The 13 Best Cigar Cutters

Here at Cigar Cigar, we are committed to making your cigar smoking experience unforgettable. Through our reviews, we hope to share our knowledge of the greatest options currently on the market for your budget. Today we will be looking at the 12 best cigar cutters that we have narrowed down from ...

Top 8 Cigars For Beginners

Trying your first cigar doesn't need to be a daunting experience, there are many resources on www.cigarcigarinfo.com to help you choose the best products for an optimal experience. While trying things out is a great way to learn, starting with a bad experience may be enough to turn you away from ...

Top 10 Keychain Cigar Cutters

If you are learning the basics of smoking a cigar, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind. Cigars usually have an enclosed end that you need to cut before putting it in your mouth. Therefore, you need a high-quality cigar cutter to ensure sharp, effective cuts. On this note, you ...

Top 15 Digital Hygrometers For Humidors

If you are a beginner in the cigar world and wondering what a hygrometer is, then this article is for you. Cigars come in fresh scents and flavors that you want to maintain all through. In this case, you need a humidor or a tupperdor which is a case where you store your cigar. More to this, you ...

10 Exquisite Cigar Humidors Under $100

Cigars by their own nature are very particular creatures. They need to be kept in just the right type of humidified environment or problems will begin to occur. Too humid of an environment and a cigar might start to split or even mold. Too dry and a cigar will become brittle and burn with a ...

The 12 Best Cigars Under $5

When it comes to cigars, and most other things in life, you typically get what you pay for. Specifically with cigars, there is a clear difference between a $10, $20, and even $50 cigar. But for most cigar smokers, shelling out $10+ every day for a cigar just isn’t feasible.Instead, you have to look ...

Best Mild Cigars

Nothing beats a good cigar, but some people prefer milder varieties that don’t have quite as much of an effect. They typically have woodsy or earthy tones that might have complex hints of other flavor profiles like leather or nuts. Because they’re so easy to smoke, the best mild cigars are often ...

The Greatest Cigars in the World

Let’s face it, there are some very special cigars out there, and I’m sure you all have your personal tastes - just like fine wines and caviar. But if you are out to get something special as a one off, a gift for someone or you’re looking for something new, but don’t want to risk forking out the ...

Acid Kuba Kuba Review

Smoking cigars is a pleasure for many and is a symbol of pure indulgence enjoyed by smokers across the world. It is not an exaggeration to say that smoking cigars is considered as mere luxury even today. Today the market is flooded with a wide range of cigar brands; there are Cuban cigars, ...

Best Cigar Humidors in 2021

To anyone who is serious about smoking cigars, you will need to purchase a humidor. For all other stogies related content refer to our homepage. Why Do You Need A Humidor? Humidors are used to control the climate for storing your cigars. The cigars need to be kept at specific humidity levels to ...

The Greatest Al Capone Cigars Ever!

In the early days, Al Capone could be caught smoking an ordinary cigarette. But later on through his infamy, he is undoubtedly known for being a prolific cigar smoker. Now there is an entire brand dedicated to the cigar-smoking passion of Al Capone, and arguably what he encapsulated in his ...

8 Excellent Cigar Samplers to Try in [2021]

Cigar samplers are a great way to avail guidance to good selection of cigars. Whether you are seasoned smoker who wants to experiment new flavours or a beginner trying to explore the world of cigars, samplers will help you decide the right cigar to pamper your smoking senses. Cigars are rated ...

Best Dominican Cigars Reviewed in [2021]

The Dominican Republic is known in the cigar industry as producers of flavorful, aromatic and colorful tobacco. The climate of the region is ideal for tobacco cultivators offering versatility in their crop. The wide range of cigars produced in the region fit the taste of every cigar lover. ...

12 Best Sweet Cigars

Cigars have been around for decades and were introduced to the world by Christopher Columbus. They've gained popularity over the years, really taking off among the men in the 20th century. Sweet and Spicy flavors are rated highly by cigar lovers across the world. A sweet cigar is more of a ...

The Best Travel Humidors in 2021

Business trips or vacations with friends and family can be further enhanced and enjoyed with cigars. The versatility of cigars makes them the ideal travel companion and with the right travel humidor your cigars will arrive intact and remain fresh. Travel humidors are a very simple solution for ...

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