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What is a Stogie?

Stogie cigar or stogies is a common term you might hear. Where did this name originate from and why do we use it? Given its popularity, we thought we'd provide a detailed explanation of what exactly a stogie cigar is but not the anatomy of one.The biggest debate with the term stogie is whether they ...

Cigar Etiquette- The Do’s & Don’ts

Cigar etiquette isn't something that comes naturally with smoking and owning cigars, if only it was that easy.The behavior and way one handles their smoking experience can say a lot about your style and you as a person. In the following post we highlight all you need to know about proper cigar ...

How to Light and Enjoy a Lit Cigar

There are many ways to light a cigar but let's explore the proper way to do it. This will ensure it burns evenly and will result in a great smoking experience. The best way you can light a cigar is with a butane lighter. There are, however, other ways to do it.In the following post, we'll examine ...

Cigars and Golf

If playing golf with your friends is your leisure-time hobby, a quality cigar can enhance the experience. Professionals in the golf industry may turn to it in and out of the field. But why would they turn to cigars during golf? A cigar complements the evergreen areas and the relaxing ...

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