The 13 Best Cigar Cutters

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Here at Cigar Cigar, we are committed to making your cigar smoking experience unforgettable. Through our reviews, we hope to share our knowledge of the greatest options currently on the market for your budget.

Today we will be looking at the 12 best cigar cutters that we have narrowed down from the 30 we tested! If you are unsure if you would prefer a cutter or a punch then check out this post here.

Why do you need a Cigar Cutter?

A Cigar cutter is an absolute must for aficionados and newbies to the cigar world. When used correctly (learn how to cut here), your cigar smoking experience will be taken to the next level. Here at Cigar Cigar, we have ruined many a cigar in the beginning through the use of a knife.

We have come a long way since delving into the world of cigar cutters. Now we take great pleasure in using the right tool for the job – a proper cigar cutter but first you will need to learn how to cut and light a cigar properly.

If you are a complete beginner we highly recommend trying a guillotine-style cutter until you have cut a few cigars. The V-cutters are great yet require a little more skill to not destroy your cigar. We hope to take the guesswork out of cigar cutters in the following review.

In addition, we will explain the key things to look for when making your purchase.

Features for choosing the Cutter

Now that we have established the need for a cigar cutter, one must learn how to cut a cigar properly. In terms of selecting a cutter, style and design are going to be a matter of personal taste. After that one needs to consider the sharpness of blades, comfort, and size.

Most normal cutters will be for cigars under a ring size of 60, should you wish to cut cigars larger than this you will need to find a specific cutter.

Features for choosing the best Cigar Cutter Infographic CigarCigar

Sharpness of Blades

Quite possibly the most important factor. The sharper the blades the better. This will ensure the cigar is cut cleanly which will enhance the smoking experience. If you ever were to receive a blunt cutter contact the company immediately.

The majority of companies are happy to send a replacement as they take great pride in their products.


Straight CutThis is the personal part of the selection process. There is a huge variety of designs available from teardrop, circular, square to tabletop designs.

For those who travel a lot the smaller easily transportable designs are fantastic.

While those who have a designed smoking area such as an office desk or cigar club would opt for a table cutter.

Most of the higher range cutters have beautiful detail meaning you could have many different cutters for many different occasions and styles. We must add in here that the functionality of the cutter should be of the most importance. While the design is important the cut should be the most important aspect.

Ease of Use

With so many designs and styles to choose from comfort is another thing to consider. If you are looking for a handheld cutter the smaller travel-size ones feel fantastic. If you are looking for a tabletop then there are many exquisite designs too.

Through research, we have compiled a list of what Cigar Cigar considers to be the top cutters available.

Best Cigar Cutters

as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm
as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm
as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm
as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm
Last updated on May 19, 2022 5:06 pm

The FlyBack cutter by WindBlaze is one of the best value-for-money cigar cutters currently on the market. Effortlessly balancing both form and function, this product is as impressive to look at as it is to use.

Produced by the popular WindBlaze company, it’s manufactured from ultra-sharp hardened steel blades with a contoured ergonomic handle. The spring-loaded flyback mechanism is what gives the FlyBack™ Cutter its name.

The sleek, simple, and minimal style is intentional, as the company claims “we wanted to design a cutter that every cigar enthusiast could enjoy”. This seems pertinent, as many cutters have quite bright, vibrant, and flamboyant styles, which doesn’t appeal to all cigar smokers. 

So if you’re thinking of buying a cigar cutter for yourself or as a gift for the smoker in your life, the FlyBack is a safe, crowd-pleasing choice.

2. Xikar Xi1 

Xikar is a very reputable brand, known for producing high-quality products. They offer a lifetime guarantee making their products even more appealing. The Titanium finish cutter is an excellent choice. Featuring self-sharpening blades ensuring you make the perfect cut each time.

With the ability to cut up to a 56 ring-gauge cigar this is one of the best on the list. The teardrop shape is a great design with the cutter easily fitting into the hand.  It is also available in red. 

