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What To Do With Empty Cigar Boxes

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You’ve probably found empty cigar boxes in your garage or perhaps in an older relative’s house, and you’re wondering what you could make out of them.

Well, this article contains everything you need to know about transforming empty cigar boxes into beautiful decorative items. One great way to try your hands at DIY craft is to begin with those empty cigar boxes you find lying around. The only requirement is your creativity.

With that, there is no limit to what you can create out of empty cigar boxes. Keep reading this article to discover how to make pretty gifts and decorations out of old cigar boxes.

What To Do With Empty Cigar Boxes

What To Do With Empty Cigar Boxes - Infographic CigarCigar Info

DIY cigar box

This article is set to show you some crafty things to create out of empty cigar boxes, and the first craft we will discuss is the DIY cigar box.

You can build your vintage cigar box and decorate it as you please. A DIY cigar box is a great present to gift a family or friend who loves cigars. Also, customized cigar boxes can serve as both storage spots and decorations.

Cigar Box Guitar

cigar box guitar

If you have a cigar box that is still in great shape, you can create a lovely guitar out of it.

With a small piece of wood for the neck and some wire as strings, you can make a miniature guitar from the cigar box.

Cigar box guitars are beautiful decorative items that you can adorn your space with or gift a musically inclined loved one. You can incorporate so many additions into your old cigar box to get a guitar out of it.

You can also create a cigar box ukulele from smaller cigar boxes, which is a minor guitar variation. Several tutorials are available online for transforming your old cigar boxes into beautiful musical instruments, like the guitar and ukulele.

DIY pochade box

For artistic people who love painting rather than music, you can make a travel-size pochade out of an old cigar box. Add a stand to make the legs and a slab of wood as a shelf. Painters can store their tubes of paint in the pochade box, as well as their painting supplies. It is a perfect gift for an artistic loved one.

Stationery Holder

People who love to write will love a stationery holder to keep their writing materials. You can easily make a stationary case out of an old cigar box.

A stationery holder can help store your small notebooks, pens, and other stationery items. A stationery holder is perfect as a gift to a loved one who enjoys scribbling, and all you require to create is an old cigar box and your creativity.

Key Holder

beautiful idea of box cigar decoration

Typically, most people toss their keys to a table or couch when they arrive home, and more often than not, they forget where they threw their keys.

Having a key holder on your wall will help you avoid losing your keys all the time.

Considering how easy it is to convert an old cigar box into a key holder, you don’t have to lose your keys anymore or spend hours looking for them.


Of course, no one would advise you to throw up your beautiful cigar box in flames; however, if you have a cigar box that is of no use to you, or you don’t find it useful for any arts or decorative crafts, you can use them for kindling. This is a great way to get rid of old cigar boxes without stress. Throw it in the fire and watch it burn out.

Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong thing to do with your empty cigar boxes. However, you can convert them into storage, decor, or gift items instead of letting them stay useless. There is no end to the creative uses of empty cigar boxes; as long as you continue to develop your creative ideas, you will continue to create unique pieces from them.

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