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When Were Cigars Invented – History Of The Cigar

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Cigars have become an essential accessory for most gentlemen, considering that they speak class and delectation. The fun stick come a long way, and they are enjoyed by cigar lovers both individually and as groups.

Cigars are often rated highly for their complexity and wealth of flavors, and they have been in existence since as far back as the 10th century. Of course, you are curious to know when cigars were invented. This article will provide answers to your questions about the invention of cigars and the inventor and the earliest brands.

When Were Cigars Invented

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Who Invented Cigars?

The invention of cigars was not accompanied by deliberate planning and execution of ideas. It was just a habit that a specific culture developed, and on reaching the West, it became a thriving business that yielded enormous gains for them.

According to historians, the ancient Mayans are the brains behind the invention of cigars. Mayans used to wrap up tobacco in dried leaves and smoke. Archaeologists have come across a pot from ancient Mayan that showed a Mayan man smoking one of the earliest cigars.

How Cigars Came to the West

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Christopher Colombus was the first Westerner to locate tobacco in the New World. The local Indians shared their smoking methods with him, and Columbus, alongside his lieutenants, developed an interest. When they returned home, smoking grew popular in Spain as well as Portugal. In a short while, Jean Nicot, the French ambassador to Portugal, also made smoking famous in France – such that they named nicotine after him.

Around this period in Spain, manufacturers had begun to wrap up dried tobacco in papers, as opposed to the leaves Mayans used. After that, companies also began to farm tobacco and produce cigars in mass. Because of its fertile land and the conducive climate, Cuba became very popular for planting tobacco.

Shortly after, a tobacco-growing industry began in Cuba, and tobacco was then distributed to Europe and Asia. At some point, even New York became immensely popular for a lot of cigar manufacturers, and some small manufacturers started to create cigars in their houses.

Though the state tried to ban the production of cigars, the ban wasn’t practical. It was lifted about four months later, and the manufacturing of cigars progressed.

How Cigars Become Popular Worldwide

Cigars continued to gain more popularity across the world. In the USA, the consumption of cigars was approximately 300 million by the 19th century.

Tampa, Florida, became very popular because cigars and a host of cigar-makers from Cuba moved there.

Cigars soon became status determinants and a significant part of popular culture. The number of famous people who smoked cigars grew.

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Among them were Sigmund Feud, King Edward VII, Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as Michael Jordan. John F. Kennedy, the US President in 1992, placed an embargo on Cuba. However, before he put the ban, he ordered his right-hand man to purchase each piece of Cuban cigar he found. He gathered a stash of approximately 1,200 before effecting the embargo.

Though the trade embargo is still effective, it has caused US citizens to discover cigars from other nations in Central America. Nations like Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras are inclusive. Moreover, since other countries are not restricted from purchasing Cuban cigars, people still enjoy them across the world.

What Is the Oldest Cigar Brand?

The oldest cigar brand established was in Cuba, and it was called Cabañas. It was founded in 1797 by Francisco Cabañas. This cigar brand lasted till about 1962, and then it was discontinued after it became nationalized by Fidel Castro’s government.

Romeo y Julieta started in 1875. It was one of the oldest cigar brands in Cuba. Also, Por Larrañaga and H. Upmann came along in 1834 and 1844, respectively. These cigar brands have non-Cuban counterparts today.

Bottom Line

Cigars have been in existence for the longest time and have spread their popularity across the world. They are highly cherished because they are considered items of prestige and class. The invention of the cigar is not precisely deliberate or well-planned. It took people like Columbus to discover and refine tobacco into cigars after introducing it to the world.

Christopher Columbus is regarded as the father of cigars, considering that he was the first Westerner to realize it. There is a lot of ongoing confusion about the first cigar brand. However, Romeo y Julieta, Por Larrañaga as well as H. Upmann, are among the earliest cigar brands in the world.

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