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The Greatest Al Capone Cigars Ever!

In the early days, Al Capone could be caught smoking an ordinary cigarette. But later on through his infamy, he is undoubtedly known for being a prolific cigar smoker. Now there is an entire brand dedicated to the cigar-smoking passion of Al Capone, and arguably what he encapsulated in his ...

8 Excellent Cigar Samplers to Try in [2021]

Cigar samplers are a great way to avail guidance to good selection of cigars. Whether you are seasoned smoker who wants to experiment new flavours or a beginner trying to explore the world of cigars, samplers will help you decide the right cigar to pamper your smoking senses. Cigars are rated ...

Best Dominican Cigars Reviewed in [2021]

The Dominican Republic is known in the cigar industry as producers of flavorful, aromatic and colorful tobacco. The climate of the region is ideal for tobacco cultivators offering versatility in their crop. The wide range of cigars produced in the region fit the taste of every cigar lover. ...

12 Best Sweet Cigars

Cigars have been around for decades and were introduced to the world by Christopher Columbus. They've gained popularity over the years, really taking off among the men in the 20th century. Sweet and Spicy flavors are rated highly by cigar lovers across the world. A sweet cigar is more of a ...

What is a Stogie?

Stogie cigar or stogies is a common term you might hear. Where did this name originate from and why do we use it? Given its popularity, we thought we'd provide a detailed explanation of what exactly a stogie cigar is but not the anatomy of one.The biggest debate with the term stogie is whether they ...

The Best Travel Humidors in 2021

Business trips or vacations with friends and family can be further enhanced and enjoyed with cigars. The versatility of cigars makes them the ideal travel companion and with the right travel humidor your cigars will arrive intact and remain fresh. Travel humidors are a very simple solution for ...

Cigar Etiquette- The Do’s & Don’ts

Cigar etiquette isn't something that comes naturally with smoking and owning cigars, if only it was that easy.The behavior and way one handles their smoking experience can say a lot about your style and you as a person. In the following post we highlight all you need to know about proper cigar ...

How to Light and Enjoy a Lit Cigar

There are many ways to light a cigar but let's explore the proper way to do it. This will ensure it burns evenly and will result in a great smoking experience. The best way you can light a cigar is with a butane lighter. There are, however, other ways to do it.In the following post, we'll examine ...

Cigars and Golf

If playing golf with your friends is your leisure-time hobby, a quality cigar can enhance the experience. Professionals in the golf industry may turn to it in and out of the field. But why would they turn to cigars during golf? A cigar complements the evergreen areas and the relaxing ...

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