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Nothing beats a good cigar, but some people prefer milder varieties that don’t have quite as much of an effect. They typically have woodsy or earthy tones that might have complex hints of other flavor profiles like leather or nuts.

Because they’re so easy to smoke, the best mild cigars are often a favorite for beginners or for sharing with other people who may not have a particularly developed cigar palette. They’re good for those new to cigar smoking because they are easier to enjoy, resulting in less sputtering or coughing from the smoker.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best mild cigars around. All of them come in packs ranging from 5 to 50 and some of them are even sample packs including multiple cigar brands. These are ideal if you want to try out lots of different cigars over time. Let’s get started.

Top-Rated Mild Cigars

1. 898 Collection Gordo

The 898 Collection Gordo cigar is a one-of-a-kind product from the Dominican Republic. Though it’s mild in strength, it possesses a phenomenally smooth and flavorful body. The cigars are all enriched with notes of chocolate and French vanilla along with a dash of honey nut.

It’s a full-bodied experience that’s ideal for both mornings and lazy afternoons without having the experience hit you too hard. It’s ideal as a relaxant and can even be picked up for a reasonable asking price. Six cigars come in a box for excellent value for money.

2. Macanudo Port Collection with Lighter

This mild cigar collection also comes from the Dominican Republic and features a high-quality Connecticut wrapper: one of the best wrapper types when it comes to any cigar type. With a natural color and an included torch lighter, it’s an excellent choice as a pack for your getaway weekend or as a gift to a friend.

The smoking experience is quick but doesn’t overwhelm the senses or leave much of a trail behind. These cigars are popular with both men and women thanks to their smooth yet robust flavor profile and consistent experience.

It combines a mellow flavor and high quality to create an ideal smoking experience every time.

3. Romeo 505 Nicaragua

This Romeo-style cigar pack is crafted in Nicaragua and is quite pricey, but it’s crafted with the best ingredients that offer a rich flavor profile and a top-tier smoking experience. It uses a blend of three different fillers ranging from Jalapa to Condega, and each ingredient is made with rich and volcanic soil to promote the full-body smoking experience.

Smokers will appreciate earthy and toasty notes that remind them of dried fruit and leather, marking it as decidedly masculine: a fitting combination given its name. Pick these up if you want a mild but bold smoking experience.

4. Oliva Connecticut Reserve Petit Corona

Also sourced from Nicaragua, these Connecticut reserve cigars are blended with fantastic long-fillers and a high-quality binder. They’re finished with a golden brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to give them an aesthetic value in addition to a rich and creamy flavor profile.

Each cigar brings a wonderful sense of sweetness combined with toasted almonds to create an experience and flavor sensation unlike anything else on the market. Quality is consistent every time, so each of the 30 cigars in the box will remind you of why the asking price was worthwhile.

5. Davidoff Aniversario Special T Pack

Anniversaries should be celebrated, which is why this special cigar pack was created. These premium cigars are ideal for aficionados and those with lots of smoking experience looking for top-quality Dominican blends.

It uses high-quality Dominican tobacco in every cigar to create an invigorating and spicy experience. Each cigar is wrapped in a toasty medium brown Connecticut leaf with a particular golden hue that creates an aura of elegance and sophistication.

Ultimately, these cigars are a fantastic experience for true connoisseurs, both before you light them and while you puff them down in enjoyment.

6. Monte by Montecristo Conde

These high-quality cigars come from a brand known since the 1930s. Each cigar is made with dual binders that allow the smoker to experience a doubly flavorful sensation with each puff.

Nicaraguan Corojo elements produce a fantastic aroma and enough strength to be noticeable even if you’re used to cigars without becoming truly medium overall; it’s a cross between mild and medium overall.

An elegant Ecuadorian Habana wrapper and an aged Dominican filler add to the experience and allow it to produce a rich aroma of cereal, toast, and pine. Flavors are complex and multilayered as well.

7. San Cristobal Elegancia Corona

These meticulously balanced cigars are each wrapped with golden brown Connecticut wrapper leaves that are grown in Ecuador. They use Nicaraguan long-fillers and binders to produce a mild to medium-bodied profile depending on your tolerance and each cigar’s blend, plus several complex notes that mix coffee and cream along with other elements like oak and pepper.

Aficionados and others with well-honed senses will appreciate these cigars best, though there are plenty in the box of 25 to let you share the joy of each cigar with your friends or those less experienced.

