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What Cigars Pair With Rum?

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Cigars and rum are a perfect combo; however, it is crucial to understand the distinct flavors best for pairing them. When we mention “rum,” we refer to dark rum, a sweet spirit typically grown amidst tobacco for premium cigars.

In Cuban exports, rum and cigar top the charts because of how smoothly they both blend. This article will discuss the best cigars that pair well with rum. Even though we cannot exhaust the list, we will compile some of them to help make your smoking experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

What Cigars Pair With Rum?

What is Rum?

Rum can be processed from sugar cane or its bye products. The black treacle and molasses are some of the sugar cane bye products that yield rum. The extraction is fermented, distilled, and stored in barrels made of oak.

Sometimes, owners of rum companies include other ingredients such as fruit extracts, caramelized sugar, spices, etc. With the modern production of rum, a combination of aged rums can be mixed, and caramel can be incorporated into the mix for color.

Types of Cigars That Pair With Rum

Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Corona Gorda & Santa Teresa 1796

The Ashton Heritage Puro Sol Corona Gorda is one beautiful cigar you can smoke at any time of the day; it has a delicious flavor and is medium-bodied. It is intense in taste, however, not overpowering. The cigar is an excellent blend of sun-grown Ecuador Habano wrapper with Dominican filler, making it the perfect match for the Venezuelan Santa Teresa 1796 rum.

It is popularly regarded as the best aperitif rum, considering that it combines different ages, ranging from 4 – 35 years. The Santa Teresa blend obtains its light and woody aroma from further aging, with hints of honey and leather that complement the caramel and chocolate note of the cigar.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto & Brugal 1888

hand hold on a bottle of rum brugal 1888 with a cigar in the background

The Don Carlos cigar gives a rich and intense combination of flavors, and it has a silky finish to it. Flavors such as oak, chestnuts, espresso offer a beautiful blend of aromas. While puffing on this cigar, the best rum you cannot go wrong with is the aged Brugal 1888. The rum is smooth and dry, with hints of fruit and vanilla. It is the perfect rum for the Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto, mainly because of how the flavors combine, resulting in a rich blend of flavors from both the cigar and the rum.

Padrón 80 Years & Flor de Caña 12

The pairing of a full-bodied, spicy Padrón 80 cigar and Flor de Caña 12 is a rich and flavorful combination you would love to try. The Padrón 80 years is spicy, nutty and it has notes of coffee and cedar. Flor de Caña is a not-too-sweet Nicaraguan rum with a hint of spice, almond, molasses, and nougat.

The best Flor de Caña to pair the Padrón 80 years with is the ’12’ considering how aged it is, unlike the ’18’, which is a lot smoother for the cigar.

Bottom Line

Rum and cigars have always been a great combination; however, most cigar and rum lovers probably have not discovered delightful options to blow their minds. Fortunately, in this article, we have given some elegant and luxurious cigar and rum pairings that you can’t wait to try. Light up a stogie and sip on some rum to enter flavor town today!

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