8 Best Electronic Cigar Humidors in 20221

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Are your cigars getting soaked, damaged or crushed because of poor storage? One of the best-known ways of storing cigars is through cigar humidors. Whether portable or not, the best electronic cigar humidors provide cigars with the right kind of moisture and environment hence acting as the best storage for cigars.

Depending on the reasons why you need one, different cigar humidors perform various functions and you might want to get yourself the best electronic humidor that fits your needs.

It is important to look for a cigar humidor that will keep your stogies moist and fresh for the time they are in storage for whatever reason. We have carried out research on the finest cigar humidors on the market, so as to provide you with quality options to make your work easier.

Let’s have a look at the top 8 electronic cigar humidors.

Best Electronic Cigar Humidor

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as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm
as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm
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as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm
as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm
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Benefits of electronic cigar humidors - Infographic CigarCigar

This is a popular choice for lovers of cigars because of its exquisite outlook and customizable features.


  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Can hold between 100 to 150 cigars
  • Has a glass brass framed hygrometer and a rectangular humidifier for humidor
  • Has an airtight seal ensured by a Sure seal technology
  • Premium Spanish cedar dried in a kiln
  • Is lined with a removable tray and 2 dividers
  • Features a gold plated key and lock with tassel
  • Has a tobacco leaf inlay and a high gloss maple wood finish

Its tobacco leaf inlay and a high gloss maple finish make Deauville 100 cigar humidor to have a perfect presentation hence appealing to every cigar fanatic. It closes and opens smoothly with its quadrant hinges that are hidden. You can also personalize yours by engraving your name on the brass nameplate that it comes with.

Its Sureseal technology helps preserve and protect all cigars for a very long time. Deauville 100 cigar humidor is also designed with golden carry handles on the side, brass-framed hygrometer on the top, and a bottom that is scratch resistant.


  • It opens and closes smoothly with hidden hinges
  • Protects all your cigars for years with its SureSeal technology
  • You get what you pay for
  • High gloss maple and a scratch-resistant bottom give it an exquisite look for years


  • It is not easy to carry around considering its weight
  • The analog hygrometer is absurdly inaccurate and has no easy way to recalibrate

The Deauville 100 cigar humidor is well crafted with a tobacco leaf inlay and a high gloss maple that gives it an elegant look that is quite appealing to all fanatics of cigars.

2. Clevelander Thermoelectric  

Clevelander Thermoelectric

2 new from $317.95
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as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


  • Holds up to 250 Cigars | Can hold entire cigar boxes | 3 Removable Sliding Trays
  • Free-Standing with Adjustable Feet | Stainless Steel Tempered Glass Door
  • Digital Hygrometer Displays Humidity & Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System | Adjustable Thermostat (51°F – 64°F) | Removable Humidification Tray
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation | Interior Light | Matching Stainless Frame Digital Hygrometer With Battery | Dimensions: 19"H x 14"W x 20"D

This electronic humidor provides you with complete control over the preservation of your cigars through its in-built control panel.


  • Holds entire cigar boxes and up to 250 cigars in its 3 removable trays
  • Has stainless steel tempered glass door with adjustable feet
  • Has a Stainless Frame digital hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity
  • Has a thermoelectric cooling system
  • Has an adjustable thermostat
  • Has interior lighting with matching stainless hygrometer with a battery and operates quietly

Every cabinet has an exquisite stainless steel tempered glass door finishing with a stylish handle. One can set the interior temperature and accent lighting depending on his/her desires through the in-built thermoelectric cooling system and control panel.

Water reservoir trays are placed in each cabinet which can be refilled with distilled water for humidity purposes. The in-built digital stainless framed hygrometer shows relative temperature and humidity inside the humidor.

