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7 Best Cigar Blogs to Follow

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If you’re new to cigar smoking or a cigar aficionado our list of the best cigar blogs will be sure to excite you. Through our page, we have shared many of the key things we have learned about cigars.

Our posts include, how to light a cigar (read here), best cigar cutter, best cigar lighter (check out these options), best humidor (check out the newest on the market), what is a stogie and the list goes on!  If there are other topics you would like to cover please let us know!

So you have found Cigar Cigar which of course is our favorite cigar blog but there are plenty of others out there. If you want to delve more into the world of cigars and let’s be honest who doesn’t then check out the following blogs. The more one smokes cigars the more one wants to learn.

Well, that was our experience anyway. With each cigar, you try there is almost always a review previously done. An interesting thing is to compare your experience with those of other aficionados out there, and you will pick up and learn bits and pieces on the way such as how to pair cigars with certain drinks.

Blogs are a great way to do this. One thing all of the following cigar blogs have in common is excellent content created by cigar fanatics.

The 7 Best Cigar Blogs

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Greatest Cigar Blogs Infographic CigarCigar

Cigar Inspector BlogCreated by a cigar aficionado in 2007 the website now attracts many other cigar smokers globally who write for the site. Cigar smokers can share their experiences which explains why there are so many cigar reviews.

A great archive of information including comprehensive reviews of cigars across all budgets. They categorize their cigar reviews well, you can search for reviews based on country of origin.

Stogie Review BlogA group of 5 reviewers shares their experiences and opinions on cigars with many years of smoking experience between them. The types of reviews by the team range from written to audio to video. Something for everyone.

Stogies On The RocksLike the name insinuates the team at stogies on the rocks came up with the brilliant idea of pairing cigars with spirits. This is a fantastic idea in our opinion as we always seem to team our cigars up with a spirit. We enjoy the combination and this blog is a great read.

Cigar Craig BlogThe website name is an anagram of the founder’s name. We enjoy his take on cigar reviews, providing entertaining reads. Craig has created his own rating scale for reviewed cigars. Go take a look for yourself.

Stogie Guys BlogThis site provides a lot of news in the cigar world, somewhere we go to keep up to date. The articles are all very informative and well written.

Another great cigar news site also covering cigar reviews and contests from time to time.

Another great blog with a very impressive list of over 300 cigar reviews. Wondering which cigar to try next? Why not head over and take your pick.

Bottom Line

There are literally hundreds of cigar blogs out there. Covering everything from cigar reviews, cigar gadgets, and the latest news in the cigar industry. You’ll be sure to learn something new with each search.

From this one can only hope to enhance their own smoking experience or better yet purchase cigars with solid reviews about them. Here at Cigar Cigar we personally believe these are the 7 best cigar blogs!

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Dan Stevenson
Dan Stevenson

I have been smoking cigars for 30 years and counting, I started at 18 years old with mild Cubans and worked my way up to medium and now bold. I own 4 humidors, that I try to keep stocked at all times.

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