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How to Put Out a Cigar

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You’ve probably just had a great time relaxing with your favorite cigar, but you now need to extinguish the cigar and get back to your duties. How exactly should you put it out?

Typically, most cigar smokers are tempted to stub out their cigars when they get to the end or when they are done with the cigar. Stubbing out a cigar is the worst thing you can do after enjoying a smoke. 

A stubbed-out cigar causes an unpleasant smell, and constantly repeating the process will make the scent linger on your clothing and the environment. This guide will show you how to correctly put out your cigar and even save it for later.

How To Put Out A Cigar

This has probably happened to most smokers. When you’re smoking a cigar, and you need to go to bed or do something else. Your cigar still has some time left in it, but forcing it through will be very tedious at this point. 

If it is a cheap cigar, you can stub it out and discard it. But if you lit up a quality cigar, you don’t want it to waste just because you could not properly manage your time or because a responsibility came calling. Here is how to save your cigar for later.

Tips For Saving a Cigar For Later

Tips For Saving a Cigar For Later - Infographic CigarCigar

Put out the cigar

The first thing to do is to put out the cigar first. The best way to do this is to allow the cigar to go off on its own. After removing and discarding the band, leave the cigar to rest on the ashtray. After a few minutes, it will burn out on its own.

Cut the cigar

Cut from about a half-inch behind the foot of the cigar, snip it off from the ash line.

Wrap it up

It is best to keep the cigar back in the wrapper. It would be best if you did not put the cigar back in your humidor. If you don’t have the wrapper, you can keep the cigar in a plastic or an airtight tube.

Purge-it before smoking again

When you pick up the cigar to smoke after keeping it for a while, blow it out while you light it up. This will clear out some of the rustiness.


When you put out a cigar and save it for later, you should smoke the cigar within the next two days. 

When Should You Put Out a Cigar?

Now at what point do you put out a cigar? Some people advise keeping smoking the cigar until it is too hot to hold. Others suggest that you should put out the cigar before it burns to the label. These suggestions are wrong considering how they are capable of causing health hazards and making you lose out from enjoying your cigar.

First, if you hold the cigar till it gets too hot to hold, it means you have taken your smoking too far on the cigar.

As you smoke the cigar, you are also pulling the toxins and carcinogens into your system. When you smoke a cigar too far, you sacrifice your health for some additional puffs on a cigar you should have discarded. The time will come for you to put out your cigar.

It is, however, imperative to understand that you don’t have to do anything but leave the cigar to extinguish itself. Though it is better to put out a cigar too soon than too far, this is not a practical thing to do, and this may encourage cigar lovers to smoke more than one cigar per time.

Also, the cigar smoker will not enjoy the later part of the cigar, considering that he is wasting a cigar that is still in perfect smoking condition. The best time to put the cigar out is when it gets to about 1.5 – 2 inches long.

The cigar is still safe to smoke at this point, and you don’t have to deal with the bad taste of the end and waste your cigar so soon.

Can You Stub Out A Cigar

Movie characters make it seem like stubbing out a cigar is the right thing to do after smoking. However, It is a wrong move, and it should not be encouraged. A cigar should not be stubbed out like a cigarette.

Not only does stubbing waste the cigar, in case it still has some time to it, it also causes the cigar to emit an unpleasant odor that can linger in the space and your clothing. It is best to put out the cigar properly, and cut the bad bit and smoke later. Though this may take a few minutes, it will help save your cigar for later and avoid the stench that comes with stubbing.

Bottom Line

There are appropriate ways to go about putting out a cigar and saving a cigar for later. Hopefully, this article has provided answers on how best to extinguish your cigar and protect it for smoking later. It is best to observe these tips to get the most of your cigars and ensure excellent health while smoking your favorite premium cigars.

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