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How To Spot A Fake Cuban Cigar

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When you think of Cuba, one sure thing that comes to mind is cigars, and not just cigars but the world’s best cigars. Cigar lovers across the globe know Cuba as the major producers and sellers of premium quality. However, with fakes flooding the scenes, cigar lovers are becoming skeptical about buying Cuban cigars.

Most cigar lovers want to know how to tell counterfeit and original cigars apart, considering that today’s cigar market is swarmed with fake Cuban cigars. Cigar lovers can easily fall prey and lose valuable resources to dupes.

However, if you know the right thing to look out for before purchasing a cigar, you will not fall victim. You need some information on what makes an original cigar stand out from a counterfeit. This article will show you some simple tips on what you should look for when purchasing a cigar.

This is to guide you and help you avoid sellers of fake Cubans.

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How Can You Identify A Fake Cuban Cigar


Although a smooth packaging does not guarantee the authenticity of a Cuban cigar, it is an easy way to determine a fake. On every Cuban cigar box, locate the Habanos label at the top right-hand corner. Cuban cigar boxes have a guarantee seal that includes a box code and stamps on the left and at the bottom of the box.

However, there have been instances where counterfeiters sell Cuban cigars with labels, though they are usually placed haphazardly on the box. Once the clean and precise details are missing on a Cuban cigar, there is a possibility that the package is fake.


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Typically, fake cigars are sold for meager prices, and a cigar lover should be conscious when a cigar seems too good to be true. Some counterfeiters of Cuban cigars sell them for prices that are way lower than the original prices.

When you want to buy cigars, ensure you know how much precisely the cigar is worth so you will know when a seller is trying to sell a fake Cuban.

Real Retailers

Buying cigars on the streets is a sure-fire way to purchase fake Cuban cigars. Also, don’t be deceived into buying fakes in the name of discount offers. Some fake stogie peddlers will claim to have friends or relatives working in cigar factories, and they constantly use the line to deceive unsuspecting people.

It is therefore imperative to understand that Cuban cigars don’t have sales discounts. If you want to purchase a Cuban cigar, it is best to buy it directly from actual retailers. Also, genuine online cigar brands have authentic websites where you can buy your Cuban cigars.

Verify the Authenticity

Usually, Cuban cigars have a barcode on the box of cigars. The barcode is at the edge of the guarantee seal on the Cuban box. You can use the barcode to verify whether or not the cigar is authentic.

There are two ways to check the authenticity. You can scan the barcode on your smartphone or type in the numbers via the website. If the description displayed doesn’t tally with what you have on the cigar, you can tell that the product is counterfeit.

What Are The Contents of Fake Cigars

box of cuban cigars

Original Cuban cigars are made from Cuba-grown tobacco, and the cigars are rolled by hand by professional cigar makers.

The tradition of rolling cigars has been in existence since aboriginals started rolling tobacco in the late 15th century.

This tradition has stood the test of time, even through the economic turmoil of several generations.

There have been several discoveries of the sales of fake cigars in tourist regions than original cigars in recent times. Besides, authentic cigars are not marketed like counterfeits; instead, the sellers claim that the cigars are original from known factories.

People who fall for this trap think that they are purchasing the actual thing when buying these cigars. It takes a well-trained eye to spot a fake cigar without having an original cigar in hand to compare it to, which makes it very easy to be deceived into buying a fake.

These fake cigars are made by rolling up certain types of tobacco; however, the process of production is not as censored by the Cuban government as the original Cuban cigars.

Are Fake Cuban Cigars Still Good

Most fake cigars are made from actual tobacco; however, the fillers and binders are pretty short. Also, some of them are authentic cigars that escaped the factory through unfair means. As long as the pricing is proper, you can smoke the cigars.

It is essential to note the type of inexpensive cigars you purchase because some contain crap and dirt, such as floor sweepings.

What Percentage of Cuban Cigars are Fake

Cuban cigars are known as the world’s most sought-after cigars. A box of premium Cuban cigars can cost thousands of dollars. Every Cuban cigar passes through a minimum of 500 manual tasks from planting to sales.

However, over the last few years, cigars in other Caribbean countries and Central America have matched the Cuban version regarding consistency, quality, and cost. The situation is worse for American cigar smokers because the Cuban cigar could be counterfeit. Experts have estimated the percentage of fake cigars in the U.S. to about 95%.

Bottom Line

Overall, you may wonder why Cuban cigars are so expensive and why they’re desirable by most cigar smokers. For well over 200 years, the tradition of producing cigars in Cuba has remained the same.

Typically, tobacco goes through a process that takes about a year, from growing the tobacco to drying and fermentation. All these are why people search for original Cuban cigars, considering that a lot of effort and time has been put into the production to deliver the best result.

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