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How To Find The Perfect Smoking Jacket

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It is always a thing of pride as a smoker to stand out among other cigar aficionados. How do you do that? Is it by the number of humidors you have? Is it by how sophisticated your humidors are? Or do you have to own the most expensive cigars? Well, maybe having some of these can help you feel outstanding, but one thing that can truly unlock that feeling like no other is a smoking jacket.

The smoking jacket is a traditional coat that has long been worn as evening wear for relaxing in the comfort of your property, sipping wine, and smoking your cigar or pipe. With smoking jackets, the smoking experience gets a whole lot different from what you used to know. The finely tailored smooth velvet jacket is a symbol of respect among seasoned smokers.

Although smoking jackets have fallen out of favor now compared to decades ago, some smokers still love to re-incarnate that period, invoking what it must have felt like to do it like the past smokers.

Are you interested in the perfect smoking jacket? You are reading the right article. You will find out all there is to know about smoking jackets here if you read on.

How To Find The Perfect Smoking Jacket

How To Find The Perfect Smoking Jacket - Infographic CigarCigar Info

What Is a Smoking Jacket?

Smoking jackets are fashion statements today, but back then, it was born out of necessity. Cigars in the past were not like cigars today when it came to the smell of the smoke. Nowadays, smokers can light a quick one in their office suite, have two or three drags, and head to the office with barely anyone able to tell that they just indulged in smoking.

The reality of smokers back then was different. The smell of cigar smoke was so heavy that a smoker in the 70s or thereabout would have to change what they had on, maybe have a quick shower if they wanted to hide that they just smoked.

The need for a cigar-smoking jacket was born. You can think of it as a uniform for smokers in which they could smoke as much as they wanted and take it off without smelling as though they had a tobacco bath.

How Should a Smoking Jacket Fit?

A smoking jacket is typically made in velvet or silk; it should fit just as your average tuxedo does if it is cut in a dinner jacket style. If it is a robe-like design, it should be roomier to be easy to pull off and put on.

What Makes a Good Smoking Jacket?

cigar on a piece of silk clothe

Depending on what type you go for, either the dinner style jacket or the robe, it should feel premium to the touch.

It is a robe; it should reach the middle of your thighs. It should feel comfortable to wear; it shouldn’t be prickly to your skin.

The material the smoking jacket is made out of should be considered. Velvet is the most popular material smoking jackets are made from, and silk is the only acceptable one.

Bottom Line

Smoking jackets are no longer items that smokers use for smoking alone. Unlike decades ago, it is now a fashion statement, and Hugh Hefner is an example to point out. He is known for mostly appearing on camera in his robe-styled smoking jackets.

It isn’t a must to use, but donning one wouldn’t hurt. It will give you a sense of nostalgic satisfaction when you smoke a Cuban in it, but it also something you can add to your wardrobe as a fashion option whenever you need to change up your appearance.

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