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The Brick House Brand

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Among the many cigar brands being sold today, some have been around for decades, serving people and bringing quality to satisfied customers. An example of these brands is the Brick House.

The Brick House Brand

brick house cigars

Like the famous Roman dictator Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar Newman, founded the J.C. Newman Company that created the Brick House Brand in 1937.

The cigars were named after his family home where he grew up, located in the Hungarian countryside.

It was a brick structure that contained the Newman family in residence on the upper floor and housed a small pub on the bottom.

The Newman house was always open to locals and visitors who would frequent the pub and then met at the house every night to eat, drink, smoke, and socialize.

When the Great Depression came, the company could not cope with the economic downsizing, and it had to be shut down. All activities and productions were suspended indefinitely, and it seemed as if- like other businesses, the Brick House had come to its end.

But after eight decades, in 2009, third-generation owners- Eric and Bobby Newman, who were also grandsons to the founder, decided to reinvent the brand. The first Brick House cigars were made with Cuban tobacco, but Eric and Bobby used Nicaraguan tobaccos. That idea made Brick House cigars an overnight sensation.

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Interesting facts about the Brick House cigars

Right off the bat, you can say the Brick House design is gorgeous. It is a splendid Nicaraguan cigar that features Habana wrappers with vibrant, brown color and a potent blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers.

Combining those qualities results in a cigar that provides an enticing aroma with a smooth and flavorful taste. If you pay enough attention, you will detect a hint of earth, pepper, cedar, and coffee topped off with a light, toasty-sweet finish.

Another interesting fact to know about Brick House cigars is that they are hand-rolled. Each cigar is wrapped in a Havana Subido leaf and contains a great blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos meticulously and properly hand-rolled by skilled masters.

The J.C. Newton Company, the owner of Brick House cigars, is also known as the oldest family-owned makers of premium cigars in America. The headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, the United States.

Where are Brick House cigars made now?

Brick House cigars were initially manufactured at Tabascos San Rafael in Nicaragua. They would be sent to Nicaragua foraging to avoid impurities that would disrupt the intended rich flavor. Currently, they are now produced at J.C. Newman’s Nicaraguan PENSA factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.


Not only has the Brick House been a long-standing brand for cigar enthusiasts, but it has also won several prizes over the years.

The awards include; Top 25 cigars by Cigar Aficionado in 2010 and 2016, Best Bargain Seller in 2009 by the Cigar Aficionado.

In addition to those outstanding awards, Brick House has been featured and named the best cigar brand on numerous websites and blogs.

Brick House cigar sizes

types os brick house cigar

The fantastic thing about the Brick House brand is that there are many options you can choose from.

Each and any you choose is guaranteed to give you the sweet flavor with just a hint of roasted coffee.


  • 7 ¼‘’ x 50

Corona Larga

  • 6 ¼” x 46
  • Mighty Mighty- 6 ¼ ‘’ x 60
  • The Traveler- This type of Brick House cigar is different from the rest because it comes in a tube. It is 6 1/8″ x 48
  • Toro- 6″ x 52

Short Top

  • 5 ½‘’ x 52
  • Robusto- 5’’ x 54
  • Corona- 5’’ x 42
  • The Teaser- 3 ½‘’ x 56.

How to spot a fake Brick House Cigar

Although the following rules apply for all original Cuban cigars, if you compare these details on your Brick House cigar with an original Brick House and notice the following things, you most likely are dealing with a fake.

  • Packaging

The way cigars are packaged is one way to know a fake. On an original Cuban cigar packaging, you will notice a Habanos label on the top right corner of the box.

You will also find a seal on the bottom of the box and a stamp underneath it. Even when all these details, try scanning the box code to ensure an original Cuban cigar product.

  • Lids

Cuban cigars, Brick House cigar boxes do not have glass lids.

If the package you are getting has a glass lid, transparent or otherwise, the best thing to ensure you do not get ripped off, no matter what the person has to say, is to reject it. Clear lids, glass lids are a no-no.

Bottom Line

Brick House has an overall rating of 93%. That means that in branding, aesthetics, and taste, they are the best.

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