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What Cigars Did Sean Connery Smoke?

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Sean Connery (Thomas Connery) was born to Euphemia McCain, a cleaner, and Joseph Connery, a factory worker. He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the 25th of August 1930. In 1946, Connery signed up for the Royal Navy at 16 years.

He trained at the naval gunnery school, as well as an anti-aircraft crew in Portsmouth. At the age of 19, the Royal Navy released Connery due to medical incapability. He was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer, which affected the previous generation of males in his family.

After he was discharged from the Navy, he worked as a truck driver, a laborer, a lifeguard, an artist’s model, and a coffin polisher. Connery ventured into bodybuilding, then football, before he finally settled for acting. He started by taking minor roles to supplement his income.

After some time, he was approached by leading producers in the industry—his characters in certain movies introduced him to cigars, which later became his trademark on TV. Keep reading to discover the cigars Sean Connery smoked and how long he smoked them.

In his movie role as James Bond, his character takes on a liking for a good smoke. Not only did he relish premium cigars, he even used them as weapons. In Ian Fleming’s novels, the Bonds character was depicted as a heavy smoker who puffed about 60-70 cigarettes daily.

What Cigars Did Sean Connery Smoke

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How Long Did Sean Connery Smoke Cigars For?

When he became active in the industry around 1954, Sean Connery took up minor roles for so many years until his breakthrough came when he was given a British secret agent’s, James Bond’s, role. Connery was skeptical about the position considering that it is a series and will run for a long time. However, he understood that his career’s turnaround point was dependent on the success of the series. Between the years 1962-1967, Connery played several roles in the Bond films produced.

His character in some of the movies depicted a love for cigars, and in no short while, Connery took a liking to cigars, and he smoked them almost till the time of his death.

The Cigars Sean Connery Smoked

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A variety of cigars were featured in Connery’s different roles, and often, they were custom-made cigars. However, he has a specific liking for certain cigar brands such as Romeo y Julieta and some other premium cigar brands.

Eon Productions and his family announced his death. However, they did not indicate the cause of his death. According to his son, he had been unwell for a while, but his wife finally admitted that he had dementia in the last few years preceding his death.

After his death certificate was released, it showed that Connery died of heart failure and pneumonia.

Bottom Line

Connery gained popularity owing to his James Bond character and also his love for cigars. It took several attempts before he finally found his spot in the movie industry.

His outstanding acting skills won him numerous awards as one of the best in the industry, and till today, people still refer to him and his acting prowess. About his choice of cigars, Connery was hardly seen without one in his movies. Cigars were part of his James Bond character composition, and many other times, he was seen smoking, both onset and off-set.

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