apparently it was in violation of the policy.

This was a major blow, considering how easy it made finding a cigar bar and cigar-friendly areas – especially for travelers.

We decided to keep this here in case Cigar Aficionado does manage to win the battle with Apple!

Cigar Dojo6. Cigar Dojo

A great way to connect with fellow cigar smokers and to be a part of the cigar-smoking community of sorts.

The app lets users share pictures, talk to other smokers as well as update your status. 

A social media of sorts dedicated entirely to the cigar-smoking population!

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best cigar apps then try those mentioned above, or if you think there are apps worth trying which aren’t listed then leave a comment below! Apps seem to make life a whole lot easier, with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

Reading about your cigar while smoking one can be a really nice experience, also check out these excellent blogs here. One of the best features is being able to rate and review cigars you have smoked – this is a great point of reference for future cigar orders and smoking experiences.

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Best Cigar App

There seem to be countless apps out there so read on for the top 6 cigar apps that you should download now.

Cigar Scanner
Cigar Boss
CRA- Cigar Rights of America
Cigar Aficionado
Cigar Dojo
Cigar cutter Prestige Royal
Dan Stevenson
Dan Stevenson

I have been smoking cigars for 30 years and counting, I started at 18 years old with mild Cubans and worked my way up to medium and now bold. I own 4 humidors, that I try to keep stocked at all times.

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