3. Colibri V-Cut

Colibri is another very reputable brand in the cigar industry. The Colibri V- Cut is no exception. The ergonomic design makes it feel really great in your hand and we really like the style. It works based on a spring-loaded release. With a V-Shaped cutter and a stainless steel blade.

Included with the purchase are a gift box and a two-year warranty. Although this design is made to last from strong materials so we think the warranty would not be needed. It is available in a few different colours why not try it yourself in a colour to match your style.

4. Xikar XI3

Another high-quality product from Xikar. Xikar XI3 Titanium cutter has been designed with a durable exterior this cigar cutter can cut a 54 ring gauge cigar completely in half. The cutter can cut up to 58 ring gauge cigars. The blades are extremely sharp and like all Xikar products offer a lifetime warranty.

It is a great weight and feels nice to hold in the hand. A perfect travel companion.

5. Xikar MTX Scissors

Taking it back to more manual tools. If you like a plain and simple cigar cutter this is for you. If you prefer to do things manually then the Xikar MTX is a great cutter. As per the image, it folds up quite compactly yet has everything needed.

Easily fitting into your pocket or attaching to a key chain. Beware of the blades if you do store it in your pocket. As you can see, attached is a flat head tool and a poker tool which is very useful for unplugging cigars. In addition, the cutter also boasts a screwdriver and bottle opener which we don’t really rate.

Another feature of the manual cutter is the ability to cut out parts of the cigar which are burning unevenly and thus enhancing your smoking experience. One of the better things we like about the Xikar MTX is the ability to cut the cigar in half if desired.

Very useful if you don’t feel like smoking the entire cigar.

6. Quad Stainless Table

Quite a statement piece whether it be located in your office of at a cigar club, at Cigar Cigar we love the tabletop design. The Table Top Quad Guillotine & V Cut design has a very easy-to-use lever and cutting cigars with it is a pleasure. There are 4 different holes- 2 cut sizes for a guillotine or 2 cut sizes for v-style.

This cutter is made of polished aluminum making it a very sturdy design with very sharp blades. Within the cutter is a small compartment that collects the cuttings. Easily accessed by a removable door on the book, making it easy to clean.

Table cutters are a fantastic statement piece and we love this design.

7. Palio Burlwood

Palio Cigar Cutter Burlwood is one of the most ergonomically designed cutters available. Palio offers a variety of colours to choose from and also boasts a cigar holder at one end when used on a desk. The blades are made from hardened surgical metal and the cutter can handle cigars up to 60 ring gauge.

Another product with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured with this purchase. The body is plastic although it does not feel so when using it. Another great value-for-money cigar cutter on the market.

8. Colibri Guillotine

Another great cutter design by Colibri. We love the feel of this cutter in the hand – sturdy and it cuts nicely. The Colibri Cut can cut up to 62 ring-gauge and has stainless steel blades. The blades have a non-stick lacquer meaning the cut is precise and clean each time.

The mechanism is a spring-loaded release and feels nice to use. This cutter comes with a gift box as expected in this price range. Overall a great cigar cutter.

9. Xikar XO

The XO Cigar Cutter is very different from the conventional cutter design. We love the circular shape. The cigar cutter has stainless steel blades and operates as a standard double guillotine. The blades open in perfect sync and provide an exceptionally clean cut every time.

If you have the budget, consider trying this different and high-quality cigar cutter.

10. Visol VCUT 

Visol VCUT

as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm


  • Keep your beer icy cool at all times with this cool stainless steel can holder from Visol
  • Spring loaded mechanism opens the two ends of the cutter by gently rotating the button on top
  • Black Lacquer on solid metal body
  • Unique and convenient, release the dual guillotine blades by gently rotating the top button
  • This is Built with premium quality

The Visol VCUT cigar cutter offers a different design to the conventional cigar cutters out there. Stylish and sleek it looks really great in the hand and would also make an excellent gift. The cutter is spring-loaded, and the two sides of the cutter open by rotating the button on the top.

