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How Cigars Are Measured

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Cigars for centuries have become the epitome of cool; adults have found it intriguing how they smell, feel, and taste. The richness and intoxicating caliber of the stick makes it even more gratifying to have quality cigars in your mouth.

The fascination of cigars goes beyond the huff and puff most people think, but the sheer sophistication of the design. The size and the confidence of cigars can make you stand out among any crowd. 

There is a thrill in how cigars are measured; each size comes with its level of prestige. Hence, knowing how cigars are measured is an intricate element in becoming regarded as a stylish person. All sizes are richly blended with culture, and every part of the work has its brand of cigars renowned for that area. However, the cigars are typically measured in length and diameter. 

The size of the stogie plays a vital role in the experience you derive when smoking. Veterans in the cigar game would know all about this claim. The combination of size and shape is called Vitola, which has two main categories. The Straight and Irregulars shaped cigars. These Straight ones are called Parejo, while the other classification is known as “figurado.” 

How Are Cigars Measured

Cigars are measured in ring gauges that have different numbers. To know how they are measured, you should have a fair understanding of the different variations available. There are many types of cigars and can be easily identified by their sizes. Some of these cigars are as follows:

Cigars Measured
  • Robusto: This is a small or short and stubby cigar that is 48 to 52 in ring gauge diameter. It is also 4 ¾ to 5 ¼ inches in length. This form of Cigar is famous all-around America. 
  • Churchill: This has a longer diameter of 47 and has a length of 7 inches. It was named after Winston Churchill, who loved stogiess. 
  • Panatela: This is slim with specifications of 5 and 7 ½ in length, with a ring gauge of 38 to 49. 
  • Toro: This is a straight cigar with the specification of 6 inches in length and 50 ring gauge, almost the same as the Robusto.
  • Corona: This is regarded to be the standard of all straight cigars. It is seven ranks higher than the Robusto. It is 6 inches long, with a ring gauge of 42 to 44. Smaller coronas and larger Corona are available, depending on your preference. 
  • Lonsdale: It is a little bit longer than the Corona by having 6 ¾ in length and a ring gauge of 42 to 44. 

Cigar Classifications

The variations mentioned above of cigars according to their sizes are regarded as straight. However, the classifications below are irregular-shaped ones. Here are some examples:

  • Pyramid: This set tapers towards the head and has a thick foot making the Cigar look more like a pyramid. 
  • Perfecto: It is tapered at both edges with a slight bulge in the middle. Although there are some options for Perfecto, some are narrow at the bottom while others have a more soft and tapered foot. 
  • Torpedo: As the name implies, it has a sharp point, and it tapers gently. It has more or less a finished look, with the Cigar flavor coming in from a small opening. You can decide how big or small the opening should be. 
  • Belicoso: This cigar tapes directly at the head, with a ring gauge of 50 or less. There are some similarities to the torpedo and even the pyramid. Therefore, there have been some modifications to the Belicoso measurements. 

Aside from these two categories of cigars, other variations have been widely used. They are most times known as Novelty Cigars. Their shapes are apt for meetings, gatherings with people. Take, for example, the Culebra, which is a cigar. It is challenging to smoke this at once; therefore, friends use it to talk about important issues. 

Some of these products that fall under the Novelty category are for luxury because of the alluring marketing campaign and its prestige. Here are some examples:

  • Nub
  • The Egg.
  • Fuente Factory Special Cigars

Which Cigar Size is Considered the best?

For many years, the “Corona” has been the standard for measuring good cigars. It is one of the most traditional stogies that still gets people excited about smoking.

Bottom Line

Understanding these types and how you measure a cigar will help you appreciate the fine art of cigar handling and smoking. Hence, it is recommended you explore your options to see the type that suits you. Cigar companies are continuously looking for new ways to thrill their customers. Therefore, they often take an adventure by trying out straight or irregular types.

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Dan Stevenson

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