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What Cigars Does Sylvester Stallone Smoke?

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Sylvester Stallone has graced our screens so many times with his incredible action movies. In some of these movies, you can see him sporting a cigar and enjoying a smoke. He is the star of many action films and is known to play Rambo and Rocky in these two power-packed movies.

Even at his age, Stallone still sports a flattering figure because of all his movies’ routines. He believes that smoking is like being part of a worldwide club and would not miss a chance to enjoy a stick whenever possible.

As he grew older, he quit smoking cigarettes for different reasons, including believing they “kind of looked silly on adults.” He took three years to clean out his system before returning to Cigars and smoking them intelligently.

As an adept fan, it is okay to wonder what kind of cigars Stallone smokes. That question will be answered shortly as you read further.

What Cigars Does Sylvester Stallone Smoke

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How Long Has He Been Smoking Cigars

According to Stallone, he started smoking long before he started his acting career. He had been smoking cigarettes for so many years and can remember smoking as early as 12. 

He admitted to being addicted to cigarettes, and there were times on set that you would find him smoking up until it was time for him to start shooting. After he began experiencing shortness of breath on the stage of Rocky, he decided to quit cigarettes.

He started smoking Cigars in 1977 on the set of f.i.s.t. He says that smoking cigars helped him get into character quickly. This is something that didn’t happen with cigarettes or other movies. He also notices that people are quicker to accept him as a cigar smoker than when he smoked cigarettes.                                                                             

The Cigars He Smokes

Sylvester Stallone

We know about Stallone’s love for cigars, but the question on people’s minds has always been, what brand does he smoke? Since he discovered his passion for cigars while acting as Jonny on F.I.S.T, he never saw a reason to go back. 

He loves it so much that in his homes, you will always find a fully stocked humidor filled with his favorite cigarsHe loves to puff on a unique cigar by Fuente called the Arturo Fuentes Opus X.

He loves them for many reasons, including its aesthetics. They are one of the rarest kinds of cigars, made from start to finish without any machines or artificial products, and the maker would usually not make a large quantity at once. 

He generally likes to smoke the Opus X while relaxing in the evenings. During the day, he favors smaller sizes like the Partagas Series D Number 4.

Bottom Line

Smoking is something Sylvester Stallone looks forward to. He has said that sometimes, he would hold off on smoking during the day to take time to enjoy all the goodness of his cigar in the evening.

Though Stallone can be seen smoking in various movie scenes, he still believes that smoking should be a private affair. He would rather wait until he is at home and comfortable before lighting up a cigar.

He likens smoking cigars to a magic carpet ride. When smoking, he feels like he is transported to another dimension and can feel his awareness heightened. His perfect smoking moment will involve a bottle of wine, a dramatic movie, and a dark room. Seeing the smoke rise in the room is oddly satisfying to him.

Though he likes to smoke by himself, he doesn’t mind sharing a smoke with someone who loves smoking cigars as much as he does, such as his great friend Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Dan Stevenson

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