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Headley Grange Cigars

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Headley Grange Cigar is a blend of cigars that originated from the Dominican Republic, and the cigar was named after the Headley Grange house in England.

This cigar blend is inspired by music because the house it is named after served as a studio where many iconic rock bands recorded their songs. The cigar was first produced by the Tabacalera La Allianza, located in the Dominican Republic.

The cigar is the perfect blend of complex, rich cigar that burns gradually and slowly till it burns out. The cigar has a high reputation for being of different quality and topnotch smoking experience that it was ranked amongst the 25 Best cigars by Cigar Aficionado Magazines in 2012.

The cigar exists between various versions and blends, each incorporating features that give a smoking experience worthy of Headley Grange’s name. This article highlights all you need to know about the Headley Grange Cigar brand from its history, where it is produced, and the most popular version ever produced.

Headley Grange Cigars

Origin of the Headley Grange Cigar

The Headley Grange Cigar has experienced two production phases in its existence, both inspired by the goal of producing a cigar that tastes like the heavy pounding drum beat from the iconic Led Zeppelin Classic “When the Levee Breaks,” and it came in 2011.

The cigar incorporated music in smoking and was named after the recording studio Headley Grange House in England.

black lab headley grangeThis is because the house served as a studio where iconic rocks bands recorded their classics.

The first phase of Headley Grange Cigar was produced by the cigar legend Ernesto Perez Camilo and his son at their factory in the Dominican Republic, the Tabacalera La Allianza. A recipe was created to serve as a blueprint that guides the remaining versions of the cigar.

The recipe comprised a mix of  Honduran or Dominican Republic tobacco and Nicaraguan tobacco used for the cigar fillers, an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, and a  Honduran binder.

This mixture made the goal of the cigar achievable. The first batch of 1,000 boxes was released in Orlando at an IPCPR trade show in 2012.

The release was aimed at getting a review for the initial launch of the Headley Grange cigar in 2013. The review received came back positive, with the 1,000 boxes getting sold out within 2,112 days. This review led to a huge buzz that attracted the attention of the Crown Heads Industry.

In the second phase of Headley Grange Cigar, the Crown Heads industry is very creative in the cigar industry. The huge buzz that surrounded the review of the Headley Grange Cigar before its launch resulting in them wanting to become the second brand of the cigar.

The company utilized its resources to ensure that the Headley Grange Cigar established itself as a cigar with an unmistakable smoking experience. Although, the Crown heads produced every batch of cigars under the supervision of the cigar legend Ernesto Perez Camilo.

The success of the Headley Grange cigar boosted the resume of the  Crown Heads Industry, and the cigar earned itself a 91 rating among famous cigars in the world.

The cigar features a medium to full body and exists in over four brands, each having a high performance in the industry.

The different brands of the Headley Grange Cigar include:

  • Headley Grange 3menenties cigar
  • Headley Grange Corona Gorda cigar
  • Headley Grange Dobles cigar
  • Headley Grange Estupendos Cogar
  • Headley Grange Laguito No.6
  • Headley Grange Black
  • Headley Grange Hermoso

Where is The Headley Grange Cigar Produced?

size of headley grange cigars

The Headley Grange Cigar is a Dominican cigar.

Thus, it is produced in the Dominican Republic and uses Dominican tobacco.

Although to achieve the goal of tasting like a heavy pounding drum beat, it follows a blueprint that requires other ingredients from international communities like Nicaragua, Honduran, and Ecuador.

The Most Popular Headley Grange Cigar Produced

The Headley Grange exists in various blends. All possess ling a unique taste and a Roberto shape. Most of the cigar fillers are hand-rolled.

Amongst all blends, the most popular blend is the Headley Grange Black. Although this blend now exists in sub-blends, it introduced the world to the Headley Grange Cigars.

Bottom Line

Headley Grange Cigar is a cigar that fuses music into a smoking experience. That is why it was named after a recording studio in England. The cigar was first produced by Ernesto Camilo, a man regarded as a cigar legend for his experience and knowledge of cigars.

The legend thought of a cigar that achieved a certain goal and designed a recipe to facilitate this goal. The cigar received a massive audience before its launching leading to the coming of the crowned heads.

The Crown Heads and Tabacalera La Allianza are the only two companies licensed to brand the Headley Grange Cigar in the Dominican Republic. Although, the Crown Heads work under the supervision of Ernesto Perez Camilo.

The cigar has grown to have a variety of blends l incorporating the unique taste, feel, and smoking experience that gives the Headley Grange its reputation as one of the highly-rated cigars amongst the Best cigars worldwide.

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Headley Grange Cigars

Here are all the details you need to know about the Headley Grange Cigars!

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