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How To Get Rid Of Cigar Breath

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A lot of life’s pleasurable experiences are, unfortunately, accompanied by aftermaths that are usually unpleasant. Puffing on a cigar while playing your favorite game seems like such an excellent idea. However, no matter how you decide to enjoy your cigar, it will still cause you to have a cigar breath after the smoke.

The smoke you pull in and then exhale may taste great, but the after-taste of that can be very unpleasant. Even your clothing and props around your house can attract the cigar smell till it becomes permanently combined with the scent of a cigar.

How to Get Rid of Cigar Breath

How To Get Rid Of Cigar Breath and Cigar Smell - CigarCigar Infographic

Do you want to know how to get rid of cigar breath? You don’t have to worry anymore. This article will tell you all about cigar breath and the most effective methods to eliminate the smell from your breath and your surroundings. Keep reading!

What is Cigar Breath?

The smoke from cigars leaves an unpleasant smell behind, referred to as “cigar breath.” Cigar breath is one of the most common downsides to smoking because people who come close enough can tell that they have had a cigar.

Man Smoking a Cigar

There are several remedies for eliminating cigar breath; however, most of those remedies are not effective. Some therapies require the use of certain substances, which may last only for a short while and reveal the cigar breath afterward.

While cigar breath is caused mainly by cigars, it should not be mistaken for mouth odor, which could result from the foods consumed or digestion in the stomach.

People who smoke cigars can employ some easy steps to prevent cigar breath. Mouth odor requires entirely different routines to eliminate it effectively.

How Do You Get Rid of Cigar Smell Fast?

The smell of cigars is enjoyable for a lot of people. But as regards the permanent stench in and around your home, it is crucial to find a lasting solution.

Not only do people need the tips and tricks to get rid of the smell, but the answer also has to be fast. It should be something that can help to suppress the odor as quickly as possible. Fortunately, here are some tips to make your breath stay fresh, even after enjoying your favorite brands of the cigar.

Brush Your Teeth

While this a self-explanatory tip to help eliminate cigar breath, it is as essential as any other tip. Experts have always recommended that both children and adults brush at least 2-3 times every day. Apart from making sure the mouth stays clean and healthy, it stops the build-up of smoke in the mouth.

Most people who smoke cigars ignore this vital step, so cigar breath is a common issue of discussion. Following this simple rule will significantly reduce cigar breath, and it will also prevent the accumulation of smokey smell.

Strong Mouthwash

Strong Mouthwash

To keep cigar breath as far away as possible, then a powerful mouthwash is necessary.

Original mouthwash that will get the harshest smells and bacteria will help get rid of cigar breath fast. One good thing about mouthwash is how easy it is to use.

Mouthwash comes in various types and sizes, including small airline-size bottles that you can move around with you.

Gargling with a quick shot of the mouthwash after smoking a heavy cigar is one of the fastest and most effective ways to eliminate cigar breath.

Mints and Gum

People who enjoy smoking cigars should always carry along a stash of mints or gum. Mints that contain potent mint flavor will overpower the smell that the cigar left behind. Gum is also great if you want to have fresh breath all day, especially one that contains mint.

Always having a pack on and popping one after smoking a cigar will go a long way in preventing cigar breath. Cigar smell can linger on clothing and household items because the dress is porous and will retain cigars’ scent.

Different methods can help eliminate the smell of cigars. For clothing items, brushing the garment thoroughly and steaming it can help eliminate the cigar smell. For the house, filtration can help reduce the smell of cigars.

Also, additional aromas such as candles can alleviate whatever smell the cigar left. It is also essential to clean up cigar remains and dispose of ashtray contents so the scent will not linger in the house.

Bottom Line

Overall, cigar breath might seem like such a tough nut to crack, but with the proper tips and tricks, you can enjoy your favorite cigars without worrying about your breath. You’ve also gotten better ideas on how best to eliminate cigar smell and keep you and your surroundings fresh at all times.

Hopefully, these tips help you get rid of the cigar smell as fast as possible.

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