Its 3 removable trays can hold up to 250 cigars and even entire cigar boxes


  • It is a sturdy and stylish piece
  • The stainless steel tempered glass door provides maximum protection to the cigars inside
  • Allows one to adjust the temperature and humidity accordingly
  • The customizable accent colors give it an exquisite look


  • It is relatively heavy since it weighs up to 30 pounds
  • The trays can get stuck after some time
  • One has to unplug the humidor and reset it at least once a week for accurate readings
  • It is not dependable in case of a power surge

Its tempered glass door is able to block UV rays that would ruin your cigar collection, which is why the Clevelander Thermoelectric Cigar Humidor is very much recommended to cigar aficionados.

3. Thermoelectric Cooler Humidor

Thermoelectric Cooler Humidor

as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


  • Preserves Cigar Flavor – This premium cigar cooler is the ultimate tool in preserving the longevity of your cigar collection. Precise temperature controls and an integrated hygrometer make it easy to regulate both the temperature and RH of the cooler, preserving the distinct flavor of each cigar.
  • Stable Temperature and Humidity – Schmécké cigar coolers are airtight and insulated with heavy foam, ensuring that humidity stays inside and does not leak out. This storage device also cools from 61°F–72°F, while a built-in fan ensures that temperature is constant throughout the entire unit.
  • Removable Spanish Cedar Shelves – Pristine Spanish cedar not only helps regulate humidity levels, but also prevents the appearance of cigar beetles. Remove and rearrange the shelves to fit up to 400 Churchill sized cigars.
  • Blocks UV Rays – Attractive tempered smoked glass blocks out harmful UV rays, which damage the taste and aroma of tobacco.
  • Thermoelectric Technology – Extra efficient and super quiet, this thermoelectric-powered cigar cooler stays silent while producing zero vibrations.

This is the perfect apparatus if you would wish to maintain the longevity of your collection of cigars.


  • Accurate controls for cooling temperature
  • It has an easy to calibrate hygrometer integrated
  • Maintains humidity of (65-75) % and retains the humidity of the natural environment
  • Can hold up to 250 Churchill cigars
  • Very efficient technology for thermoelectric cooling
  • Convenient In-built accent lighting for illumination
  • Works silently with no vibrations
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Customizable Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature settings
  • Solid polyurethane foam insulation that is free of CFC
  • Removable Spanish cedar shelves and drawers
  • Exquisite smoked glass door to prevent UV rays
  • Stainless steel framed door

One can adjust the internal humidity by adding distilled water in the removable humidity trays if the natural humidity is 40% or lower. The integrated hygrometer has an accuracy of +/-3% and can be calibrated easily via the screw at the back.


  • It does not need frequent maintenance
  • Provide the perfect humidity for your cigars depending on the natural environment humidity
  • It is easy to operate
  • The insulation foam is free of CFC


  • The screws on the handles don’t usually come fully tightened
  • Might misread the natural environment humidity hence drying or soaking up your cigars
  • The analog hygrometer on the drawers is not so accurate

Its customizable features that can help in the longevity of cigars is the reason why the Schmécké Thermoelectric Cigar Cooler Humidor is also very much recommended by buyers.

4. Guardsman


2 new from $29.95
Free shipping
as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


  • Humidifier Disc Included
  • Durable Hinges
  • Latch Hinges with Working Clamp
  • Super-Strong ABS molded Plastic Constructin
  • Silicone Seal is airtight and Watertight

This is, by all means, the top-rated cigar humidor. It is the ultimate humidor for any smoker while fishing, camping, traveling, or playing golf.


  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Is air-tight
  • Holds up to 15 8” cigars
  • Is portable with a convenient carrying handle
  • Is designed with an impact resistant hard ABS plastic exterior
  • Has an in-built humidifier
  • Has protective foam linings

The impact-resistant plastic exterior is water-resistant and is practically hard to crush. This makes it carefully protect your 15 cigars in case the humidor falls in water since it has the ability to float on water.

With its seals that are airtight, the RAAM humidor helps keep the cigars clean and fresh all the time with the assistance of its inbuilt humidifier. Its rugged structure that is one of a kind, allows the cigar humidor to hold to a maximum of 15 cigars of 8” length each.

