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Tupperdor Cigar Storage Guide

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No doubt you are familiar with Tupperware storage containers, whether you use it for leftover food, organizing your cupboards, or any of the other countless uses, but did you know they can also be used for storing cigars?

While they most definitely lack the style and sophistication of cigar humidors they can function just as well as a humidor. This makes tupperdors a surprisingly good option for storing your cigars and keeping them fresh.

What is a Tupperdor Exactly?

A tupperdor is a plastic container which is also referred to as a Tupperware container. An affordable option and way to store your cigars and keep them fresh without having to pay for a humidor. They are also popular for weekend trips away where you want to take your cigars but don’t have a travel humidor either.

They work by keeping an airtight seal and the humidity at the right level for cigars, of course, you’ll need to buy a few other accessories to ensure this but nevertheless it is a much more affordable option.

Best Tupperdor Containers

2 new from $13.99
2 used from $13.25
as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am
as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am
as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am
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as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am
Last updated on June 16, 2024 2:11 am

Boveda 69% Humidity

Boveda 69% Humidity
How to choose the right Tupperdor Infographic CigarCigar

1. IRIS Airtight

IRIS Airtight

2 new from $13.99
2 used from $13.25
Free shipping
as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am


  • FOOD FOR ALL: For your cats, dogs, birds, and more. Store your cute family member's dry foods, into our sealable and portable pet food container. 12 quart size food storage container holds up to 11lbs of dry pet food
  • AIRTIGHT CONTAINER: Ensure your pet's food stays fresh with airtight seals and snap-lock latches, keeping moisture and humidity out. Lock in the freshness of dry food and treats while maintaining a neat and organized food storage area.
  • STACK AND STORE: The low profile pet food container is perfect for the cabinet or on a shelf. Stack two to save space and maximize your use of vertical space.
  • CLEAR CONTAINER BODY: The translucent body allows you to check the food level in just one glance. Quickly check the remaining amount before you head to the pet store.
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.50"L x 10.80"W x 6.50"H

The Iris Airtight Container is a very affordable container with an airtight seal and clips to hold the lid in place. With a translucent body but a colored lid, you can easily see the cigars stored inside.

Available in 10 pounds, 11 pounds, 25 pounds, 35 pounds, and 54 pounds there are many options to accommodate your cigar collection, regardless of the quantity. At a minimum, this container could hold 50 cigars. Made from BPA plastic the 11-pound container measures 16.50″L x 10.80″W x 6.50″H.

Made in the USA, the Iris Airtight Container presents great value for money. 

2. Little Big Box by Popit

Little Big Box by Popit

as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am


Binding Kitchen
Brand Popit!
Color Clear
EAN 8804179110612
EAN List 8804179110612; 5052933332364; 5052933245367; 0885486311228
Item Dimensions Height: 590; Length: 660; Weight: 235; Width: 660
Label Popit!
Manufacturer Popit!
Model Popit! Little Big Box
MPN Popit! Little Big Box
Package Dimensions Height: 638; Length: 669; Weight: 235; Width: 669
Package Quantity 1
Part Number Popit! Little Big Box
Product Group Kitchen
Product Type Name KITCHEN
Publisher Popit!
Size 16 Piece
Studio Popit!
Title Popit Food Storage Containers 16 Piece Set, 100 Leak Proof – Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe – Little Big Box, by Popit
UPC 885486311228
UPC List UPC List Element: 885486311228

The little big box by Popit is a 16 piece set that includes containers of a variety of sizes. One of the features is that they are spill-proof. Although this refers to the contents inside being unable to leak out it also means the seal is watertight- if a cup of water were knocked over near your stored cigars, you know they are safe.

Airtight the lids of the containers snap into place easily. Considering how many containers you get in this set it is really great quality. Potentially there is the option to store different cigars in different containers, travel with them, or if not they are always useful for other things around the home.

The 8 container sizes are 3oz (.46 cups), 6oz (.84 cups), 9oz (1.14 cups), 15oz (1.9 cups),19oz (2.4 cups), 28oz (3.5 cups) , 37oz (4.6 cups), and 47oz (5.9 cups).  3-20 cigar capacity per container. With glowing Amazon customer reviews, the Popit set is excellent value.

Offering a 30day money-back guarantee they are also BPA free and FDA approved.

3. Tightvac


as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am


  • Holds 6 oz. Coffee, Tea or Trail Mix, 16 oz C & H Sugar , Perfect 1 oz. / 45g of Medical Herbs
  • Amazing travel container – fits easily in larger purses and backpacks. Multi-Purpose Storage for wet and dry goods
  • Creates a vacuum seal and keeps all dry goods – Fresher for Longer
  • Airtight, Moisture free and recyclable
  • Dry Goods Volume = 6 oz. / 150g / 0.57 liter / Dimensions: 5-5/8" tall x 3-3/8" diameter (14.3 cm x 8.6 cm)

The Tightvac Portable Container is a vacuum-sealed system that keeps both moisture and oxygen out of the container. Durable and made from PS#6 this container is FDA approved and they can last up to 10 years.

A huge range of color combinations to choose from, I do recommend the clear body to see the cigars but if you wish there are entirely black and white containers if you prefer that style. To activate the vacuum seal all that is needed is to push the button on the top of the container.

Possibly the only issue with the Tightvac Portable Container is the size, although it is a great option for traveling. Cigar capacity of 5 -10 depending on the ring gauge.


