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What Is An Acid Cigar?

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The world of cigars, especially to a noob, can get quite complicated pretty fast. There are so many variations of cigars to know, cigar terminologies to learn, and devices to keep to heart. One of such seemingly strange terms is the ‘acid cigar.’

First hearing the term, one might be taken aback by what sounds like such a dangerous product. Is it safe to consume, or is it even legal to buy or sell? Yes, the acid cigar is a safe product to smoke, and it is not only legal, but it is one of the most popular cigar types in the community of cigar smokers.

Acid cigars are just like any other class of cigars. They are indeed unique in their way, but at the end of the day, they are just another type of cigar for you to smoke. This article will take you on a journey into the world of acid cigars. You will discover why they are so loved by many in the community.

You will also learn about their composition and what makes them unique. You will become quite the expert on the topic by the time you are done reading.

What Is An Acid Cigar?

As earlier affirmed, the name may sound scary, but acid cigars are safe to smoke. The term is one of those that has no overbearing consequence on the thing after which it is named. Acid cigars are infused cigars, which is a way to describe how the tobaccos in them are marinated with special oils and extracts to achieve a particular blend.

The question of how good they are falls to personal preference, they get their share of criticism, but many people prefer them over other types of cigars. Their uniqueness is perhaps what brings cigar aficionados over. They come in several variations also so interested parties can dabble in several till they find the one they like.

What Is The Best Acid Cigar?

It is difficult to choose which of the available variations of acid cigars is the best. Cigar lovers are quite picky when it comes to choosing a favorite type of cigar. Instead of endorsing one fully, here are two types of acid cigars that are worth trying out:

1. Kuba Kuba

Kuba kuba cigar box

It would be atrocious not to mention the evergreen Kuba Kuba acid cigars. It was one of the first cigars released and is still the best-selling cigar. The Kuba Kuba is smooth and flavorful, and it has been the blueprint for all other high-end infused cigars. It is made of hand-rolling aged Nicaraguan fillers, Cuban seeds, and binder tobacco. It is then wrapped with an aromatic Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.

Check out our full Acid Kuba Kuba Review here!

2. Ripcord

This smooth and silky cigar blend has a rich and complex profile. It also uses aged Nicaraguan fillers like the Kuba Kuba, which is a testament to the fact that the Kuba Kuba acts as a blueprint for all other acid cigars. It is creamy and flavorful on its own, but manufacturers improve its acid profile by adding botanical oils to it.

Why Are They Called Acid Cigars?

As established earlier, the acid cigar name is not because of an acidic pH level of the fillers, binders, or wrappers of the cigars. Though some suggest that it is reminiscent of its procedure where some blends are placed in choking aroma rooms, one of its popular manufacturers has a more jocular explanation of how the name came about.

Drew Estates, the popular manufacturer, claims that the name came from the nickname of someone associated with the business.

Do Acid Cigars Contain Nicotine?

Handmade Cuban Cigars

Acid cigars are unique in their composition because of the aroma-infusing techniques that their tobacco content is subjected to. They contain tobacco; hence they possess a certain level of nicotine in them which can lead to tobacco dependence. Much research is needed to determine the level of nicotine left in them after the infusion process is complete. There are logical suggestions that the oil extracts added to acid cigars may have a neutralizing effect on their nicotine content.

However, without much data, a conclusion cannot be reached. The oil extracts can as well improve the potency of the nicotine too.

Bottom Line

Acid cigars are not acidic to the point of being harmful to your health. They contain fillers and seeds just like any other cigar. The naming gives them a negative outlook, but if you went through this article, you would discover that there is no reason not to try one.

Acid cigars are loved by many because they are authentic as most are hand-rolled from the finest tobacco in a place whose name you could substitute as ‘tobacco land’ – Nicaragua. They have unique flavors because of the infusion process, and there are many types out there for you to try.

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