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La Corona Cigars – A Brief History

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This is one of the most exotic stogie brands in history. With its subtle frame, La Corona cigars have been around for a long time and are regarded as one of the biggest cigar brands in the world. However, some variations have been made in the lifetime of La Corona. These alterations, design, and approach have helped tremendously in breaking through the market.

The La Corona cigar brand has stood the test of time through its innovations and well-made cigars; it is rare for anyone who is a cigar enthusiast to neglect the quality of this brand.

The cigar comes in a big ring size that accentuates the feel of the cigar; This makes it easier for enthusiasts to enjoy the sense of the La Corona brand at all times. In this article, we will look at the history of the La Corona brand and how it has become one of the most prestigious cigars in the world.

La Corona Cigars

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History of La Corona

What a time it was for the La Corona brand in the 19th century. The cigar brand was founded in Cuba and, since this time, had caught the attention of many.

In 1845, the La Corona brand was registered by Jose de Cabargas, and by 1880 Jose sold the company to Antonio Cabargas. After the second world war, there were several changes to the manager of the La Corona brand. The cigar moved to a different band which omitted the use of the name ‘Corona.’

Interestingly, the cigar was regarded as one of Al Capone’s favorite things to smoke.

box with many corona cigars

La Corona has always had a meaty and full feeling in the hands, but it is the sweet savor and richness that has made its reputation last long.

The cigar brand continued to gain popularity, not until the revolution, which impeded the stable rise of the brand.

In 1960, all companies were nationalized and unfortunately started to lose their relevance in Cuba.

Consequently, the embargo affected the demand for the cigar brand. In 1962, and by 1978, production was halted. The discontinuing of La Corona operations led to the use of machine-made style for cigar production.

However, Cigar enthusiasts preferred the classic La Corona type of cigar. The medium-sized La Corona cigar uses a blend of Honduran and Dominican Tobacco fillers, plus an Ecuadorian wrapper to complement the whole ensemble.

One of the perks that has always stayed the same with the La Corona cigar is the richness people taste while smoking it; there is a smooth mixture of earth and cream flavors in the cigar.

Where Are They Produced Today?

With its country of origin being Honduras, there is a synergy that emanates with Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the United States when discussing the La Corona cigar.

The cigar brand is located at a place in Cuba, known as the Iron Palace. Furthermore, the La Corona factory has been taunted to be every smoker’s delight. With the amount of experience and income the company has gathered, it is only normal for them to create a state-of-the-art factory that follows the rudiments of making the cigar.

Best La Corona Cigar Produced

Arturo fuente edition box of corona cigar

It is difficult to choose the best cigar that the La Corona cigar Company has produced. However, we will look at four of the best cigars that the company has ever produced.

Firstly, the Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona is one of the classic cigars from the brand. The cigar comes in Dominican Staples and authentic African wrappers from Cameroon. Secondly, the Nestor Miranda collection is more subtle than the first. You will be able to taste the sweetness and spices.

The flavor speaks volumes for the brand; it peaked at 91%. Pardon Maduro is one of the cigars that pays attention to intricate details. It comes with a coffee and cocoa complement that gives a solid and rich feel when being smoked.

Finally, the Rocky Patel Vintage is one of the classical brands that explore the style and character of the smoker. It uses a mix of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. For La Corona virgins, this cigar brand is a great place to start.

The best time to enjoy La Corona cigar is when the temperature is cool, and the humidity is controlled by an accurate hygrometer. Also, the cigars come in different shapes and sizes. La Corona adds a more concentrated look and a distinct flavor for cigar smokers worldwide.

These aged Cuban cigars are one of the finest brands globally.

Bottom Line

The rich history of the La Corona cigar brand shows how resilient its founders are. The brand has stood the test of time with relevant innovations and impeccable management. The cigar brand offers a rich blend of style, flavor, and richness.

As a result of its worldwide acclaim, people have continued to expand markets for La Corona. It is one of the most popular stogie brands globally, with more people seeking ways to relax with it. It is also assured that La Corona is great for relaxation and other forms of leisure.

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