It is a black lacquer on a solid metal body but is available in a few different colours and styles. This cutter can cut cigars up to a 56 ring size. Visol is known for quality products and this design won’t disappoint.

11. Walnut Desktop Guillotine 

Walnut Desktop Guillotine

as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm


  • Matching Tobacco Catch Tray & Blade Assembly
  • Chrome Plated Silver Hardware with Saftey Lock Mechanism
  • Guillotine Style Stainless Blade
  • Cuts Up to 60 Ring Gauge Cigars
  • Size: 5-1/2"W x 8"L x 4-1/2"H

Another great table cutter design. The Walnut Desktop Guillotine is a decent size, making quite the statement on your office desk or in your cigar smoking area. This guillotine cutter has stainless steel blades and can cut up to 60 ring gauge cigars.

The design is a walnut wood body with chrome-plated silver hardware. There is a matching tobacco catch tray. Also, it features a safety lock mechanism to ensure the blades remained locked in place when not in use.

The walnut desktop guillotine cutter is a must for anyone looking for a sturdy statement piece for their cigar smoking area.

12. Alaska Bear 

Alaska Bear

as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm


  • Brushed stainless steel, custom design by Alaska Bear brands.
  • Excellent craftsmanship and solid construction.
  • Self-sharpening double blades and cuts cigars clean and with precision.
  • Hole diameter: 0.892 in. (22.66 mm), for all sizes up to 60 gauge.
  • Comes in a cool gift bag, to keep and protect the cutters.

The Alaska Bear is one of the cheaper models on the market. If you are looking for a simple yet reliable cutter this is the perfect cutter. Featuring sharp, self-sharpening blades the cigar cutter presents great value for money.

At this price, try it for yourself and see. A fantastic backup cutter to keep on hand as well. The simple design easily fits into the hand and comes with a cloth pouch to store it in.

13. Tonino Lamborghini 

Tonino Lamborghini

as of May 19, 2022 5:06 pm


  • Black Carbon Fiber with Polished Silver Accents
  • Push-Button Spring Release Mechanism
  • Cuts Up to 54-Ring Gauge Cigars
  • Ultra-sharp Surgical Stainless Steel Blade
  • Packaged in Black and Red Leather Gift Pouch with Lamborghini Embossed Logo; 2 Year Warranty

Exuding class and style the Tonino Lamborghini Le Mans is a fantastic cigar cutter. The cutter is carbon fiber with polished silver accents and is available in a variety of colours. Featuring a push-button spring release mechanism, you will enjoy opening this cutter.

It is able to cut up to 54 ring gauge cigars and has an ultra-sharp surgical stainless steel blade. In this price range, you can expect extreme precision and style as expected by Tonino Lamborghini. The cutter comes packaged in a leather gift pouch featuring an embossed Lamborghini logo and a 2-year warranty.

If your budget allows we highly recommend the Tonino Lamborghini and know it will exceed your expectations.

Bottom line

Overall a cigar cutter is a great way to ensure you have the ultimate smoking experience. By cutting the cigar clean you can ensure your cigar will hold together well without tearing the cigar.

We believe we have highlighted the 12 best cigar cutters on the market, if you are chasing a smaller option for on the go then check out the keychain ones here.  Looking for a cigar lighter? Have a look at our in-depth review of the 13 best cigar lighters.

9.7Expert Score
Best Cigar Cutters

We have compiled a list of what Cigar Cigar considers to be the top cutters available.

Flyback Cutter
Xikar XI3
Xikar Xi1
Colibri V-Cut
Xikar MTX Scissors
Quad Stainless Table
Palio Burlwood
Colibri Guillotine
Xikar XO
Visol VCUT
Walnut Desktop Guillotine
Alaska Bear
Tonino Lamborghini
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