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What Cigars Did Kramer Smoke?

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When counting the most successful stand-up comedians the world has ever known, many people will make sure to include Cosmo Kramer in their lists.

Kramer, whose original name was Michael Richards before he took on the stage name Cosmo Kramer, was raised by his mother in a household that required him to be in bed by 9.00 PM every night. But he escaped from home at the young age of seventeen and secretly joined a steamer headed for Sweden.

Kramer did not complete high school; however, he acquired a GED. For a long time, the young lad was estranged and survived independently until his mother, Babs Kramer, reunited with him while working as a restroom mate at a fancy restaurant.

He did not have a broad family tree, especially considering how his father never made many appearances In his life before dying. By implication, he was the last male in his family after his father’s passing. Shortly after he left home, Kramer developed a keen interest in cigars, and still today, most people who know him will always have the image of him puffing a stick in their mind.

This article will provide you with the details of everything you need to know about the cigars Kramer smoked and for how long he smoked.

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What Cigars Did Kramer Smoke

For How Long Did Kramer Smoke?

Kramer was born on the 4th of July 1950, and his mother raised him singlehandedly after his father died in an accident. He attended Los Angeles Valley College and eventually graduated from the California Institute of Arts. Kramer would later move to San Diego, where he joined the San Diego Repertory Company and performed with them.

He finally became a stand-up comedian in 1979. The young talent encountered fame and success when he featured in the popular sitcom – “Seinfeld.” During the shows, Kramer would always be seen smoking cigars in various scenes. Even when having conversations with others, he always had a cigar in hand.

He smoked all through Seinfeld, and cigars soon became a significant part of his characteristics, considering that you would always see him with one.

The Cigars Kramer Smoked

Every episode where cigars were featured in Seinfeld centered around Kramer. At some point, he wanted to create a lounge in his apartment, majorly for smoking. He decided to make the lounge for those who were not permitted to smoke in public restaurants. The outcome of his choice was huge as he ended up smoking so many cigars.

Kramer was seen at some point in the show, attempting to give out Cohiba cigars to three Dominican men. This suggested the brand to be his favorite stick type. He had a goal to become a local cigar mogul. Instead, however, they ended up working as “crepe rollers” in a restaurant.

About Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba cigars are made by a brand that produces two kinds of premium cigars. One is created by the Cuban state-owned tobacco company for Habanos S.A., while the other one is produced for the US-based General Cigar Company in the Dominican Republic.

The name Cohiba was derived from Taino, which means “tobacco.” Cohiba cigars are made with tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.

However, the tobacco often has to go through fermentation before rolled into cigar sticks. The Cohiba brand was established as a private firm that supplied limited production only to Fidel Castro and high-ranking officials in Cuba.

Usually given as gifts to diplomats, the brand gradually became a form of identification for some high-status members of the society. The US Cohiba brand became one of the registered cigar companies in 1978, and the cigars have been mass-produced for the American market since 1997.

Bottom Line

It has become glaring that the makers of Seinfeld and the cast all share a love and bond for smoking cigars. It would have been considered “dishonest” if cigars were not a significant part of the show. Kramer specifically has a particular liking for cigars, and even till now, he and other casts still celebrate friendship and victory with cigars.

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