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How Far Down Should a Cigar Be Smoked?

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When a cigar lover explains why he loves to smoke to you, the excitement can be contagious and can compel you to light up a cigar and join them. They will tell you that they smoke for different reasons.

Some may call it a guilty pleasure they enjoy on chilly evenings, while some may describe it as part of their lifestyle. Whatever category you fall into, the fact remains that a cigar is something that can help you relax and should be enjoyed 

Depending on how big your cigar is, it should take you between 30 minutes to 2 hours to thoroughly enjoy and finish a whole stick. If you would like to smoke for longer, simply put it off and relight it during the day. If stored properly, this will not in any way reduce the taste and flavor of the cigar.

Many people, especially new smokers, often wonder how far down should a cigar be smoked. Before answering this question, you must know that there is no right or wrong way to smoke a stogie. Instead of putting yourself under the pressure of smoking the right way, just make sure that you are enjoying every puff.

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How Far Down Should You Smoke a Cigar?

The best way to properly smoke a stick is to enjoy yourself. Once you can relax and enjoy the aroma, taste, and flavor of your cigar, then you know that you are correctly smoking it. How far down you should smoke your cigar is a thing of choice, everybody has their preference and style. From how you cut it, hold it, light it and take your first draw.

Cigar etiquettes will advise that you only smoke your cigar halfway. Most people do not accept this rule because that will mean wasting half of a good cigar. After all, the bottom half is filled with high-quality tobacco, too, just like the top half.

Smoked Cigar

Other sources may suggest that you smoke a cigar until you get to the band. But what happens when some cigars come with bands that cover up to half of the entire stick? That will also mean letting go of some part of a great cigar. As well, some people will advise that you smoke until a three-finger width is left. The bottom part of the cigar is fantastic because, as you get towards the end, the aroma, taste, and flavor will be richer and more intense.

You don’t have to miss out on anything. Keep puffing on your cigar until you are satisfied. However, you should remember to be careful because, as you reach the bottom of the cigar, it can get very hot, and you may risk burning your fingers if you do not stop at the right time. I suggest purchasing a holder if you cannot handle the heat.

Should You Smoke a Cigar Past The Label?

Labels or bands have been in existence since the 1830s. It was first created by Gustave Bock, who was a cigar maker. He wanted his customers to identify his products easily, so he made a band for that purpose, and other brands picked it up until it became normal. These days, almost all cigars come with bands wrapped around them.

Now, bands have other purposes rather than being just for identification. They are used for decorative purposes, to keep the cigar wrapped securely, and can also protect your fingers from getting stained by nicotine.

Lighting Up the Cigar

Cigar bands are positioned differently according to the manufacturer’s preferences and design. This is something that can influence the decision to smoke past the band. Some bands can cover up to half of the cigar, so smoking past it is inevitable.

Nothing stops a smoker from smoking past the band if he pleases. What you should do is remember to remove the band as you get closer to it.

Most times, these bands are made out of paper that may begin to burn. When this happens, the flavor and aroma of your cigar will be affected, and you might no longer enjoy it as much. Do not be in a hurry to remove the band from a brand new cigar.

It might be too tight and tear off the wrapper leaf in the process. Instead, you should start smoking and allow the smoke and heat to lose up the gum around the band a little before going ahead to remove it.

Bottom Line

After smoking for a while, you would have gained enough experience and mastered the art of putting off your cigar stick without burning your fingers. 

Your instinct will help you decide when to put down your cigar and light up another one. If you love puffing on your cigar and find it difficult to put it out even when you have gotten to the bottom, you should endeavor to have an extra stick handy all the time so that the fun never stops.

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Dan Stevenson

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