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What Cigar Pairs With Scotch?

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Scotch and cigars go so well; some enthusiasts believe they were made for each other. The combination is perfect, considering that they both offer unique tastes that complement each other beautifully.

The procedure of making both cigar and scotch can run through a span of decades, in fact, generations. Typically, after production, the finished product is aged for years before distributing for sale. You may not have the luxury of enjoying your cigar on a night out with your friends because of the smoking bans and lack of a sufficient number of smoking-friendly establishments.

However, when the opportunity comes knocking for you to have a cigar and scotch during a night out or even in your backyard, you will want to try out the best pair. We have put together a list of cigar and scotch pairings that will unveil the incredible unity scotch and cigars share. Keep reading to discover your soon-to-be faves!

What Cigar Pairs With Scotch?

Ashton VSG & Lagavulin 16 Year

The Lagavulin scotch is a filtered, robust scotch that carries a pronounced profile of peat, smoked butter, and a hint of hickory that improves that overall effect on the taste buds. Pairing this scotch with the Ashton VSG, a powerful and similarly robust cigar, is one of the most beautiful cigars and scotch pairings you will ever try.

The hoarseness of the scotch complements the notes of spice and cedar that the VSG releases and gives the flavor more depth.

Padron 1926 Series & Springbank 15 Year

bottle of Springbank 15 Year next to a glass with rum and a cigar on the top

The Padron Springback 15, which is produced in Campbeltown, contains flavors of peat and brine.

It is an intense scotch; however, it has lesser characteristics of sherry.

The cigar is a perfect option to pair with the Padron 1926 series. They are both full-bodied, and when combined, they create an ideal harmony of dried nuts and fruits that you will always crave.

The leathery, coffee, and cherry notes from the Padron 1926 series, when nicely combined with the figs, cocoa, and marzipan zest from the scotch, will create beautiful memories you will want to relive.

San Cristobal & Talisker Storm

Talisker Storm is one vigorous composition of distilled spice. The scotch encompasses distinct flavors of peat and oak. If you want to enjoy this scotch to the fullest, the best cigar to pair it with is the San Cristobal.

The cigar is a full-bodied, aged stogie with beautiful notes to complement the huskiness of the Talisker Storm. With notes of cherry, wood, leather, and coffee, the cigar releases a burst of unique flavors when paired with the zesty flavors of peat from the Talisker Storm.

Fuente Fuente Opus X & Oban 18 Year

Fuente Fuente Opus X is a unique premium cigar known for its intensity. The cigar is spicy, chewy, and it has a smooth finishing. The best drink to accompany this cigar is the Oban 18 because it reveals the flavors of toffee and hints of sea air. The scotch gives the notes of wild berries and vanilla more depth, enhancing the entire cigar taste.

Bottom Line

Pairing cigars and scotch will expose your taste buds to a new level of pleasure you have not attained. This article has recommended some of the best tried and trusted combinations that you will love. The ingredients of these scotch and cigars go so well, and we are sure you will enjoy the experience.

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