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How Many Cigars Can You Smoke In a Day?

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Most beginner cigar lovers are curious about how many cigars they can smoke in a day. They might not even know the differences between cigar brands, how to choose the right one, and how to smoke one properly.

The number of cigars that someone can smoke daily depends on several factors. It is, however, necessary to understand that regardless of the type of cigar, they all contain nicotine and preservatives. This means that there should be a limit to the number of cigars you smoke in a day.

The cigars’ content varies, and the more people smoke cigars, the more capable they get to increase the number of cigars they smoke. Keep reading to discover answers to your questions about how many cigars you can smoke in a day.

How Many Cigars Can You Smoke In a Day

How Many Cigars A Day Is Too Many?

Cigars are practically clusters of aged tobacco, wrapped up in various types of tobacco leaves. A quality cigar contains as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes.

Considering that leaves are not as porous as the cigarette paper, it causes the cigar’s tobacco to smoke. The cigar’s slow-burning process releases a compound of dangerous elements capable of causing the cigar smoker issues.

Smoking one or two cigars in a day increase cancer risks, such as cancer of the lips, mouth, throat, tongue, or esophagus. Therefore, smoking more than two cigars a day multiplies the risk significantly.

man smoking a cigar

Many beginners feel sick after smoking. Some feel nauseous or dizzy, and it can be so bad in some others that vomiting may occur. As a newbie to cigar smoking, only one is enough for a day. While an experienced smoker may smoke up to three cigars, it is better to stick to one per day as a beginner.

When choosing your cigar, it is better, to begin with, a thinner and shorter cigar. Initially, you may find it difficult to smoke the entire cigar.

So, you can start with half. You can put out the cigar at some point and save it for later. When it comes to stogie smoking, the ideal thing to do is go as slowly as possible. It is also essential to select a cigar that is mild and smoke it in bits. For experienced smokers who already know how many cigars they can handle, they can smoke stronger cigars and multiple daily.

Is It Bad To Smoke Two Cigars In A Row?

To smoke multiple cigars in a row, it is better, to begin with, the mildest cigar and increase the intensity as you go. For experienced smokers, smoking more than two cigars in a row is nothing strange. However, it is advised not to exceed two cigars in a row.

By starting with the mildest cigar first, then finishing off with the stronger one, you will enjoy a better smoking experience.

What is Cigar Hangover?

man with a hangover of cigar

Cigar hangover is quite common among people who become addicted to cigars, people who over smoke cigars, and people who are allergic to some ingredients in a particular stogie.

It is quite rare among cigar enthusiasts, but when it occurs, nausea, excessive sweating, and dizziness are some of the initial symptoms.

Typically, a cigar hangover happens mostly when:

  • You smoke the cigar so fast
  • When you inhale

Or when the cigar is too strong for the cigar smoker to handle. Cigar hangover can cause vomiting, and it may take quite some time to get over the sickness. To cure the hangover quickly, it is best to stop smoking, drink water, and followed by something sweet.

Bottom Line

The number of cigars you can smoke in a day depends on whether you are still a beginner smoker or an experienced smoker. For beginners, it is best to stick to smoking one a day until you are sure your system can handle more than one.

Experienced smokers already know the number of cigars they can smoke in a day. However, for health reasons, it is recommended to stick to two cigars per day.

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Dan Stevenson

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