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The 10 Best Cigar Bars In NYC

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Finding a cigar bar in New York City can be quite tough, and it has become unlawful to light up your stogie in public. Also, expensive ventilation and laws have made it difficult for cigar lovers to enjoy their favorite cigars in the city.

To smoke your cigar in NYC, you must search for bars compliant with city codes and ventilation. The search, in itself, can be herculean too. To help you ease the stress of searching for the perfect cigar bar in NYC, we have compiled a list of the 10 best cigar bars in NYC.

Read on to discover where these bars are located and why they stand out among others.

10 Best Cigar Bars In NYC

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1. Cigar Inn

Cigar Inn is located just a few blocks down the Queensboro Bridge. It is one of the most popular cigar inns in NYC, and it spots a walk-in humidor that is home to a wide array of cigar collections. Older patrons prefer to enjoy relaxing moments from 10 am to 4 pm, but from 5 pm till the inn closes, a high-energy of pop music entertains younger cigar lovers.

The corking fee is quite impressive, and outside food is permitted. Cigar Inn is the perfect spot for a thrilling and affordable cigar-smoking experience.

2. Papa Juan Cigar Room

Papa Juan Cigar Room is located uptown in an area that is Dominican, mainly in West Harlem. The cigar bar features a cozy room with comfortable lounge sitters and televisions that sport shows all day.

The owner of the bar, Francis, is friendly and attends to his clients directly. The humidor in Papa Juan’s cigar bar is relatively small; however, premium cigars are stashed there. The atmosphere is always exciting, and there is always a game to enjoy while savoring your cigar.

3. Bar & Books

Bar and Books cigar bar creates a perfect atmosphere for shelves of books, relaxing jazz music, low lighting, and of course, cigars.

The cigar bar, situated on Lexington Avenue, suggests the outlook of a study meant for old folks, yet, the patronizing clients are rarely above 30. Despite this, Bar and Books is a great place to enjoy your favorite literature and cigar simultaneously. Nothing beats the feeling of relishing your stogie while reading your best author.

4. Soho Cigar Bar

Soho Cigar Bar

Soho Cigar Bar is a pretty new spot. It features hospitable staff, exquisite art decor, a stocked bar, a great menu that incorporates delicious meals, including the owner’s, Lee Ringleheim, family recipes.

The cigar bar also sports a variety of drinks and an enormous cigar collection that consists of premium brands. Soho cigar bar combines modern-classic music with good cigars, food, and beverages that keep the young clientele entertained all day.

5. The Carnegie Club

The Carnegie Club is situated down the 7th Avenue, and the club beautifully merged the elegance of the 20th-century nightclubs and the present-day technological advances. It is the perfect spot for both a romantic date and a night out with friends.

The menu offers a wide range of quality cigars, appetizers, and drinks. The club also hosts guests for events, with enjoyable music from a full band and singer.

6. Club Macanudo

One of the few bars in NYC that seems like a members-only club and accessible to the public is the Club Macanudo.

The club was established in 1996 and is a typical definition of the term “full package.” The cigar bar is comparable to the old times’ gentlemen ‘s club, considering that it offers clients the perfect atmosphere for dining, enjoying drinks, sealing deals, relaxing, and smoking all in one place.

The club’s interior features a rich and comfortable setting, great food and drinks options, attentive staff, and a superb cigar collection.

7. Nat Sherman Townhouse

Being an epitome of the components of the typical cigar culture, The Nat Sherman Townhouse has an all-wood interior that is always glistening, friendly staff who are always at your service, and a broad range of stogie.

The club openly welcomes women; however, the majority of the clientele are males. Though in a pretty small space, Nat Sherman Townhouse has a premium selection of cigars in a classy yet respectful environment.

8. Davidoff of Geneva, Brookfield Place

Davidoff of Geneva, Brookfield Place

The Davidoff of Geneva Broomfield Place was named after the inventor of the humidor.

The cigar bar has an elegant and attractive interior, which overlooks the new World Trade Center.

It is located inside Brookfield place, and the service rendered is impeccable. From the professional employees to the exquisite humidor of only high-end cigar brands and real tobacco leaves as part of the deco.

9. Davidoff of Geneva, 6th Avenue

In 2014, Davidoff of Geneva acquired the lounge, formerly owned by De La Concha. David off revamped the lounge in a year.

The result is the highly modern lounge space, with every amenity expected, such as an adequately ventilated smoking arena, a humidor stocked with premium cigars, and welcoming staff. As a bonus, this 6th Avenue bar offers beautiful views of the bubbly Midtown Manhattan section.

10. The Grand Havana Room

The Grand Havana Room is known as the mother of all the cigar bars in NYC. Just about three blocks away from Rockefeller Centre, the lounge gives lovely views of the jungle.

It features a stocked walk-in humidor, full of only high-end cigars from the most expensive brands, and a restaurant with fantastic service. The Grand Havana Room is a members-only bar that is not easily accessible to non-members.

Bottom Line

New York City has some of the best cigar bars; however, it could be a daunting task for cigar lovers to identify these places. We have compiled a list of the 10 best cigar bars in New York City. Most of these bars offer tremendous dining and drinks, games, and company alongside various cigars for your pleasure.

Hopefully, you try out some of these cigar bars and enjoy thrilling moments of relaxation and fun while smoking your favorite stogie!

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