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What Cigars Did George Burns Smoke

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Many well-known personalities like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a love for cigars. However, most of them only smoke cigars as a habit.

Only a very few can turn it into a lifestyle. George Burns was the man who did that. A comedian by profession, George Burns, who lived to the ripe age of 100, was buried with his three favorite cigars. That not only speaks volumes about Burns’ love for cigars but also his undying attachment to cigars that made him take them to his grave.

What Cigars Did George Burns Smoke

What Cigars Did George Burns Smoke? - Infographic CigarCigar Info

How many cigars did George Burns Smoke a Day

George Burns was known for his comic timing, but more so he was known for smoking 10-15 cigars a day. While many would say it’s a lethal habit, we have Burns as a legendary example who lived 100 happy years with his cigar always in his hand.

Burns wasn’t just a comedian with a cigar; he was an Oscar-winning performer with cigars as his brand. His lively spirit and personality are what drew people towards him. His onscreen presence was a delight to behold.

George Burns Favorite Cigar

George Burns

His favorite cigar was known to be the El Producto Queens.

El Producto is a favorite of many legendary celebrities, including George Burns and Elvis Presley.

The cigars used to be hand-made back in the day, but now they’re made using machines. However, the quality has never been compromised, even with this shift in technology.

Burns would turn down many of the best cigars of the time, mainly H. Upmann and any other Cuban cigars, to prove his loyalty to his favorite brand El Producto Queens. Besides smoking the Queens cigars, Burns never touched any other form of smoking, be it cigarillos or regular cigarettes.

That was his way of saying nothing could give him the boost that the Queens did. Burns began smoking cigars at the age of 14, and he was known to smoke till his last day. However, the number sure went down from 10 to 4 a day. He liked to call his Queens cigars “my little lady.”

The reason he was so fond of these cigars and this particular brand was that he could smoke them onstage too, and they wouldn’t go out. Other cigars wouldn’t burn onstage but these never disappointed Burns in that area. It could also be due to the fact he received them for free.

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George Burns Smoking

Until his death, George Burns would receive a shipment of 300 Queens cigars every month. Receiving this shipment would be the highlight of the month, and he would wait for it like an eager child on his birthday waiting for gifts.

George Burns turned down premium cigars for the Queens. He spoke highly of them and even became the brand ambassador for Queens in 1929. However, El Producto isn’t the same as it was in Burns’ day.

The cigars have changed, except for Queens and Escepcionales. The range of shapes that the company offered has also changed from 14 to 9.

Bottom Line

At the age of 98, George Burns stated, “If I’d taken my doctor’s advice and quit smoking when he advised me to, I wouldn’t have lived to go to his funeral.” We can take this to mean that George Burns believed that the secret to his long life was indeed the 10-15 cigars that he smoked every day from a very young age.

He was very proud of his love for cigars and never hesitated before taking out a cigar and lighting it up. He is the man who was buried in a fine suit with 3 of his favorite cigars in the breast pocket.

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Dan Stevenson

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