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How Long Does Cigar Sickness Last?

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Many first-time smokers tend to have a similar experience when they start smoking. At the early stage, everything looks calm and under control before the situation begins to change, and sickness gradually sets in.

The body’s first major changes are skin color, nausea creeps in, and your health begins to fall apart. But how do you know that you’re suffering from cigar sickness? You should look out for symptoms like headache, increased blood pressure, dizziness, and quick breathing.

The good news is that there are ways to combat this and make the cigar sickness stop in the shortest possible time. Here comes the important question: how long does cigar sickness last, why do people get sick, and what can you do to feel better within a few days? We’ll talk about this and more in subsequent sections.

How Long Does Cigar Sickness Last

Why Do People Get Sick From Cigars?

handmade cigars

The quality of the cigar an individual smoke affects the body. When it comes to a cigar’s best choice, you should go for a high-quality handmade cigar and use a torch lighter.

Some machine-made cigars may contain chemical preservatives that may have a negative side effect on your overall health. Apart from the cigar’s quality and brand, other factors that contribute to the core reasons people get sick include:

Smoking Cigars Beyond Your Capacity

No matter how experienced you are in smoking, you need to understand your capacity and daily limit. Smoking cigars beyond your level because you want to impress your friend at a club or party causes a breakdown in your health. Also, you need to understand how many cigars you can smoke per day and hour, as this will help you plan.


Scientifically those who often inhale air polluted by cigar have the chance of falling ill than an average smoker. Frequently inhaling cigar air could be the reason for your health breakdown. To avoid this situation, have a face mask on whenever you are among smokers or ask them to put their stogies out in an ashtray.

Tips on how to overcome cigar sickness

Tips on how to overcome cigar sickness - Infographic CigarCigar Info

Don’t inhale

The air emanating from the cigar is not meant for consumption. Whether you are an ardent smoker or sit in a joint where a cigar is taken frequently, the best way to protect yourself is to put on simple coverings like a face mask. But if you are a smoker, the best you can do is to savor the flavor and blow it away. That is the perfect way to do it.

Smoke Slowly

There is no price trophy for being the best smoker, so why should you destroy your health by puffing like you’re in a race? A puff or two in a minute is appropriate. Smoking too fast means you are inhaling a high volume of nicotine which may overwhelm your body system.

Tip: Make a smaller cut with your cutter so the smoke flows slower

So, ride gently, don’t be in a rush, take your time when you are taking your cigar. Many people experience cigar sicknesses when they try to breeze through a pack of cigarettes within a few hours without taking a break.

If you get sick too often from a cigar, try a different brand.

The immune system differs, and our body responds differently to things. Some may not experience cigar sickness throughout their years of smoking due to how well their body adapts to different cigar types. But if you realize your health fails too often due to cigar intake, it is best to try another brand.

Sometimes, these companies include ingredients that your body won’t welcome readily. So, if you find yourself experiencing cigar sickness too often, especially when you have tried out our other tips to help you feel better or sleep better, then it’s best to move on to a different brand.

Study your body’s reaction to these different brands until you’re sure that your body has adequately adapted. Always prioritize your health because there is no point in spending your resources on cigar-related health issues.

Bottom Line

Going to a cigar bar with no space nor ventilation can increase the rate of exposure to cigar health challenges, even if you are not a smoker. Irrespective of your smoking experience, take it slowly and enjoy yourself. Cigar sickness is not so difficult to overcome.

However, if you find yourself still feeling awful after a few puffs, consider visiting your doctor for proper health checks.

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