Top 15 Digital Hygrometers For Humidors

If you are a beginner in the cigar world and wondering what a hygrometer is, then this article is for you. Cigars come in fresh scents and flavors that you want to maintain all through. In this case, you need a humidor or a tupperdor which is a case where you store your cigar. More to this, you ...

10 Exquisite Cigar Humidors Under $100

Cigars by their own nature are very particular creatures. They need to be kept in just the right type of humidified environment or problems will begin to occur. Too humid of an environment and a cigar might start to split or even mold. Too dry and a cigar will become brittle and burn with a ...

La Cubana Wooden Humidors

The "La Cubana Humidor" range is well known in the cigar world. We take a detailed dive into this brand below. La Cubana Cherry is a high-class cigar humidor that is quite different from other cigar humidors. La Cubana is designed to provide safe and high-quality storage for high-quality cigars. ...

8 Best Electronic Cigar Humidors in 2021

Are your cigars getting soaked, damaged or crushed because of poor storage? One of the best-known ways of storing cigars is through cigar humidors. Whether portable or not, the best electronic cigar humidors provide cigars with the right kind of moisture and environment hence acting as the best ...

Best Cigar Humidors in 2021

To anyone who is serious about smoking cigars, you will need to purchase a humidor. For all other stogies related content refer to our homepage. Why Do You Need A Humidor? Humidors are used to control the climate for storing your cigars. The cigars need to be kept at specific humidity levels to ...

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