12 Unique Cigar Gifts

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Are you looking for that perfect gift for your cigar-loving partner? Cigar smokers will fall in love with any cigar-related gifts you get them. It will show thoughtfulness on your part. 

It is quite challenging to shop for a cigar lover. The dilemma of what to get them is difficult to surmount. If you’ve never had to shop for a cigar aficionado, you are in for a world of stress and brainstorming. The pain point of getting a cigar-themed gift, especially when the person is not a beginner smoker and well on their cigar-loving journey, is that they often have all they need.

A cigar aficionado most likely has all the essential cigar accessories they need, making it hard to get a cigar gift they will love. This is also why if he/she finds any gift you get to be unique, they will consider it a thoughtful gift because it would show how well you know them.

The following article is a must-read if you are having problems finding the perfect present. Here is a list of gifts that any stogie lover will appreciate when you surprise them. Read on to discover them. 

11 Unique Cigar Gifts

What to get someone who loves Cigars?

This list has different Cigar gifts that you can get for that special smoker in your life. You will find a breakdown of what makes each gift unique to give you more to ponder about when deciding what to choose. 

1. Ashtray Set

Ashtray Set

Any serious smoker will go nuts with a classy ashtray set. Sure, they might have an ashtray, but they would love an elegant ashtray set that has everything needed to enjoy their smoking sessions in one place. Some of these sets contain an ashtray, cigar cutter, puncher, and holder.

It is one of those items that he might have one of already, but more isn’t usually bad if it is an upgrade.

Some of these sets also have customization options so that you can engrave his initials on the set’s box. 

2. Humidor plus Ashtray

What is better than a classy ashtray set? A humidor with an ashtray. Get ready to be smothered with affection on this one. A cigar device such as this is relatively standard. At its center is the humidor where he can place his stogies and come back to meet them in good condition. 

On top of the humidor is a shelf that you can slide to reveal the ashtray. This is not a basic cigar accessory he will toss aside on receiving it. 

Cigar Travel Case3. Cigar travel case

Travel cases explicitly made for carrying cigars are great if he moves around a lot but still indulges in smoking during his trip.

You can get these cases in several styles so that it stands out and appears unique. 

Most travel cases have a compartment for carrying the cigar, another for a lighter, a cutter, and a space to hold an ID card. 

4. Personalized Cigar Box

Any cigar-lover would always be gleeful at the sight of a cigar case or box. It is the heart of the hobby seeing how it holds the most critical item in cigar smoking; the cigars. 

Making the cigar box a personalized one makes things more exciting and adds that touch of uniqueness. You can have their initials or nickname crafted onto the case.

5. Cigar Tasting Notebook

Cigar smokers are like wine tasters. To you, all cigars may appear the same. However, an avid cigar smoker can tell the difference between them. An avid cigar smoker takes the hobby as an art. You would often find them having discussions about cigars with other hobbyists. 

They would much appreciate a cigar tasting book as a gift. The notebook lets him track the kind of cigars he has smoked and record their flavor.

6. Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey Glass and Cigar

You can give him a couple of whiskey glasses for their birthday or any other occasion. You will find that cigar smokers love to pair a stiff drink on the side while they smoke away.

A whiskey glass also allows you to add the extra touch of customization for a touch of uniqueness.

There is something cool about serving your friend’s whiskey out of a cup with one’s name on it.

7. Cigar Sampler

Do you know what is often overlooked when buying cigar lovers gift items? The cigars themselves! Why not just buy him a box of different cigar flavors to try? Get him one of those sampler boxes that have several types of cigars contained in it. Just make sure it is not something he already has or a flavor that might cause him an allergic reaction. 

8. Custom Cigar Lighters

Custom Cigar Lighter

Matchboxes are so yesterday in the cigar world. Lighters are the real deal now, and you could give him one as a gift.

Standard lighters are no fun, though, so try to be creative with it. 

As an idea, you could find a custom jeweler who could make him a unique box for the lighter itself. He will appreciate the effort. His name could be written in gold or engraved with diamond.

Please make it a lighter he would only bring out when the occasion warrants it. There could even be a little message from you carved onto it. 

9. Cigar Magazine Subscription

Does the person you are shopping for love to read? You can kill two birds with one stone by subscribing to a cigar magazine on his behalf. Cigar magazines focus in-depth on the world of cigar smoking, whiskeys, and other topics people who love cigars enjoy.

You can make the subscription a year-long one and even stowaway a personalized message on the first copy they get.

10. Drink and Cigar Atlas

Still, on the topic of reading, an atlas of either drinks or cigars is an item that might excite them. These atlases of liquors and cigars expose readers to different varieties that they may not have heard of before. 

11. Record Player

Maybe this is a little stereotypical, but cigar lovers are mainly old-school folks who love old-school items. You alone know what he is like, so if you can tell he likes old-school music or things, you can give him a classic record player and some vinyl albums. 

12. Globe Whiskey Decanter

You can go creative with a whiskey decanter for him. Instead of getting him something regular-looking, you can go all out and get him a globe-shaped decanter. Something that will catch the eye whenever he hosts some friends over for any activity. 

How do you gift wrap a cigar?

Cigars are delicate. The first thing to do is keep them in a Ziploc with a humidity pouch for an extra layer of protection. After that, you can place the Ziploc in an empty cigar box and then wrap it up.

Bottom Line

Cigar lovers are people who love style and elegance. They are very particular in their tastes and styles. Do not worry if all the classy ashtray sets and cigar cases are made of polished wood. The companies making these items have done extensive research on their customer base, and they cater to every smoker, so go with the flow.

It doesn’t have to be challenging to get them a gift item. Cigar lovers can get the same thing repeatedly if there is a newer version that has something special about it. Any of these items in this guide would be the perfect gift for that passionate smoker in your life.

Dan Stevenson

Dan Stevenson

I have been smoking cigars for 30 years and counting, I started at 18 years old with mild Cubans and worked my way up to medium and now bold. I own 4 humidors, that I try to keep stocked at all times.

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