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Casa Cuba – A Brief History

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Carlos Fuente Sr. manufactured the Casa Cuba cigar to pay tribute to his father, Arturo Fuente.

When Carlos Fuentes Sr. was 11 years old, his father Arturo converted the back porch of their home in Florida into a factory for producing cigars. When Carlos Sr. took over the family business from his father in the late 1950s, he had a company that made only a few thousand cigars per year.

With his cigars manufactured from Cuban tobacco brought in from Havana to Tampa port, he could extend to other Florida parts. For many years, the family home where his father started continued to serve as the main factory.

The Casa Cuba cigar was a brand discussed in private for years before production began in 2013. The brand was named after another brand that Carlos purchased in 1958.

Let’s go back a bit.

x opus cigar boxBefore the creation of Casa Cuba, there have been many other brands produced by the Fuente name.

Others like Don Carlos, Opus X, Especiale, and Sun Grown from the original line, Hemmingway.

Unique premium cigar brands have also been produced for clients like Ashton and Prometheus.

Under the Arturo Fuente umbrella, these brands made Arturo Fuentes a name that comes to the mind of anyone when premium cigars are mentioned.

Now, back to Casa, Cuba.

Since its debut in 2013, the Casa Cuba has become a household name and is requested in high demand, particularly among cigar enthusiasts.

Today, the brand that began with Arturo Fuente is now the cornerstone of a cigar-making corporation run by Carlos Fuente Sr. and his son, Carlos Fuente Jr.

Each roll of Casa Cuba is encased in a golden Ecuadorian wrapper and contains a rich, generous blend of Dominican binder and filtered tobaccos, resulting in a flawlessly balanced aged premium cigar.

According to Carlos Sr., the main goal was to bring back the taste of the cigar business he enjoyed during his early days. He blended the mix himself, the same way he coordinated the Cuban tobacco many years ago.

Carrying on this practice, the celebration of history continues today, as Carlos Fuente Jr. continues to blend the cigars the old way as a living memorial to his father and grandfather.

How are Casa Cuba cigars made?

Casa Cuba cigars are hand-rolled by skilled artisans and filled with the finest ingredients; the Ecuadorian wrapper gives off an aroma that gives you a whiff of barnyard, sawdust, manure nutmeg, and hay.

A single draw of the Casa Cuba cigar fills the taste buds with a combination of flavors; peanut butter, cinnamon, chocolate milk, leather, and sweet vanilla that spurs you to take on a deep draw after the other.


Apart from honorary mentions in blogs and websites like Cigar Aficionado, Corona Cigar Co., the brand was also named as part of the Top 25 cigars by Cigar Aficionado.

Casa Cuba cigar types and sizes

cigars from casa cuba houseCasa Cuba cigars come in four types, and each type has a different style and price.

The unique detail about the classes is that they are named after Cuban dominoes. They sell at the price range of;

  • Casa Cuba Doble Dos Natural- 6 ½ x 42
  • Casa Cuba Doble Cinco Natural- 5 x 50
  • Casa Cuba Doble Cuatro Natural- 4 ½ x 54
  • Casa Cuba Doble Tres Natural- 5 ½ x 44
  • Casa Cuba Doble Seis Natural- 6 x 52
  • Casa Cuba Divine Inspiration- 6 1/8 x 47

How to spot a fake Casa Cuban Cigar

  • Price:

Here is one thing you should know about Cuban cigars in general. They are expensive. Yes, compared to many other types, they are costly. So, when someone is trying to sell you a box of cheap Casa Cuba, it should have the alarm bells ringing in your head. Loudly.

  • Know your brand:

You will be surprised how the difference between a fake and a real deal could be one letter missing in the spelling of the brand name or even the heights of the cigars in the box. Knowing your brand will help you spot discrepancies quickly.

  • Taste:

This is a tricky one but is very useful if you are already familiar with the brand. If you are not, all you need to do is go to a certified website of the brand and check for reviews or ask questions about other things.

Cigar enthusiasts are always ready to help you out.

Casa Cuba Cigar reviews

A general review on Casa Cuba Cigars by Cigar Aficionado revealed the cigar brand to be nothing less than 90% satisfactory.

The burn rate for the cigars was even, the cold draw was incredible, and the flavors gave each wrap an excellent finish. Casa Cuba cigars are sold in China, Spain, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Cuban cigars are, however, banned in the United States.

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