8. Ashton Connecticut Half Corona Box

This mild cigar box still allows you to experience a full range of enticing aromas and particularly deep flavors. In fact, flavor profiles range from peppery spices to buttery sweetness depending on each cigar’s blend and your own taste profile.

Those with particularly refined palettes will be able to appreciate the full range of flavors brought from each cigar. It’s ultimately a relaxing smoking experience each time you light one of these up. To make things better, it’s one of the more economical boxes of 50 on the market given its reasonable asking price and stylish storage case.

9. Arturo Fuente 858

These cigars come packed in an elegant wooden box, perfectly sized to carry all 25 without letting them jostle around. The manufacturer has been in the business for four generations, allowing them to mix several lines and different tobaccos.

The result is an aged and complex experience with each cigar lit, and individual cigars produce a full-bodied and wide-ranging series of flavors and aromas to make aficionados truly appreciate their value. The asking price is a bit high but the case alone makes it worthwhile; use it to store other cigars after these are regretfully long gone.

10. Smooth and Mild Cigar Sampler

Some folks prefer testing out lots of cigars with a mild flavor and nicotine profile. This sample box is packed full of flavorful cigars that can offer several complex profiles, but which don’t knock you down or leave you dull in mind or body.

These are great for beginners because of their mild profiles, or for seasoned tobacco smokers who want to try a variety of products without spending too much on a single brand they aren’t sure about.

Several classic brands are represented, ranging from Romeo y Juliet to Montecristo. You get several cigars from each brand to try for yourself or share with your compatriots.

11. Best Mild Cigar Sampler

Another fine sample box of 50 cigars, this pack is great because it combines several of the best mild cigar brands on the market into one package. Cigar types range in size and flavor profiles so you get something different with every one you choose.

You can alternatively double down on a particular brand if you find that it’s your favorite. Furthermore, you can lower the asking price by going to 20 or 10 cigars instead of the 50 by default.

It’s a great choice if you want to select a handful of cigars for you and your friends on a vacation or camping trip. Or you can stick with the 50 and have a nice supply of cigars on hand for practically any social occasion.

12. Romeo y Juliet 1875 Minis

These miniature cigars are mild to medium-bodied cigarillos, making them ideal for beginners or women who prefer smaller smoking experiences. Each cigarillo is wrapped in a special TBN Indonesian wrapper, and each is also made from Dominican or Brazilian filler backers.

Individual cigars burn slowly to emanate a satisfying in full aroma, plus everything comes in a tin to keep them fresh over long spans of time. These are ultimately a great travel cigarillo pack and are flavorful and complex enough to be interesting even to true cigar connoisseurs.

13. Café Crème Blue Mild 20

These cigars are made with some of the most natural tobacco fillers you can find the American Republic, Java, and Colombia. They were first introduced in the 1960s but have become stable tobacco products over time.

Each cigar is enriched with a homogenized tobacco leaf binder to balance the flavor profile as well as an exquisite wrapper from Indonesia, which adds elegance to its aesthetic. Their small size and slow burn rate also make them ideal for women or for beginner smokers that want to try something that won’t knock them off their feet or be too complex right off the bat.

14. Summer’s Mildest Smoke Cigar Sampler

This is another high-quality sampler pack that can be chosen in quantities of 50 to 5 depending on your preferences and your budget. Regardless, these mild cigars have been collected according to a summer flavor profile and made, resulting in a complex group that can be smoked in conjunction with one another.

Flavor profiles can range from smoky and nutty to sweet and creamy depending on the brand you prefer within the pack. Like the other samplers, this pack is a great way to try out several brands at once if you’re new to the cigar game.

15. Zino Platinum Scepter Chubby

This cigar choice features a chubby but classic shape and a high-quality Connecticut binder leave. The filler is sourced from the Dominican Republic and Peru, which results in a zesty and sweet flavor profile unlike what you can find with most other cigars.

The shape will likely be popular both with aficionados and with beginners wanting something iconic as they puff and socialize. The strength is a bit closer to the medium-sized than most other milder cigars, though, so it’s best for smokers with a little experience under their belts.

Bottom Line

All in all, the best mild cigars for your palette will depend on your smoking experience and the kinds of flavors you prefer in your cigar smoking sessions. You should also pay attention to the shape of the cigars and their leaf wrappings, as these can add different aesthetic benefits you might appreciate when sharing cigars with others or smoking by yourself.

It’s also a good idea to consider the sample packs if you’re new to cigar smoking in general. They’re one of the best ways you can determine what kinds of cigars you like and may even help you pick out new cigars in the future without having to break the bank.

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