10 Best Tobacco Smoking Pipes

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It can be tricky to find a quality pipe as a seasoned veteran or a beginner pipe smoker. Also, tobacco pipes are a significant investment, considering how useful they are even after several years of use. Thus it is always best to be intentional when picking one.

Thankfully, we have discovered some of the best tobacco smoking pipes from around the world, and in this article, we will be discussing the ten best tobacco smoking pipes and all you need to know about them.

10 Best Tobacco Smoking Pipes

1. Peterson Irish Harp Fishtail Smoking Pipe

Irish harp pipe
  • Made In Ireland
  • Material: Briar
  • Overview

Peterson has been recognized since 1865 as one of the best carvers of tobacco pipes, and even till today, his workshop of a few craftsmen still exists in Dublin.

The Peterson’s Harp smoking pipe is proof of the brand’s craftsmanship.

The pipe is made with a fine chestnut finish, and the glossy pipe sports a fishtail stem. The silver band that features Ireland’s national icon, a harp, symbolizes pride and dignity.

The Peterson smoking pipes come in a variety of shapes from which you can pick.

However, one of the most popular is the bent bulldog, perfect with the silver band.

2. Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Corncob Pipe

Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman Corncob Pipe
  • Made In: USA
  • Material: Corn Cob
  • Overview

The Missouri Meerschaum Company has been in existence since 1869, and a Dutch-American craftsman, Henry Tibbe, founded it. The company quickly became one of the biggest manufacturers of corncob tobacco pipes.

Till today, Missouri Meerschaum produces affordable smoking pipes that are perfect for amateurs. The collection of Missouri Meerschaum smoking pipes includes the Country Gentleman pipes with a lovely dark-colored finish.

3. Falcon Standard Pipe Stem & Hunter Bulldog Bowl

Falcon Standard Pipe Stem & Hunter Bulldog Bowl
  • Made In: Varies
  • Material: Aluminium & Briar
  • Overview

Another tobacco smoking pipe that has been around for over 70 years with ardent followers is the Falcon Company. The pipe collections from this brand offer customization options and cool smoke that pipe enthusiasts love.

You have the option of selecting from a wide variety of stems and pipe finishing. You can also customize the pipe bowls to suit your preference and your choice of tobacco.

Another advantage that the Falcon tobacco pipes offer is the flexibility of changing your pipe bowl as you please. Considering the availability of pipe bowls on the market, you have a lot of options.

4. Savinelli Miele Honey Tobacco Pipe

Savinelli Miele Honey Tobacco Pipe
  • Made In: Italy
  • Material: Briar
  • Overview

The Savinelli Miele Honey Tobacco Pipe is one unusual idea for tobacco pipes. Savinelli Miele incorporated honey into the pipe cavities for flavor and to enhance break-in.

The briar material is finished with a golden chestnut glaze, and the stem sports the beautiful pattern of a honeycomb. The pipe has a tamper, just like a honey drizzle, and is perfect for a range of filters.

There is also a wide option of shapes to pick from, depending on your smoking style.

5. Vauen Auenland Shire Churchwarden Smoking Pipe

Vauen Auenland Shire Churchwarden Smoking Pipe
  • Made In: Germany
  • Material: Briar
  • Overview

The Vauen Auenland Shire Churchwarden Smoking Pipe is one of Vauen’s luxurious tobacco pipes, and the Middle East inspired it.

Established in 1866, Vauen set up the United Pipe Factories of Nuremberg to combine German artisans who have been manufacturing pipes since as far back as 1848.

The company chose the name Vauen in 1909 and has gained international recognition since.

The Tolkien-style tobacco pipes are, therefore, original handcrafted prodigies and not just replicas.

The pipes come with unique wood stems, a plastic tube for easy cleaning, and a fishtail bit made from acrylic. Also, for smokers who would love to attach a filter, a 9mm one will do just fine.

6. Chacom Atlas Taupe Smoking Pipe

Chacom Atlas Taupe Smoking Pipe
  • Made In: France
  • Material: Briar
  • Overview

Being a combination of the Chapius and Comoy pipe manufacturing companies, Chacom was established in 1922. Till today, the workshop is still in the business of creating handcrafted tobacco pipes in Villard-Saint-Sauveur, France.

The wide array of handmade pipes stand out among others, considering the marble and glossy finishing and outstanding stem that offers a unique contrast.

7. Colonial Gouda Clay Tobacco Pipes

Colonial Gouda Clay Tobacco Pipes
  • Made In: Holland
  • Materials: Clay
  • Overview

Clay pipes have existed since the 17th Century, and though they are more pocket-friendly and a disposable option, they are pretty challenging to master, considering how narrow the bores are. These clay pipes, however, deliver a fresh smoking experience.

This Colonial Gouda Clay pipe from Holland remains a favorite for pipe enthusiasts even after several centuries.

8. Stanwell Army Mount Tobacco Pipe

  • Made In: Italy
  • Materials: Briar
  • Overview

Poul Nielsen founded Stanwell in 1942, and the company was created to produce tobacco pipes primarily for the Danish market. Considering how rare English pipes and raw briar were, Nielsen began by making pipes from beech wood.

The brand wasn’t named Stanwell until 1948, when the need arose to anglicize the brand’s identity. The addition of a horse-drawn logo further intensified the message. After a few years, Nielsen changed his name also to Stanwell.

The factory moved to Burop, on the edge of Copenhagen in 1969, and in 2010, it moved to Italy. Regardless, Stanwell continues to manufacture quality tobacco pipes, thanks to their skilled craftsmen.

9. Comoy’s Tradition Smoking Pipe

  • Made In: France
  • Materials: Briar
  • Overview

Since 1825, the Comoy heritage has existed as great crafters of top-quality handmade cigars, even before discovering briar and its benefits. They are well-known for their partnership with the Chapuis family, which birthed the Chacom brand. However, tobacco pipes remain a production of the family chain.

Just as the name implies, the Traditional smoking pipe collection is recognized for its classic tobacco pipe made of briar with unique conventional finishing.

10. Erik Nørding Freehand Rustic Tobacco Pipe

Erik Nørding Freehand Rustic Tobacc
  • Made In: Denmark
  • Material: Briar
  • Overview

Erik Nørding started working in his father’s garden and razor blade factory when he was about 15 years old. When his father died after a year, his mother sent him off to train as an engineer.

By the 1960s, when he graduated, he did not have an interest in the family business anymore, considering that he was already making tobacco pipes on his own. After a while, he established his tobacco pipe business by fixing up machinery from junkyards.

Bottom Line

As we said at the beginning, choosing a tobacco-smoking pipe can be a daunting process. However, in this article, we have come up with some of the best tobacco smoking pipes you can choose from. It is imperative to understand the textures, differences, and prices to make your preference.

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Dan Stevenson

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