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What Cigars Did Babe Ruth Smoke

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Not so many baseball players can compare to the unique skills of Babe Ruth. He was an exceptional baseball player and played baseball for 21 years. His professional seasons spanned from 1914 to 1935. Two things that made him famous were his excellent pitching and batting skills and his love for cigars. In his own words, “He loved to smoke them until he was blue in the face.”

He was initially named George Herman Ruth Jr., and at age 15, Matthias taught him how to play baseball. He became very good at it, and when he was 19, Jack Dunn signed him professionally and became his legal guardian. People will often refer to him as Dunn’s new baby, and it did not take long for the name ‘Babe Ruth” to stick.

Let’s dive into his love for the stick and discover the type of cigars Babe Ruth Smokes.

What Cigars Did Babe Ruth Smoke

What Cigars Did Babe Ruth Smoke - Infographic CigarCigar

How Long Did Babe Ruth Smoke Cigars?

You can find pictures of Babe Ruth smoking, on the street, in his car, and even while on the pitch. This will well describe how much he cherished his cigars. He was introduced to cigars before he was ten years old. He learned how to make shirts and roll cigars at the vocational center where he grew up.

Ruth liked to smoke before and after every game. On average, a person can smoke one cigar between 30 minutes to 2 hours, which somewhat limits the number of cigars one can smoke in one day.

For Babe Ruth, the number of cigars he could smoke was unlimited. He could smoke up to 20 cigars in a day and paid no mind to the adverse effects. There is no record of when he started smoking, but he did not stop until he fell grievously ill, and it became impossible to continue.

The Cigars Babe Ruth Smoked

Babe Ruth Smoking

Babe Ruth could be seen smoking several cigar brands. But he especially loved the larger cigars. He loved Cuban cigars so much that he traveled to Havana, Cuba, to bring many Cuban cigars back to the U.S.

Another type of cigar you would see him with is the large 60-cent cigars.

This was one of the expensive kind, but Ruth loved his large cigars and would get it at any cost.

He was such a well-known cigar smoker that many brands were interested in partnering with him. In 1938 he endorsed and promoted the white owl cigar brand and helped increase their sales drastically. Apart from the white owl brand, Babe Ruth will have smoked any cigar that was big enough. He did not joke with his cigars and was known to love them big.

Bottom Line

Babe Ruth was a phenomenal baseball player; he was so good that the one time he was sold to another club, it was a massive loss to the Red Sox team. They haven’t been able to win a league since 1918, which was the last time Babe Ruth Played with them.

The only things Babe loved apart from baseball and cigars were women and food. He was known to eat up to 6 hotdogs before many games and would always take bicarbonate soda to control the gas.

He loved cigars so much that when he was asked to invest in a small stogie company in Boston, he gladly did. They produced a Babe Ruth cigar that had his face on every packet. They were one of his favorite cigars, and he often gave them to his fans as gifts.

He didn’t smoke only cigars; he enjoyed other tobacco-based products like cigarettes and pipes but will always be seen smoking cigars in public because they looked fancier.

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