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What Cigars Does Jack Nicholson Smoke?

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Jack Nicholson is a movie icon; we have seen him on our screens acting different roles. He has been in the film industry for more than 50 years, and we have seen him play the part of villains, romantic leads, and even heroes. He is known for his versatility in acting, but one thing that remains constant is his love for cigars.

Nicholson is a famous Hollywood legend known for his rebellious nature and perfect portrayal of the batman joker. He is an expert in the film industry, with two Grammys to his belt, but he keeps finding it hard to light up his cigar correctly. He blames it on the matchstick, though. In his words, “You can’t light a cigar with one match anymore.”

One thing a lot of his fans want to know is the cigars Jack Nicholson smokes. Keep reading if you want to know so you can purchase and smoke like Jack. 

What Cigars Does Jack Nicholson Smoke

How Long Has Jack Nicholson Smoked Cigars?

Nicholson has been smoking for almost all his life. He grew up with smokers, so it became part of his lifestyle. He was more of a cigarette smoker back in the days and could smoke up to half a packet within a few hours.

He admitted that he used to smoke too many cigarettes, which was why he started smoking cigars. One of the reasons he switched to cigars is because he decided to change from a bad habit into a better one.

He quit smoking in 1962 and was able to stay off it for the next ten years. He started smoking again in1973 when he acted in “The Last Detail.” His character was a smoker, and because he thoroughly enjoyed smoking during the movie, he never stopped after that.

Cigars Jack Nicholson Smokes

Jack Nicholson Smoking

The first cigars he smoked were in the company of his brother-in-law and his friends. Though he can’t remember his first stick, he knows that it was between white owls and Muriel’s. He recollects that he could have smoked both on that day.

Though he still fancies smoking white owls and Muriel’s, you will mostly find him with Montecristo’s, Cohibas, and Romeo y Julieta’s. According to him, he does not know why but he just loves these three cigars.

His favorite cigars are Cuban cigars. You can always hear him praise them, and he wouldn’t miss a chance to smoke one when possible. Even though he loves Cuban cigars, he doesn’t buy them in the U.S. because they are illegal, and he doesn’t encourage smuggling. He buys and enjoys them whenever he travels. He also has a friend that gifts them to him whenever they travel abroad.

Nicholson doesn’t mind buying many Cuban cigars, and he would never say no to one gifted him. He has a humidor that keeps them fresh for an extended period. When he went back to smoking, he realized that the cigars he left in his humidors were still as new as the day he bought them.

Bottom Line

In his spare time, Nicholson loves to golf, and he still smokes cigarettes anytime he plays golf. He would get so nervous and smoke up to half a packet during the games. Since he switched to cigars, he would light one at the fifth hole and enjoy it the entire game.

He loves to smoke in his home. It helps him relax. He has a unique way of lighting and smoking his cigar that Roman Polanski showed him. It involves running his match around the cigar tip. When it lights, he blows out the smoke first before smoking usually. To him, it changes the flavor and taste of the cigar and makes it better.

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