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Why Is My Humidor Not Holding Humidity?

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If your humidor is not holding humidity, it is nothing new to lovers of cigars. Most beginner cigar smokers face the challenge of setting their humidor to the right level or seasoning their box. Typically, the issue of a humidor not holding humidity is nothing to fret too much about because restoring it and adjusting its level is very easy and takes only a few simple steps.

This article will teach you why your humidor is not holding humidity and how you can fix the broken gauge or set the humidity level right to preserve and restore your cigars.

Why Is My Humidor Not Holding Humidity?

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When you get a new storage box, it is important to season it first and maintain the seasoning. This can keep your cigars tasting fresh and smooth for longer.

  • To begin, pour some distilled water into the humidifier slowly. Then, use a wet cloth and wring out the water until damp.
  • With the damp cloth, wipe down the interior of the humidor with care. Do not allow water to settle at the humidor base – use the fabric to get all the liquid out.
  • Close the humidor’s cover and leave the humidor to sit for at least 24 hours.
  • Next, check the hygrometer to confirm the humidity level. Before closing the cover of the humidor, make sure there is no water left at the bottom. If there is, clean it thoroughly again.
  • Finally, set the humidity level to your desired frequency, and you can then begin storing your cigars.

Seal Not Working

humidor open showing up cigars

One of the significant reasons why humidors fail to reach the desired humidity level is because most cigar smokers leave the humidor ajar for long periods.

The door of the humidor should not be left open for longer than a few minutes.

When you open and close the door constantly, you give room for the humidity level to fluctuate, exposing your cigar to dryness.

When you allow the humidor entrance to stay open for long, the cigar’s quality and freshness will be affected. To properly seal in humidity, ensure to always close the humidor back as soon as you grab a cigar.

Humidor Maintenance

After purchasing a humidor and stashing in your favorite cigars, it is crucial to properly maintain the humidor to stay in excellent condition and serve the intended purpose of keeping your cigars fresh. Here are some helpful maintenance tips for your humidor:

Rotate Your Cigars

Rotating your cigars’ position in the humidor will ensure an even distribution of humidity in the box. Considering that a humidor is designed to keep your cigar protected from heat and dryness, it is essential to take the time and move them around within the humidor to have an even distribution of humidity.

Top Up Humidor As Needed

From time to time, the humidor should be topped up with either distilled water or fluid as needed. If you leave your cigars to become too dry, it will take a long process to get them to be humidified again.

It is a lot easier to maintain them in the box than dealing with dry cigars. Ensure that only the appropriate liquid is used in your humidor, and also make sure to have the liquid in the most suitable quantity.

Bottom Line

The best way to keep your humidor in perfect condition is to maintain and check the humidity level at intervals properly. Of course, you can always protect your cigars by paying attention to your humidor.

If your humidor no longer holds humidity, it is probably due to a fluctuating humidifier or improper seasoning. While it might take some time to fix a bad cigar, it is a lot easier to observe the tips given above for your humidor, so your cigars can remain and taste fresh for longer.

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