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Casa Fernandez – A Brief History

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Few feelings compare to the feel of a warm cigar between your fingers. Any real cigar enthusiast would know and appreciate the draw of quality tobacco, which immediately fills you with warmth.

You know a good cigar once you have one, and with a lot of subpar cigars out there, having one that offers both quality and satisfaction is a priority. When it comes to quality cigar production, only a few names are known as the Casa Fernandez.

They have been a well-known producer of ultra-premium cigars, spanning more than thirty years. This business which originated in Honduras, has soon become a worldwide endeavor. Since then, production has changed location, but one thing is sure, the company’s consistency is not to be doubted.

The name of the company has also changed in recent years, though. Casa Fernandez is now more commonly and publicly recognized under the name Aganorsa Leaf.

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Casa Fernandez


Casa Fernandez, now known as Aganorsa leaf, is owned by Eduardo Antonio Fernandez Pujals. AGANORSA is short for Agricola Nortena S.A. Agarnosa leaf is a massive agricultural conglomerate, and they are among the largest suppliers of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Eduardo came to Nicaragua in 1977. He graduated from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and had a lot of success living and working in New York City as an investment banker.

He started a pizza delivery business with his brother, Leopoldo, in Spain, and they were tremendously successful. After a few years, though, he sold his part of the business and retired, but that wouldn’t be the last time we’d hear of Eduardo Pujals.

casa fernandez reserva cigars

He had made it and didn’t have to work again, but his love for business made him want to get back on his feet and do something.

He tried to get into agriculture, so he started Aganorsa in 1998, and that was when he began growing tobacco.

Since then, he has transformed it from a small and unknown startup to a significant player in the tobacco industry.

They grow their tobacco in the old-fashioned Cuban style, and many companies of varying sizes get their tobacco from them. Aganorsa owns Casa Fernandez and other tobacco companies like JFR and Guardian of the Farm.

Casa Fernandez was their leading tobacco brand, and the name Aganorsa had appeared on some Casa Fernandez cigars, but the company itself was called Casa Fernandez. Before that, it was Tabacalera Tropical. In 2018, Casa Fernandez was renamed Aganorsa leaf to fit well into the profile and identify better with its parent company.

They currently plant about 1,200 acres every year in Nicaragua, bringing about 15,000 bales of tobacco for wrapping, binding, and filling. They grow a massive amount of tobacco which gives them tens of millions of cigars every year.

 Where Are They Made Now?

The tobacco is grown and rolled by hand in Nicaragua. They are one of the largest tobacco growers in Nicaragua and among the largest suppliers of Nicaraguan tobacco in the industry.

Aganorsa has cigar-making factories in Jalapa and Esteli in Nicaragua, and they also have a small cigar factory in Miami, Florida. Companies with respected brands like HVC, Sindicato, and Illusione all sell cigars made by Aganorsa. 

Their Most Popular Cigar Produced

They produce a lot of cigars for many companies and have their cigar-making factories and brands. They may not be mentioned among the top names in the industry. Still, serious smokers have enjoyed cigars from Aganorsa leaf.

miami aganorsa leaf cigars from casa fernandez

Among their extensive selection of cigars, the best ones have to be the Casa Fernandez Miami Aganorsa Leaf Maduro Robusto Extra, the Casa Fernandez Miami Lancero, the Casa Fernandez Aganorsa Leaf Torpedo, and the Casa Fernandez Miami Aganorsa Leaf Maduro Illustre.

Some other good Aganorsa cigars are the Guardian of the Farm Apollo Seleccion De Warp and the Viaje Bales on Bales.

Bottom Line

Casa Fernandez cigars give an aesthetic feel that ain’t easily seen. Even though there may be fakes, a real one can be spotted relatively easily. The brand carries a lot of weight, and rightfully so because it is still well ranked as one of the best that you can indulge in even after the name transition.

The experience that the company has comes unmatched in a lot of areas. That is why a lot of cigar enthusiasts are conversant with Aganorsa Leaf. They have delivered through the years and show no signs of dropping as some other brands may have done.

The move-in production from South American soil to the beautiful, oceanside Miami has had no damaging impact on how good these cigars are.  If you’re looking for consistency and fantastic taste, Casa Fernandez is an excellent choice for you. It’s not one you will regret.

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Dan Stevenson

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