LOCK & LOCK Airtight

9 new from $7.99
Free shipping
as of June 16, 2024 2:11 am


  • SMART STORAGE: The LocknLock 54-Ounce Rectangular Storage Container is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and ideal for ideal for family-sized leftovers, cereals, bulk items, dry ingredients, and more
  • DURABLE: Unique 4-hinge locking system is durability tested for long-lasting performance up to 3 million uses.
  • NO MESS, STAYS FRESH: Enhanced silicone seal is 100 percent airtight to keep foods fresh longer and 100 percent leakproof to prevent unwanted drips and spills.
  • BPA-FREE: Peace of mind for healthy, happy food storage.
  • VERSATILE: Provides a convenient, all-in-one storage solution for the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry.

The Lock & Lock airtight container is rectangular shaped and uses a patented locking system making it leak-proof with a silicone sealing lid. Free of BPAs this container is also FDA approved making this safe and eco-friendly. This container can also be purchased with a divider if you want to separate the cigars.

Measuring 9.1″ L x 6.5″W x 2.7″H this container can fit roughly 25 to 50 cigars.  They are easily stacked upwards and sideways making the Lock & Lock airtight container very convenient to store.

What Else Is Needed for a Tupperdor?

In order to turn the tupperdor into a humidor you will need to purchase a couple of additional accessories, these are cedar, a means of humidification, and a hygrometer.


Humidors generally have a Spanish Cedar Wood interior, this is due to the fact that they keep the moisture in check and assist cigars with the aging process. They are also a great way to enhance the flavor of the cigars.

It is possible to purchase sheets of cedar and you can even purchase a tray for organizational benefits too.


As a way of maintaining the exact level of humidity (70%), you will also need to purchase a humidification system. The size of your container will also affect the amount of solution needed to ensure it remains constant.

I highly recommend ordering multiple packets at a time, they will eventually be used, and that way you won’t run the risk of damaging your cigars.  Good examples of humidification products are Boveda packs or a Xikar Jar see below.

5. Boveda 69% Humidity

The Boveda 69% 2 Way Humidity control packets are sealed in a high barrier resealable plastic bag to ensure freshness. Designed specifically for small containers and travel humidors if you have a large container then the 60gram packet is a better choice.

Monitoring the ambient humidity they work to remove moisture and maintain the correct levels. I would suggest that 1 packet would be suitable for 50 cigars but again, that depends on the container size. There are a variety of levels offered so depending on your climate you can choose accordingly.

However, as plastic containers offer an airtight seal and do not breath then the humidity will actually be a little higher than the Boveda packet suggests. For example, a 62% Boveda would actually be around 65-67% within the container.

6. Xikar Crystal Humidifier Jar 4 oz

The Xikar Crystal Humidifier Jar is specifically designed and constructed for the humidification of cigars. A trusted brand and a trusted product there are two size options to choose from. Offer a level of 70% these jars will last up to 90days from the time of opening and are refillable with Xikar Pre-Mixed PG solution.

The 4-ounce container is said to regulate up to 150 cigars so for smaller containers choose the 2-ounce Xikar Crystal Humidifier Jar.


Equally important a hygrometer is needed to ensure the environment is right for the cigars, I highly recommend a digital hygrometer for accuracy. It is a good idea to select a hygrometer that is adhesive and won’t take up much space in the humidor.

Calibrating the hygrometer is a very important first step to ensuring success with its’ use.

Choosing a Tupperdor


Firstly and most importantly is ensuring the seal of the container is airtight so be careful with which container you end up purchasing. There are plenty of cheap models available but in my experience, they don’t seal properly and that is not worth the risk.


This is a personal choice but handles or at least a grip pad allows for ease of carrying and transporting. This is especially important for a large container.


A clear container is preferred, this is mainly so you can view and observe your cigars. Being able to check the humidity and quality of your cigars without having to open up the container is an important feature. The only issue with a clear container is that you need to store them away/out of direct sunlight.

It is also recommended to purchase a BPA free plastic container.


There are so many different containers of varying shapes and sizes available so the choice is personal as to which one you decide. Consider the number of cigars you want to store and if they will be stacked on top of each other or laying flat, whatever is your preference.

Advantages of Tupperdors

okTupperdors are a very inexpensive way to store and preserve your cigars. They are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes which makes it even easier to accommodate your needs. If you have a huge collection of cigars then there is a tupperdor that can fit them all, the same goes if you only have a handful of cigars. Easy to transport and even easier to maintain, they can travel with you as long as the temperature remains between 60-70 degrees.

Also, as they are airtight there is no need to season them, making them very low maintenance yet very effective.

Disadvantages of Tupperdors

The main disadvantage of tupperdors is style. Humidors are a mark of one’s personal taste and people take pride in their humidors and cigar accessories. Although they don’t require seasoning you do have to open them every 2-3 weeks to air out the cigars for a few minutes and it is also recommended to rotate your cigars monthly.

Bottom Line

A tupperdor is a great, cost-effective solution to storing cigars and maintaining freshness without purchasing a humidor. With an airtight container, a hygrometer, humidification, and cedar that is everything needed to store cigars effectively and efficiently. 

9.9Expert Score
Best Tupperdor Containers

Tupperdors are a surprisingly good option for storing your cigars and keeping them fresh.

Boveda 69%
Xikar Crystal Jar 4 oz
Cigar cutter Prestige Royal
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