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What Cigars Did Milton Berle Smoke?

Two-time Primetime Emmy winner Milton Berle (born Milton Berlinger) was an American comedian and one of the first television superstars. His career as a television personality and comedian lasted for about 80 years. He landed his first gig as a comedian at the age of 13.  Besides being known for ...

What Cigars Did George Burns Smoke

Many well-known personalities like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a love for cigars. However, most of them only smoke cigars as a habit. Only a very few can turn it into a lifestyle. George Burns was the man who did that. A comedian by profession, George Burns, who lived to ...

How to Hold a Cigar – The Proper Way

The way you hold your cigar is like a personal statement to the world. So you mastered how to cut a cigar, light a cigar, and smoke a cigar. Now you're unsure of how to hold a cigar in the best way. There are many different ways in which you can hold your cigar. However, the way you hold it is ...

The Top 5 Cigar Apps In 2021

Given that almost everyone has a smartphone or access to a tablet, we thought we would share the best cigar apps available! There seem to be countless apps out there so read on for the top 5 cigar apps that you should download now. Covering everything from cigar rights, cigars humidors, cigar ...

What Cigars Does Sylvester Stallone Smoke?

Sylvester Stallone has graced our screens so many times with his incredible action movies. In some of these movies, you can see him sporting a cigar and enjoying a smoke. He is the star of many action films and is known to play Rambo and Rocky in these two power-packed movies. Even at his age, ...

How Far Down Should a Cigar Be Smoked?

When a cigar lover explains why he loves to smoke to you, the excitement can be contagious and can compel you to light up a cigar and join them. They will tell you that they smoke for different reasons. Some may call it a guilty pleasure they enjoy on chilly evenings, while some may describe it ...

How are Cuban Cigars Made?

Cuban cigars can easily be distinguished from other cigar types because of how unique they are. They are very popular and have been described as the best cigars in the world more than once. These are high-quality cigars made from the best tobacco that has been grown and nurtured in excellent ...

7 Best Cigar Blogs to Follow

If you're new to cigar smoking or a cigar aficionado our list of the best cigar blogs will be sure to excite. Through our page, we have shared many of the key things we have learned about cigars. Our posts include, how to light a cigar (read here), best cigar cutter, best cigar lighter (check ...

How to Pair Cigars with Drinks

Cigars and drinks can be a winning combination when done right. There are many cigar aficionados who struggle to pair their drinks with their cigars in a way that best compliments each other. If you are wanting to find the best drinks to pair with your cigars whether that's a single malt whiskey ...

How to Use a Cigar Cutter

This is a simple guide anyone could follow, how to use a cigar cutter correctly. It is a crucial step and key skill that a cigar smoker must develop. Unless you are buying pre-cut cigars you must master the art of cutting. Doing so correctly will prepare you for a positive smoking experience. ...

What Cigars Did Tony Soprano Smoke?

This American crime drama series was on our screen for more than seven years and has indeed left a mark. The series is about Tony Soprano's (the head of the soprano family) life as he manages his criminal affairs alongside his family. Throughout the entire series, one will notice the unavoidable ...

What Cigars Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoke

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to love puffing on cigars and can smoke up to two cigars a day. As a well-known actor, his fans are always looking for avenues to learn more about him. Of course, many people would like to see the kind of cigars Arnold smokes. He is very influential, and his fans will ...

12 Unique Cigar Gifts

Are you looking for that perfect gift for your cigar-loving partner? Cigar smokers will fall in love with any cigar-related gifts you get them. It will show thoughtfulness on your part.  It is quite challenging to shop for a cigar lover. The dilemma of what to get them is difficult to surmount. ...

7 Reasons To Consider Smoking Cigars

Of course, there are many reasons why people enjoy cigar smoking but we will share a few. Everyone will have their own reasons for smoking cigars but there are a few similarities that connect us together. Through sharing these common reasons we hope to highlight this lifestyle without limiting it. ...

La Cubana Wooden Humidors

The "La Cubana Humidor" range is well known in the cigar world. We take a detailed dive into this brand below. La Cubana Cherry is a high-class cigar humidor that is quite different from other cigar humidors. La Cubana is designed to provide safe and high-quality storage for high-quality cigars. ...

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