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Making Your Own Humidor – The DIY Solution

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If you have budget restrictions or aren’t ready to commit to buying a humidor then a DIY humidor is a must. Storing cigars is crucial to ensure they remain fresh for when you are ready to smoke.

If you are ready to purchase a humidor, take a look at our best cigar humidor review. Without the correct storage, cigar leaves will become dry or if they are too moist they will unravel. For this reason, we highly recommend the use of a humidor to keep cigars intact.

What is the purpose of a humidor? A humidor is used to create an optimal environment for cigars. It is a controlled area where the humidity remains the same to preserve tobacco products.

Making Your Own Humidor

Container, hygrometer and humidifier to make your own humidor

Items required to make your own humidor

If you are budget conscious then a humidor is probably out of the question. It is not that difficult to make your own and is a great way to save money or to have more money spare for cigars if you will.

A common misconception is that a humidor has to be expensive to work. As long as you can mimic the controlled environment then you will be able to make a humidor on your own. Humidors cause great excitement with cigar aficionados and with good reason.

There are beautifully crafted humidors out there with exquisite wooden paneling showcasing premium cigars. This is not an entirely accurate reflection of cigar smokers. If you are budget restricted then read on for the following steps in making your own humidor.

Purchase Container

This is the fundamental step, a sturdy, large container that can hold your cigars. This is critical for ensuring your humidor works efficiently. Larger plastic bins or coolers make for great humidors.

Ensure that your container is clean and does not have any odor at all. Ideally, you want to be able to fit boxes of cigars in there so make sure there is enough space.

Purchase a Humidifier

Now you will need to choose a humidifier in order to control the humidity in the container. Humidifiers can be purchased in almost every shape you can think of so the key is finding one that fits into your container well.

Purchase a Hygrometer

Now that you have a container and a humidifier you will need a device to measure the humidity to ensure a controlled environment. Through the use of a digital or analog hygrometer, the humidity level is easily read.

We prefer digital hygrometers as they are slightly more accurate. once you have purchased a hygrometer you will need to calibrate it. Make sure it is calibrated properly as this is the one way to tell the environment of your cigars.

Bottom Line

If you are storing cigars then a humidor is a must. If you are budget conscious and cannot purchase one then the best option is a DIY humidor, if you are too lazy to make one and don’t want to spend money buying one then check out our tips and tricks at storing without either.

All you need is a container large enough for your boxed cigars, a humidifier to control the environment, and a hygrometer to measure it. Head over to this guide and see which personality type you are.

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Dan Stevenson
Dan Stevenson

I have been smoking cigars for 30 years and counting, I started at 18 years old with mild Cubans and worked my way up to medium and now bold. I own 4 humidors, that I try to keep stocked at all times.

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