The RAAM cigar travel humidor is designed with a very convenient carry handle that makes it easy to carry around. You do not have to worry about the handle ever causing harm to you since it is made to sit comfortably in your hands or on your shoulders when you have to move around.


  • It protects the cigars from damage
  • The RAAM humidor is convenient to carry around
  • It is easy to pick up with just one hand


  • It is not overly durable
  • It is of a large size hence cannot fit into other travel bags

The humidor’s protective foam linings help in the positioning of cigars and buoyancy of the RAAM humidor aside from its protective function. This is why it is ranked amongst the most recommended electronic humidors on Amazon.

5. Volenx Leather 

Volenx Leather

as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


  • Adopts weave pattern design and PU leather, smooth, classic and elegant. The zipper helps build a double protection
  • Lined with Spanish cedar wood, one of the best wood for storing cigars and has a good sealing
  • Including a cigar humidifier to keep the humidity of cigar case and it can be moved casually. Two lined pockets can be used to put what you want
  • The travel cigar humidor is a cigar pocket case for picnic, party and travel even as a considerate gift to your family, boss and friends
  • External dimension: 8.11 x 5.43 x 3.03 in. This humidor cigar box can hold up to 4 cigars of max length 6.92 in and ring gauge 0.98 in. We promise to offer you the considerate service, if you have any problem, please contact us directly as soon as possible, we are always here for you.

Designed and manufactured by CigarHub Store, this cigar humidor is very essential when traveling or golfing because of its small size and can be carried in hand. It comes with a subtle and simple design that is perfect for all lovers of cigars.


  • Designed with cedarwood and crocodile leather Material
  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Holds up to 4 cigars of up to 6.8” in length
  • Is of Mocha brown Color
  • Has a removable tray
  • It measures 8.1x 5.2 x 3.1” in Dimensions and weighs 1.1 pounds
  • Has a 4 fingers holder

Volenx Crocodile’s crocodile leather and cedarwood design make it sleek and admirable. Its mocha brown color blends perfectly with your cigars hence acting as the perfect storage. It is airtight hence helps keep your cigars moist and fresh when out golfing, camping, fishing, or traveling.

As of any product there is, this one has its own pros and cons.


  • The perfect stitching, heavy-duty zipper, and overall craftsmanship make the Volenx humidor unique, sleek and admirable
  • It is easy to carry around because of its small size
  • Holds enough cigars for you and your companions when out golfing or fishing
  • It looks classy and supple with the wooden cutter


  • One has to buy a separate humidifier “Drymistor-humidor Humidifier tube” since it does not come with an inbuilt humidor
  • Has no lighter included in the package
  • The crocodile leather does not seem legit

Its cedar wood detail is a nice touch which gives it an authentic look and is well worth what you pay for. With its hard shell protective, it is of high quality and is highly recommended as a travel cigar humidor.

6. Waterproof Travel Humidor

Waterproof Travel Humidor

as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


  • 2 Trays For A Total Of 10 Large Cigars
  • Built In Hygrometer and Humidifier
  • Airtight and Waterproof With Silicone Seal
  • Easy Open And Close Latch

With this humidor, one does not have to worry about their expensive cigars getting soaked, damaged, or crushed. This is especially because of its crushproof and watertight casing that helps keep your handmade cigars safe.


  • Is waterproof with silicon seal
  • It is airtight
  • Efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Has easy to close and open latch
  • Has in-built humidifier and hygrometer
  • Has two trays for up to 10 large cigars

The humidor’s silicone seal helps keep water and air out so as to give an accurate reading on the hygrometer. Its in-built humidifier is meant to keep the cigars moist and fresh for a longer period. The Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor has two trays that give you an allowance of up to 10 cigars that you might need on the go.


