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Oliva Cigars – A Brief History

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It is not an easy feat to still be regarded as one of the most relevant cigar brands since the 80s. But then, the Precision, dedication, and techniques implemented to make the Oliva Cigars have transcended time so much so that many cigar connoisseurs still really enjoy this brand when they can.

The Cigar Company, Oliva Co first began in 1886 with the wind behind their sails as they prevailed in all things concerning their brand.

Interestingly, the brand has matched the different changes in the tobacco industry. Oliva has catered for the needs of the modern man and harnessed the right sources to ensure that people experience delight in their cigars when they smoke.

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Oliva Cigars – A Brief History

In Pinar Del Rio, Cuba, the cigar was first founded; this was where the enigmatic Melanio began his tobacco farm. The land, according to many, was fertile for the cultivation of tobacco farms. Melanio harnessed this; the charismatic man harnessed the resources provided to him by the land and grew one of the most significant tobacco farms on the land.

After his success, he passed the farm on to his son, Hipolito Oliva. His son continued the legacy from 1920 and till many decades to come. As the legacy continued, Hipolito handed over the tobacco farming business to Gilberto, and he continued till 1959.

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However, the revolution impeded the processes Gilberto I had in store for the business. It so much affected him that he had to change the course of the business, altering the legacy of the tobacco farming history of his family.

The enthusiastic and dynamic man became a tobacco broker; Gilberto used his skills and experience to buy top quality and exotic tobaccos from different parts of the world. He continued doing this for a while until he came to Nicaragua, and his perspective changed.

It was his relocation to Nicaragua that made him get back into the family business of tobacco farming. He was successful in the business until 1979 when another revolution prompted him and his family to relocate.

Gilberto went to different parts of the world before resettling in Nicaragua in 1995. At this point, Gilberto decided to go into cigar manufacturing.

Where Are They Made Now?

The rich cigar brand is still in the heart of Nicaragua, where some of the finest brands of cigars are produced. It is the second-largest producer of Cigars in the area. The company produced more than six million cigars in a year from 2005, and with the constant demand for the cigar, there seems to be more productivity in recent times.

However, the company did not take off as seamlessly. Gilberto struggled to get the company off the ground, but once a milestone was reached. It did not take long for him and the company to hit another. The company is booming in terms of financial success and credibility among cigar enthusiasts.

With more cigars being produced yearly, the fame of the Oliva brand has spread far beyond Spain and touched different parts of the world. Gilberto used a rich and full blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillets wrapped in exquisite Ecuadorian style to launch its first brand to the market.

Consequently, the company began creating its hustle, and people started enjoying it. The growing demand for the Cigar product made many people take note of the transformation and the trend-setting pace Oliva was going. Therefore, in 2016, the company was acquired by J. Cortes Cigars; however, the children of Gilberto still hold major positions in the company to date.

Their Most Popular Cigar Produced

Oliva Cigar V edition

Asides from the wide popularity of the Oliva, there are still some brands that are not well known worldwide.

One of the Oliva brands is the Oliva Serie V Melanio. This product hit a 96% rating in 2014. The cigar has a sweet blend of caramel, wood, and pepper nites flavor that fills your mouth when you smoke it. Another popular cigar brand is Oliva Monticello. It consists of a natural feel of Nicaraguan fillers and sweet notes of cocoa and fresh ground coffee.

These brands take a soft-pressed shape that needs the most delicate handling. The Oliva Master Blends 3 is the third brand in the 2004 limited edition. This Oliva brand is filled with dark chocolate, brown sugar, and coffee beans flavors. More popular Oliva brands have been produced, but these three have highlighted some of the best made.

Bottom Line

The Oliva brand is made from a rich vein of legacy, family history, and dedication. The company continued to grow from spraying 6 million cigars daily in 2005 to 16 million cigars in 2014. The growth process continues to come easily, and most cigar enthusiasts enjoy the budding effect of its popularity.

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