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What Cigar Pairs with Tequila

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Since the 16th-century, Tequila has been one of the most popular and fiery spirits known to man; there have also been several variations to Tequila that have revolutionized the drink. We have seen different drinks like Whiskey and Cognac have great Cigar pairs, but not much with Tequila. It begs the question, what Cigar Pairs with Tequila?

The pairing is not as common as with Cognac and other brands of drinks. But this article will show you that some cigars go well with Tequila. Before we look at these cigar pairings with Tequila, we must note what variations of the spirit are available.

What Cigar Pairs with Tequila

What is Tequila?

You must have, at one time or the other, heard about the distilled beverage called Tequila. They are made from the finest agave plant. It is one of the most popular liquors in the world today, with many brands keying into its production and distribution.


This is one of the basic tequilas you will find around. The name comes from its clear complexion, looking like a gin or vodka. The Blanco is usually hefty with a defined profile. Therefore, most people would prefer pairing the Tequila with a strong and flavored cigar.

Also, the spice in the Blanco Tequila makes the option of having a robust smoke quite tantalizing. One of the best cigars to go with is Full Nicaraguan.


tequila blanco and anejo

This is a more refined Tequila than the Blanco as it has more rest time of a minimum of two months in the oak barrel.

The Reposado has a darker, more yellow color peculiar to Tequila drinkers because of its rest time. The Reposado has a distinct taste and comes out richer. Also, the richness will go well with a medium-sized Cigar, a Fratello Navetta Inverso. A Maduro will also go well with the Reposado.


Regular Tequila drinkers can recognize the Anejo from the smell it gives. This is because this Tequila brand has had up to one to two years in the battle fermenting. The years of being in the barrel allow the Anejo to have a yellow silk color that looks refined and smells even better.

One of the upper-class Tequilas, if people want to describe them. For cigar enthusiasts, you will need something silk and smooth to enjoy this brand. The rich chocolate notes of the Anejo cigar will go perfectly with this brand of Tequila, oddly enough. Also, a new brand of Anejo uses five-year-old tobaccos, which is a great blend for the richness of the Anejo Tequila.

Extra Anejo

Tequila Connoisseurs recognize this as top-quality Tequila that has stayed for nothing less than three years in the barrel. It has a deep color, much like the Whiskey. The darker body and flavor of the La Coalicion cigar match perfectly with the extra Anejo, which can also be taken with Whiskey.

Bottom Line

Many people will understand why movies capture the essence of a great drink blended with cigars. When you look at some movies, you realize how particular the cigar enthusiasts are with their drinks. The right Tequila enriches the cigar experience and vice versa.

The right combination of both allows you to feel relaxed and in charge at the same time. There are other combinations and variations of Tequila and cigar pairings, but these are popular examples to get you started.

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