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Nica Libre – A Brief History

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Nica Libre is a Nicaraguan cigar handcrafted in a traditional Cuban box-press format. It was introduced in the early 2010s and blended by A.J Fernandez. The cigar is a perfect example of a good cigar at a reasonable price because it has all the qualities of a good cigar and fits any budget.

The Nica Libre Cigar blend is regarded as one of the best cigar blends available and is blended at the Tobacalera Fernandez Factory in Nicaragua.

The blend contains a mix of aged Nicaraguan tobacco as the fillers, a Habano binder, and a San Andres wrapper with a touch of espresso, dark chocolates, earthy core, and pepper to produce a rich, hearty, silky-smooth Maduro smoking experience.

Empirical smokers rate the Nica Libre cigars as exemplary values in a Nicaraguan handmade Maduro market. This article contains all you need to know about the Nica Libre, including its History, where it is made, and the most popular Nica Libre cigar produced.

History of Nica Libre Cigars

nicar libre factory years agoNica Libre cigar blend was created by A.J Fernandez in 2010 at the Tobacalera Fernandez Factory. A.J Fernandez was a man well-known for host creativity because he has helped create different blends for different brands of cigars.

He created the blend for Nica Libre to establish a quality cigar at an affordable price. This goal formed the basis for the Nica Libre cigar blend.

Another reason why the Nica Libre was created is to compete with the already established Padron 64 cigars. Although, the idea was funny at the time because many taught it impossible.

When the factory took out the Nica Libre for review, it quickly captivated the hearts of many, thereby drawing a huge audience. Many people waited anxiously for the launch of the product.

Nica Libre launched its first branded cigar in 2010, the reception from the industry was good, but many cigar experts doubted its quality. The experts believed that quality could not be incorporated in a low-budget cigar.

This belief promoted them to inspect Nica Libre’s first brand, and the results showed that the cigar has a good burn time, a good draw, a flavor containing hints of dark coffee, leather, and black pepper, and a nice and comfortable feel.

Nica Libre 1990 25th Anniversary SilverThis review from experts launched A.J Hernandez’s career as one of the best creators of cigar blends around.

Gradually, the Nica Libre started to accomplish one of the goals that led to its creation. Many smoke enthusiasts did not need to buy a Padron 64 at a high price when the Nica Libre offers equal smoke pleasure at an affordable rate.

To further boost the blends portfolio, the factory created other versions of the Nica Libre blend, maintaining the same consistency and features that gave the blend the title “King of cigar bargains.”

The various versions of the Nica Libre blend are:

  • Nica Libre Churchill cigar
  • Nica Libre Corona cigar
  • Nica Libre Double Toro cigar, also known as Nica Libre Gordo cigar
  • Nica Libre Robusto cigar
  • Nica Libre Toro cigar
  • Nca Libre Torpedo cigar

Where is the Nica Libre Cigar Produced?

As stated earlier, the Nica Libre is a handcrafted Nicaraguan cigar to look like a veritable candle bar in the Tobacalera Fernandez Factory Nicaragua. This factory is owned by A.J Fernandez, who created the Nica Libre blend.

The blend has attracted an audience from different parts of the world and is regarded as one of the best cigars because it combines quality and cost-effectiveness. The factory produces thousands of boxes every month and distributes them globally.

The Most Popular Nica Libre Cigar Produced

nicalibre 1990There are varieties of Nica Libre cigar produced, all having the consistent taste, flavor, quality, and affordability that inspired the creation of the blend.

Irrespective of the kind of Nica Libre cigar, they all possess these features:

  • A Filler consisting of aged Nicaraguan tobacco
  • A Habano Binder
  • Dark, oily San Andres Maduro wrapper from Mexico.
  • Blended by A.J Fernandez.

The most popular kind of Nica Libre cigar is the Nica Libre Churchill series.

Bottom Line

Nica Libre cigars are Nicaraguan cigars blended by one of the most creative and talented cigar blenders A.J Fernandez at Tobacalera Fernandez Factory, Nicaragua.

The cigar was created on one principle, “quality and affordability,” to compete with an already established blend, the Pardon 1964 cigars. The Nica Libre achieved this goal and competed with the Pardon 64 blend and other top-quality cigars.

The Nica Libre cigars established themselves as one of the best quality cigars you can get at an affordable price.

This earned the blend the title of “King of cigar bargains.” The blend is still going strong years after its introduction in 2010, created a record when it maintained a price from its introduction to six years after.

Today, the blend has different brands that maintain a consistent taste, flavor, and feel and a distribution network spanning several countries globally. The Nica Libre cigars provide a cigar that ensures a classic Maduro smoking experience at an affordable price.

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