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Cigars and Golf

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If playing golf with your friends is your leisure-time hobby, a quality cigar can enhance the experience. Professionals in the golf industry may turn to it in and out of the field. But why would they turn to cigars during golf?

A cigar complements the evergreen areas and the relaxing environment of a golf club, and the readers at Golf Accessories Reviews agree! And since both the cigar and golf are considered a passion of true gentlemen, they go hand in hand.

There are no specific rules that need to be followed while smoking cigars in a golf club. However, following some essential tips can make it even more enjoyable for both you and your pals. Listed below are some tips to select, smoke, and enjoy cigars on your favorite golf days.

Cigars & Golf

Smoking Etiquette

Smoking Etiquette

It is essential to consider and respect the comfort of everyone around you before lighting up a cigar. Many golf clubs offer cigars, so if you take one from the club, make sure that the humidor is sealed. It should not be airtight since airtight humidors/tupperdors trap moisture.

If a cigar has a lot of moisture or is too dry, it will burn faster or unevenly. Here is the ideal way to smoke cigars on a golf course.

Be Considerate

It is essential to respect the field and the preferences of your partners while smoking. If your golf club has specific rules about smoking, you should follow those. You can buy a golf cart cigar holder for the times when you are playing on the field. They are cheap and can attach to your golf cart easily.

This will help you keep the cigar away from the playing field, especially when it is lit. Some people prefer holding the cigar in their mouths when they play, but it is not advised for anyone who does not have prior experience with a cigar.

However, if you do not have a golf cart cigar holder, make sure never to rest it on the ground as it can damage the grass. You can also get fined for doing that.

Carry the Cigar Properly


When you keep the cigar out of the humidor for a long time, it can get dry and tasteless. If you do not have a travel humidor and the golf club is not near, storing them in a proper container is best.

It would help preserve the moisture. The ideal humidity for storing cigars is 70%. This is where they taste the best. Instead of a regular container, it is advised to use a crush-proof box, so the cigars stay free from damage.

Thankfully, crush-proof containers are small and can easily fit inside your golf bag.

Lighting Up the Cigar

Lighting Up the Cigar

As mentioned above, being considerate about the preferences of your partners gives a better impression. If your friends do not like smoking cigars, it is best to keep track of wind direction on windy days. Smoking in the direction of the wind will prevent the smoke from blowing over into your friends’ faces.

It is also essential to avoid using a cigarette lighter since they produce soft flames that can entirely ruin the cigar’s taste.

You can use a jet or a torch lighter, particularly if it is windy out there. Keeping track of the wind direction will also help you avoid uneven burns.

Choose a Lighter Cigar

Strong cigars offer intense flavors, but it is better to choose lighter cigars if you want to play on the field. Most people prefer spending more than a couple of hours in the area, and lighter cigars allow you to smoke more than just one cigar. You can also go for the bigger cigars since they are easy to light up again during the game if they go out.

Bring Extra Cigars With You

Golfers love cigars. If you have friends accompanying you, it is best to bring a few extra cigars for them to enjoy. Having a few extra cigars can also help you make some new friends on the field. If you are bringing extra cigars with you, go with the lighter ones since they are cost-effective.

Best Cigar Options for Golf

If you are confused between choosing the best cigars for pre-game, post-game, and your golf game, we have listed some of the best options you can choose from.

Upmann Half Corona

If you are looking for a lighter cigar before starting your game, the H. Upmann Half Corona is a perfect choice. It has a 44 ring gauge and can be finished up in less than 40 minutes, making it the best option when you are short of time but still want to enjoy the taste to its fullest.

Uncharted Toro

Uncharted Toro

The world-famous A.J Fernandez manufactures this line of cigars. It delivers both fantastic taste and strength, which is why it is best to smoke the Uncharted Toro after the game. Cigars after the game should be a celebration, and this premium cigar is the best way to end your day.

However, it is a strong cigar, and smoking it without eating anything is not advised as it can be injurious to health.

Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6

As mentioned above, it is better to go for large cigars during the game since they are easy to light up again and can be smoked for at least an hour. If you are looking for a game cigar, make sure to get one with a 54 or above gauge ring as it will provide longer smoking time.

One of the best large cigars for the game is Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6. It offers a gauge ring of 54 and above and is an affordable option. Considering the price, you can even get a few for your friends!

Bottom Line

A cigar is a great way to improve your overall golf experience. Following the above-mentioned tips can make your experience even better. However, it is crucial to focus on what is essential; your game. Make sure not to let the cigars distract you on the field!

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Dan Stevenson

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