  • The humidor is long-lasting
  • The Waterproof Cigar Travel Humidor is indestructible
  • It is water-resistant hence helps keep cigars away from direct contact with water
  • You do not have to baby it unlike other fancy cigar humidors
  • It ensures freshness of your expensive cigars


  • It is not as solid as it looks, the paint flakes off the latches after some time
  • The hygrometer is not 100% in its reading
  • The plastic cover is not made from a non-impact plastic type

Its colorful plastic body gives it an elegant outlook that is quite appealing to all cigar aficionados aside from being just a protective casing. This is why many customers believe that it is one of the finest cigar humidors.

7. LAGUTE Groucho Case

LAGUTE Groucho Case

as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


Binding Health and Beauty
Brand Lagute
Color Cc-01
EAN 4897075384298
EAN List EAN List Element: 4897075384298
Label Lagute
Manufacturer Lagute
Package Dimensions Height: 374; Length: 902; Weight: 192; Width: 492
Package Quantity 1
Product Group Health and Beauty
Publisher Lagute
Studio Lagute
Title LAGUTE Groucho Cigar Case Travel Genuine Leather Humidor CC-01, Cedar Wood Lined with Humidifier and Removable Trays, Portable Light Weight Cigar Box Gift Set

With amazing workmanship and a lightweight for portability, this humidor is perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities for cigar lovers.


  • efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
  • Leather and Cedar Wood Materials
  • Brown in Color
  • Dimension 8.07x 4.33×2.76 inches
  • Weighs about 860g
  • Holds up to 6 cigars, maximum length 6.61” for 3 cigars and 5.431” for 3 cigars, with a 55 ring gauge
  • Comes with a dropper and a humidifier
  • Gift box: a cool black fabric bag and black carton box
  • It is portable

The LAGUTE Groucho humidor has superb craftsmanship since it is surrounded by soft genuine leather and lined with premium cedar wood.

It is easy to operate since it is equipped with a dropper and a humidifier that makes it quite precise and convenient to regulate your cigars’ humidity.


  • The humidor keeps away tobacco worms from your cigar with its airtight design
  • It is portable and is lockable with a zipper hence is perfect for vacation, parties, business, road trips and much more
  • It has all relatively large capacity as it holds six 6.61” of cigars in its 2 cedar wood trays
  • The LAGUTE Groucho humidor is accompanied by a beautiful package that contains a black fabric bag and a black carton box


  • The zipper jams at times and feels flimsy
  • The stitching looks rushed hence comes off after some time

Being that it is portable, easy to carry, and save space with its small design, it is the perfect go-to cigar humidor for outdoor activities and even trips.

8. NewAir 


as of May 19, 2022 5:02 pm


  • 250 Cigar Capacity: With the help of two adjustable shelves and an adjustable drawer, this unit can hold 250 cigars while accommodating all cigar sizes and allowing for both loose and boxed cigars from your collection
  • Cooling System: The ultra-quiet and vibration free thermoelectric cooling system enables you to control the temperature of your cigars, allowing you to better protect your collection from cigar beetles and create the perfect temperature-controlled environment
  • Built-In Hygrometer: Quickly monitor the relative humidity and temperature with the help of the built-in hygrometer and digital temperature display and, using the push button controls for temperature and included moisture container, manage the RH and temperature for your collection
  • Interior LED Lighting: Protecting the internal environment, cool blue LED lighting does not raise the internal temperature of your unit but is provided to allow you to better control how your collection is displayed
  • Spanish Cedar Construction: Not only offering an excellent aroma and repelling cigar beetles, the Spanish Cedar drawer and shelving aid in moisture retention and relative humidity regulation

This electronic humidor is one of the few humidors with an extra heater to put within reach of the control of climate for your expensive cigars.


  • In-built heater for use in colder regions to heat cigars up to 70 degrees
  • In-built hygrometer and a moisture cup for the longevity of your cigars
  • Precise digital temperature controls to give your cigars the best conditions
  • Has a safety lock to keep your collection of cigars
  • Trays made from premium Spanish cedar wood for beauty and mold resistance

The door is airtight hence sealing in humidity. What’s even better is that it can be locked to protect your investment. It can hold up to 250 Churchill cigars in its removable trays.

