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Windblaze FlyBack Cutter Review

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Today we’re looking at the FlyBack Cigar Cutter by WindBlaze, a new entrant to the cigar cutter market that is rapidly increasing in popularity and even outpacing long established brands. So whether you’re looking to buy for yourself, or researching gift ideas for your loved ones, sit back and let us tell you all you need to know about the WindBlaze Flyback.

When it comes to smoking cigars, you typically only need a good cigar lighter, a cigar cutter and of course, some tasty cigars.

And when it comes to cigar cutters, only two things really matter: size and sharpness. A good cigar cutter is small and pocket-sized, making it convenient to carry with you wherever you may be smoking, and secondly, features sharp blades that can cut through cigars with clean precision. 

Thankfully, the FlyBack Cutter by WindBlaze comes with bucketfuls of both, and all without breaking the bank.

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FlyBack Cutter Review

FlyBack Cutter

FlyBack Cutter

This low-cost cigar cutter has been slicing through its competition by offering the cutting power of far more expensive cutters in a stylish, yet budget-friendly friendly package.

Made by the creators of the WindBlaze Lighter (find our review here), it’s obvious that neither quality or performance have been overlooked – even for something as seemingly simple as a cutter.

Key Features

The FlyBack cutter features ultra-sharp hardened steel blades, which tuck neatly behind its ergonomic handle. The spring-loaded flyback mechanism, which gives the cutter its namesake, locks the blades into position when not in use, giving a satisfactory cocking-like “activation” when unlocked before cutting.

Furthermore, the contoured handle ensures a confident grip, making it easy to maneuver your cigar into place before cutting.

What Makes it So Good?

You might ask why you should choose the WindBlaze FlyBack over other cutters available on the market, especially at lower prices. Firstly, it’s important to remember that a good quality cutter like the FlyBack isn’t the same as cutters given away free by cigar dealers. This cutter is, as you might say, built from studier stuff.

Secondly, we’d say that its ergonomic handle offers an unrivalled cutting experience, not commonly found with other cigar cutters or punches. We’ve all used cheap cutters which are fidgety to use when cutting the cigar, but rest assured, the Flyback is certainly not one of them.

With this handy cigar cutter, you’ll slice through the cap of your cigars with quick, clean precision, each and every time. With the consideration of both price and quality, we can firmly say that, whether you’re buying for yourself or buying as a gift, the FlyBack Cutter is an ideal selection.

Its solid construction, high-quality materials, and top-tier manufacturer give it all the merit it should need. Not only is this cutter as impressive to look at as it is to use, but its budget-friendly price tag makes it an absolute steal.

For such a low price, you certainly wouldn’t expect to get this level of value, but you needn’t tell your friends that when you next burn a stogie. The weightiness of the Flyback when held in hand gives presence to its quality, which is confirmed with each slice of its ultra-sharp blades.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today at for just $29.

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FlyBack Cutter Review

When it comes to smoking cigars, you typically only need a good cigar lighter, a cigar cutter, and of course, some tasty cigars. Here, a complete review of the FlyBack Cutter.

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