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What Cigars Did Sir Winston Churchill Smoke

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Winston Churchill was born in November 1874, and he was a very prominent statesman in the 20th century. His political and oratory skills made him a famous leader in the United Kingdom. Churchill’s popularity grew because of his trademark cigars, which he smoked for a good portion of his life. 

Even though modern sensibilities might be surprised at his habit’s adverse side effects, Churchill was convinced that smoking helped strengthen him to combat his personal and political life challenges.

What Cigars Did Winston Churchill Smoke?

What Cigars Did Winston Churchill Smoke - CigarCigar Infographic

Winston Churchill’s Family and Early Life

The political leader belonged to one of the most aristocratic families in Britain. Randolph, his father, was a famous politician too, and he was a Parliament member. Jennie Jerome, Churchill’s mother, was the daughter of a wealthy New York Financier.

The couple had a strained union, and even though Winston tried to replicate his father’s political prowess, their relationship was not an easy one.

Young Winston struggled to get his mother’s attention and admiration, considering that she was emotionally distant though she was loving. Churchill’s rough childhood took a quick turn as he became eager to find opportunities to make a name for himself.

After he graduated from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, alongside his fellow officer, Churchill traveled to Cuba, which was in the middle of a battle for independence from Spain at that time but long before Fidel Castro

The Cigars Winston Churchill Smoked

Even though Churchill stayed in Cuba for just a few months, he quickly took a liking to one of the famous plants grown there. He sometimes smoked other brands of cigars, but Romeo y Julieta and La Aroma de Cuba were his most preferred choice of cigars.

Till his death, associates and even troops of Havana Dealers sent him shipments of cigars regularly. This is to ensure that he had access to his favorite cigars even in times of war and crisis.

How Long Did Winston Churchill Smoke Cigars

Winston Churchill Smoking a Cigar

Churchill’s smoking quickly became a habit, as he constantly smoked at work, meetings, and during meals. Throughout his life, he suffered several financial crises, owing to his likeness for fine food, entertainment, drinks, and of course, cigars.

Though it is impossible to arrive at an estimate of how much he spent, one of Churchill’s valet indicated that Churchill smoked about the equivalent of a valet’s weekly wage.

A specialized storage room was built adjacent to Churchill’s study at Chartwell, his home in the Kent Countryside. The storage could hold 3,000 – 4,000 cigars, carefully categorized, organized, and labeled. Churchill smoked cigars continuously from 1895 to 1965.

However, there were records of him smoking at a younger age. But with disapproval from his mother and even bribery, Churchill curbed his smoking habit until he eventually traveled to Cuba in 1895.

Bottom Line

Pictures of Churchill with his always-present cigars grew common, making it impossible to separate him from his cigars even after his political career ended. In several instances, artists and craftsmen made creations depicting Churchill with his trademark accessory.

Even up to 50 years after his death, Churchill and his cigars still have a powerful connection. Several cigar companies manufacture and sell accessories and cigars branded after Churchill Winston. Churchill was convinced that tobacco had soothing effects on his nervous system.

He even claimed that he wouldn’t have had the calmness and courtesy to comport himself during negotiations and personal encounters without cigars. Churchill, despite his heavy consumption of cigars, lived to age 90. Of course, this is a fantastic feat that anyone would love to achieve.

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