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How To Set Up a Coolidor

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To preserve your cigars for an extended period, there are many ways you can go about it. Cigars or any other tobacco products are fragile, and when they are not placed in the right humidity, they will dry out.

So, if you have a few packs, you don’t plan to smoke anytime soon, preserving the taste and physical content should be your main priority. If you have a few packs at your disposal, you should consider getting a humidor. However, when your cigar collection is too big for the traditional humidor, your best alternative is getting a coolidor (similar to a tupperdor but bigger).

Creating a coolidor is not something that is a difficult task. You simply need to convert a standard cooler to build one. Setting up a coolidor is easier and more affordable than buying a cabinet-style humidor or buying a refrigerator to store and preserve your cigars.

Whenever your cigar packs are spiraling out of control, you can give out some to your friends or set a personal coolidor to preserve them from getting damaged or losing flavor. Here is a step-by-step guide you need to create a seasoned coolidor to preserve your cigar and other tobacco products.

How To Set Up a Coolidor

How To Set Up a Coolidor - Infographic CigarCigar Info

What you need to set up a coolidor

Buy a new coolerAn empty cooler

Even though you have an existing cooler, you should use a new cooler to set up your coolidor. The thing with old coolers is that they may retain some aroma that may affect the taste of your cigar. So, the best thing is to start fresh with a new cooler.

Buying a new cooler when you have one may look like an additional expense.

But when you consider the value of your cigars, it will be easy to justify the costs of a new cooler. If you are too cheap to make a coolidor, here is a method to store cigars without any humidor.

Sanitize your new cooler

Even though your cooler is new, you still need to sanitize it inside out to ensure your cigars don’t absorb unwanted manufacturing residues. To get rid of unwanted aroma, put this new cooler in the bathtub, add some warm water and bleach, and give it a thorough cleaning. After that, take it outside and allow sunlight to dry it out.

Repeat this process until there is no sign of an unwanted smell coming from the cooler.

Season your coolidor

If you plan to use coolidor to preserve your packs of cigars, then you should start saving empty wooden cigar boxes and cedar sheets packed between the rows of cigars. If you don’t have them at your disposal, you can always buy them from your local smoke shop in your area. Cedar sheets and cigar boxes can serve as an alternative for the cedar lining found in traditional humidors.

You must adequately season your coolidor before placing your cigar packs right inside the cooler. In addition, to absorb and maintain humidity inside the coolidor, you need to fill it with cigar boxes. It is also helpful in preserving the cigar’s flavor and physical content than using the interior of the coolidor.

Choose an Adequate Humidification System

To preserve your aging cigar, you must store it in relative humidity not less than 67%. There are different methods you can use to humidify your cigar using a coolidor. In addition, you can invest in a cigar oasis humidifier designed for large space or crystal jars or humidity beads.

Irrespective of the humidifying method you plan to use, the aim is to attain a minimum of 67% relative humidity. You can measure this with a hygrometer.

Just as humidifying a humidor takes time, you need to exercise patience after humidifying your coolidor before putting your cigar in. First, seal the cooler with the humidification source, then drop cigar boxes inside the coolidor and wait for the humidity level to rise.

Coolidor vs. Humidor

top up the humidor

The contrast between coolidor and humidor is the size and the material. Coolidor is made of plastic, while humidor is made from Spanish cedar or hardwood. The two are designed for one purpose, which is to preserve the aging cigar from getting damaged or losing taste. In comparison, a humidor provides a good environment for aging cigars.

But the shortcoming is that a humidor can’t contain large packs of cigars. 

A coolidor, on the other hand, can emulate a traditional humidor, and it is suitable for large cigar packs. Also, a coolidor is not as expensive as an electronic humidor when you compare its price. 

Bottom Line

The primary reason you need a coolidor is when your cigar packs are increasing. To keep them in good condition, you need to make provision for a storage facility. There are different methods for preserving your cigars and aging them properly.

You can use a coolidor or humidor. A humidor is suitable for a small cigar pack, but when the packs start increasing, you should make plans for a coolidor. 

In addition, to create a coolidor, you should use a new cooler and avoid the temptation of using an existing cooler. With your coolidor in the correct relative humidity, you can preserve your aging cigars for an extended period.

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