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How to Hold a Cigar – The Proper Way

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The way you hold your cigar is like a personal statement to the world. So you mastered how to cut a cigar, light a cigar, and smoke a cigar. Now you’re unsure of how to hold a cigar in the best way. There are many different ways in which you can hold your cigar.

However, the way you hold it is going to change your smoking experience. Let’s cover the how-to and how not to hold your cigars when cigar smoking.

How To Hold A Cigar

How you hold your cigar is going to say a lot about you as a person and your style. The most simplistic and effective grip is between your index finger and thumb. Allowing enough pressure to hold the cigar together. Between the index finger and thumb is also the safest place for it.

A very interesting study was conducted linking cigar holding styles and personality types. There are many holding styles to choose from, so have a go and see what feels comfortable.

Description of holding cigars

Image Credit: Twentytwowords

At Cigar Cigar our personal favorites are what we refer to as the Boss grip and Respectful grip.

Boss Grip – As depicted in the top right image. To use this grip exudes power and confidence. Chances are you like your cigars with a ring gauge larger than 50.

Respectful Grip – As illustrated in the first image of the second row. Cigars demand the respect they deserve. Think about the hours and hard work getting the cigar into your hands from seeking to stick. By holding the cigar with just enough pressure between the thumb and middle fingers to show your reverence and respect.

This gives you the chance to admire the handy work as you sit back and enjoy your smoking experience. Cigar aficionados will agree that this is the best way to admire the majesty of your cigars.

Cigar Etiquette

Cigar Etiquette - CigarCigar Infographic

In 1967 a Swiss tobacconist published an essay outlining the rules of cigar etiquette. In which he calls cigar aficionados to follow rules such as:

  • Smoke the cigar to only halfway.
  • Let it burn itself out.
  • Never ask another smoker for a light.
  • Do not smoke and walk.
  • Never re-light a cigar that is more than two-thirds smoked.

The essay is quite an interesting read although here at Cigar Cigar we can’t say we follow the rules.

How Not to Hold A Cigar

Possibly the biggest and most insulting way to hold your cigar is like a cigarette. Why? A cigar demands the respect that it needs. Holding it like a cigarette is one way to potentially ruin your smoking experience.

How? Your cigar is much larger than a cigarette if unsupported there is the risk of dropping it or having it ash prematurely. So again, do not hold your cigar between your index and middle finger like a cigarette.

Bottom Line

As long as you aren’t holding your cigar like a cigarette it all comes down to comfort and how you want it to represent your style. How you hold your cigar says a lot about your personality and style. There are many ways to hold a cigar, so try a few out and do what feels comfortable.

As long as you avoid dropping it your smoking experience is going to be an enjoyable one.

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Dan Stevenson
Dan Stevenson

I have been smoking cigars for 30 years and counting, I started at 18 years old with mild Cubans and worked my way up to medium and now bold. I own 4 humidors, that I try to keep stocked at all times.

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