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How are Cuban Cigars Made?

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Cuban cigars can easily be distinguished from other cigar types because of how unique they are. They are very popular and have been described as the best cigars in the world more than once. These are high-quality cigars made from the best tobacco that has been grown and nurtured in excellent conditions. 

It is rumored that over 100 steps are taken for just one Cuban cigar to be made; keep reading to discover how true this is. One of the reasons why Cuban cigars are special is because of the soil they are grown in. 

The soil in Cuba gives the tobacco a unique flavor and aroma. You can find Cuban cigars easily on the island of Cuba, but it can be difficult to find anywhere else in the world. Because of this, there are many fake Cuban cigars in the market, from other parts of Central America such as the Dominican republic.

Every Cuban cigar is rolled by hand by a professional cigar roller. With this level of care put into making it, nothing less than perfection is expected from Cuban cigars, and they deliver every time. Because of all the time and processes required to make one of these stogies, they are not always available. 

How are Cuban Cigars Made?

How Are Cuban Cigars Made? - CigarCigar Infographic

Step by Step Process to Making Cuban Cigars

As mentioned earlier, making one cigar stick will take several processes. Every brand has its processes, and that is what makes each cigar unique. The process of making them starts from how the leaves are grown, selected, and fermented.

After the leaves have been cured and fermented, the selection process then begins. The tobacco leaves are separated into three piles, the wrapper, binder, and filler. They are sorted by hand so that smokers can expect the best quality from each stick of cigar.

The next stage after sorting is the rolling. This is also done by hand by cigar rollers.

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Most times, they will work in a pair, with one person focusing on the filler and binder while the other focuses on wrapping. The first roller will take some leaves in his hand and roll them together using a special technique. After this, he places them in a wooden mold that gives the cigar its shape.

When this is ready, the second roller can start wrapping up the cigars. This is almost the last stage of making a Cuban cigar.

When it is properly rolled, quality controllers step in to ensure that each cigar is up to par. They inspect the color, weight, shape, aesthetics, and rolling consistency. This ensures that every Cuban cigar sold will have the same high quality that their customers are used to.

They are made one by one by expert hands, no machine is used to roll them, and no artificial additions can be detected. That is why they are world-famous and are sought after by cigar lovers all over the world.

Are Cigars Safer Than Cigarettes

Cigars and cigarettes have a few things in common, though most people consider cigars to be more fancy and classy than cigarettes. We have heard the warnings about cigarettes’ negative health effects many times, which has made people wonder if cigars are a healthier alternative.

Cigars and cigarettes can cause harmful side effects to one’s health and should be smoked with caution. One cigarette stick can contain up to eight milligrams of nicotine, while one cigar may contain between 100 to 250 milligrams. This means one cigar has more nicotine than a full pack of cigarettes.

Nicotine is known to cause several heart diseases, and taking it in such large quantities is not advisable. Even though Cigars and cigarettes look so different, abusing any of them can expose the user to some very serious health issues.

Why is Excessive Cigar Intake Bad for You


You might have heard that cigar smoking is bad for you, but you might not know the exact problems you stand to face by smoking too many cigars.

Some health issues that may arise include Mouth and throat cancer, lung cancer, heart diseases, and infertility

Cigars are made purely out of tobacco, and too much tobacco smoke can cause serious health deficiencies.

Switching from smoking cigarettes to cigars is not advised because you are still exposed to almost the same health risks. Many people think that cigars are healthier than cigarettes, but this is not true. As far as tobacco is in the product you smoke, you expose yourself to some health risks.

Bottom Line

All original Cuban cigars are made out of pure tobacco; they give out a strong and unique taste and aroma to make the user hungry for more. While you enjoy the taste and aromas, you should also make yourself aware of the health effects that are associated with them.

The key to maintaining your health as a cigar enthusiast is always to maintain a balanced diet and a healthy smoking habit. You can also visit your doctor or nutritionist to help prescribe supplements that will be good for you. 

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