Those that live in the Polar Regions might have a hard time keeping their cigars in proper temperature for maximum enjoyment. Hence this electronic humidor is designed with a heater that can warm your cigars up to 70 degrees Celsius.

This control of temperature also helps in stabilizing the relative humidity that often fluctuates with shifts in temperature. Its controls are easy to operate.

To increase humidity, one just has to place in the included cup a sponge soaked in distilled water. It also has an interior LED light that enables you to find your desired cigar even in the darkest evening at home.


  • Can hold a large capacity of cigars (up to 250)
  • Has a built-in heater for colder regions
  • Helps in stabilizing the humidity of cigars in all regions with regards to climate


  • It is relatively pricey
  • The heater might end up drying up your expensive cigars

The removable shelves designed from premium Spanish cedar wood can repel insects and resist mildew for traditional natural storage. This is why many customers have recommended this humidor over the years.

How Do Electronic humidors work?

The electronic humidors work by helping to maintain the humidity of cigars to consistent levels in your storage unit. They are designed with either water cartridges or distilled water reservoirs. Modern electronic humidors are however designed with cartridges for convenience.

Most elements responsible for humidification are passive hence releasing humidity through diffusion and evaporation. It is recommended that one uses an equal solution of distilled water, glycol, and propylene that help replenish the passiveness of the humidifying elements.

This is because it has a buffering on humidity. It is also advisable that you pair the size of your cigar collection and storage space with the size of your humidifier. A small humidifier will not be able to maintain the required humidity inside your storage unit.

The same way, if the humidifier is relatively large, it might end up producing excessive humidity that leads to lots of moisture that will leave you with wet cigars.

Benefits of electronic cigar humidors


cigar humidityElectronic humidors are designed with a permanent humidifying system that helps keep the cigars moist by maintaining the required moisture levels.

Without one, cigars would take up to only 3 days for them to dry up completely or level up with the surrounding humidity.

Humidors keep the humidity between 68 to 72% which is ideal for cigar storage.

It should never exceed 75% because it will be conducive for hatching tobacco beetles. The ventilator usually stops immediately the preset humidity level has been achieved.

This is what makes electric humidifiers better to maintain a stable humidity over a long period of time than passive humidifiers. Electric humidors also notify using an alarm system whenever the supply of moisture needs refilling hence preventing the drop of humidity.


Electronic HumidorAn electronic humidor helps discourage the development and hatching of the eggs of tobacco beetles. This, in turn, helps prevent the rot of cigars. When set at below 25°C with a 72% relative humidity, an electronic humidor would help discourage the hatching of these eggs hence increasing the longevity of cigars. Low temperatures of about 12°C impairs the desired aging process of cigars thus it is advisable to increase the temperature a little bit but not above 25 degrees.

Bottom Line

It should now be clear the rudimentary level of understanding on the way to select, buy, troubleshoot, and maintain your electronic humidor. The information covered in this article should help you make an informed choice on the kind of humidor you deem best for your expensive stogies.

It is important to go through this guide one more time since the decision you make after this will last you a lifetime. Also look for guides on how to set up, troubleshoot, and manage a humidor properly.

Depending on the reasons why you need one, different electronic cigar humidors perform various functions and you might want to get yourself the best electronic humidor that fits your needs.

It is important to look for a cigar humidor that will keep your stogies moist and fresh for the time they are in storage for whatever reason. Make sure to check out the nitty gritties that are important in making sure you end up with the best of the best humidors.

9.7Expert Score
Best Electronic Cigar Humidor

We have carried out research on the finest cigar humidors on the market, so as to provide you with quality options to make your work easier.

Volenx Leather
Waterproof Travel Humidor
LAGUTE Groucho Case
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